10 Advantages of Writing Ebook will Inspire you to Writing

The Idea for a successful Ebook is:-

Give something valuable in your ebook that is not available for free and you can ponder over it for minimum cost.

Ebooks are the latest digital inspiration that are gaining popularity on Internet. Why are ebooks so much better than the traditional hard books and can you also write an ebook and earn money from it?

Many such questions must be arising in your mind right now but you have no answers to these questions till now. But now you will have all the answers and solutions in your hand since we are giving you the detailed answers to each and every question related to creating an ebook from scratch to final finished product that is ready to sell in the internet market. Not only this, we will also share the many other dos and don’ts before writing an ebook and before selling an ebook. How to market your ebook and how to promote your ebook are some of the questions that we will answer in our very latest ebook which is going to release this month. We are giving away first 100 subscribers free ebook worth 50$. Just subscribe here and get your ebook free delivered on the launch date.

How about if I give you everything that you need to know and learn to start writing your first information product and sell it for 29$ or more at your website, blog or even on other online portals. What if you can do this by just reading one book and then you can write multiple books and earn money with every new ebook you write and sell.

We are talking of numbers here. Numbers in terms of money and dollars.

If you have the right idea and knowledge of the topic on which you want to write then “Yes, you can do this and you can start earning from your first ebook itself”.


free ebook guide and tips
free ebook guide and tips

Advantage of Writing an EBook

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When you reach out to the new bloggers website you are most likely going to get free content and if you really like the content and the ideas they share you might want to learn more from them. Now if they are offering you the great value content for just 29$ which is manageable and is a very small cost for something that can help you earn more than 299$ than it is surely not a bad deal at all. There is little risk involved and that is the reason readers might want to look into your ebook and it is rather a great way for them to review the services and products.

Think about the situation where people have given great reviews about your ebook and recommended the same to their friends. Now people will be looking for your name and ebook online, searching for the blog you write and trying to connect with you in the moment of finding the guide that can help them in their problems which can be anything like “how to earn money online”. They know that spending 29$ on an ebook is in fact a great deal than to spend 299$ on some other online training or classes. Getting the desired attention is indeed a very necessary part for any business or individual because it brings lots of confidence with it.

The best part is that even if you don’t sell much copies, it can reap you many other benefits that we have talked about later in this book.


Why write an ebook?

Just another important question in the minds of many bloggers and all those who want to pen down their thoughts, knowledge and ideas here is the answer to the question.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider writing an ebook and you might be knowing some of them and we would tell you some more to be aware of.

  • Create a valuable product out of your knowledge and idea and give your thoughts a platform to be acknowledged by millions of people.
  • Serve to the millions of people by providing solutions to their problems in the form of one step eboook.
  • It makes you an expert in your niche and industry. By going through the whole lengthy process of creating an ebook, you will gain immense knowledge and confidence in your work.
  • Help you connect with new readers and customers.
  • Gives you an idea of how people accept your work and what are their reviews about you and your products.
  • You can form connections with other market experts and industry specialist by asking them to review your ebook.
  • You can promote your ebook over social media platforms and many other internet places and get a chance to expand your network of work area and customers.
  • Earn through your ebook. Another reason why many prefer to write an ebook. But not many charge their readers for the ebook they write, some of them give it away as a token of thanks and taking forward their relationship ahead.
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free ebook download
advantages of writing an ebook

The idea is the most important thing to start the ebook. You may have many or none.

We will start with “things to know to write a successful ebook” and look into keyword research and analyzing the market and coming up with a fail-proof idea in our upcoming ebook.


 The most important reason that made the difference in mine views of ebooks is my experience.

When I started Blogging, website designing in 2010 I bought a hosting package and tried to learn blogging but faced lot many problems and encountered many questions during my 1 year journey of online entrepreneurship. I spend money in buying all sort of help and guide. Had I got some handy ebook that have guided me right through my start with all my questions and doubts in mind, I would have saved more than 200$ even after spending 29$ for an ebook guide.

But the experience of that one year taught me many lessons and finally in late 2013 I started www.quikrpost.com and this time I was much more experienced, had acquired good knowledge on blogging and SEO.

So the idea is simple and promise customer satisfaction. Give a product that is easy to buy and solves a specific problem for someone and they are surely going to buy it.


There are many reasons that might be stopping you from writing an Ebook and that is a normal thing. In every path there are some big stones that hold you back and thus your journey remains incomplete. We will try and discuss those reasons that you make and how you can actually avoid those reasons and move ahead in our upcoming ebook that is expected to release in this month of April. If you want to put your hands on the copy of the ebook worth more than 50$ for just 5$(Pre-launch early bird discount) then you just need to fill this form (no payment required before launch) and we will send you the mail on the launch date. 

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