Plan Vacation in Jordan – 10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful Arab country in West Asia with 1000+ archaeological sites, hills, and historical places. The country is officially named the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is situated at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Jordan is home to many natural and historical wonders that make it an ideal place to visit for a holiday.

Best Places to Visit in Jordan - vacation in Jordan
Best Places to Visit in Jordan – vacation in Jordan

Every year millions of tourists go on vacation in Jordan. It is located on the bank of River Jordan and surrounded by beautiful mountains. The country boasts its tradition of hospitality, history, and culture. There are a lot of adventurous things to do in Jordan, and it is a safe place to visit.

So, if you are searching for an ideal place for your vacation, keep reading. Here we will discuss top places to visit in Jordan, adventures you can get, things to do in Jordan, and more.


Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is a country of history, culture, and heritage. Besides meeting one of the most humble and amicable races, Jordanians, you can explore various exciting places. Jordan is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage sites where you can witness the beauty of nature and historical traces till the Paleolithic period. Here we will list the top 10 Jordan places you should visit on your vacation in Jordan.

jordon best places to visit and things to do in jordon
jordon best places to visit and things to do in jordon
  1. Petra

Petra is one of the top Jordan places to visit for your Jordan vacation. It is also one of the oldest cities in Jordan, Arabia. Petra was once the capital of the Arab Nabatean kingdom (before 1916).

Red sandstone-covered Petra is a beautiful city to discover with your feet. It is also one of the new 7 wonders of the world. To enter Petra, you must cross the Siq (1 km long gully). At the end of the Siq, you can witness the beautiful sight of Al-Khazneh or Treasury.

Here we list down a few Petra attractions that you can explore.

  • Siq

The Siq is called the mystical door that paved the way to Petra. The word Siq means ‘shaft’, which was formed from broken mountain pieces. You can take a walk through the place to enjoy a scary yet fun time.

petra siq in jordon places to visit
petra siq in jordon places to visit
  • Ad-Deir

It is another best place to visit when you are in Petra. The stunning view of this place and its delectable delicacies will surely mesmerize you. If you are a healthy food lover, you must try the pomegranate juice here.

  • Royal Tombs

Royal tombs are all about burial places that reflect the historical stories of Petra. As erosion and time affected this place, it lost its beauty but still remains one of the best sites to visit in Petra. If you are a historian or love to witness historical ruins, you must visit the place during your vacation in Jordan. 


  1. Amman

Amman is the largest city in Jordan. It is also the capital city of Jordan and offers a beautiful blend of ancient architecture and modern building developments.

The town holds intriguing beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Also, here you can explore many interesting sites like Jordan Museum, Amman’s Roman Amphitheatre, Jabal Amman for art galleries, and more. You can also shop for traditional jewelry and taste famous cousins of Jordan.

Here we will discuss a few places to visit in Amman.

  • Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre is one of the best places to visit in Amman, which covers a large area and has the capacity to accommodate almost 6000 people. It is one of the most impressive remains of Roman Philadelphia.

Roman Amphitheatre Must Visit in Jordan
Roman Amphitheatre Must Visit in Jordan
  • Temple of Hercules

The Temple of Hercules is another known place to visit which is located at the top of Citadel Hill. So, this place allows visitors to enjoy its romantic sunset and panoramic view from the top. When you visit the place, you will notice a massive hand that belongs to Hercules’s mysterious statue.

Must Explore Temple of Hercules
Must Explore Temple of Hercules
  • The Duke’s Diwan

Your vacation in Jordan will be incomplete if you do not visit this place. When you enter the house, you will feel like you are traveling back in time. With old walls and historical books, this place will offer a great vibe to visitors. Now, it has become a heritage property where artists and writers host lectures, book signing events, etc. 


  1. Aqaba

Scuba Diving snorkelling In Aqaba Jordan
Scuba Diving snorkelling In Aqaba Jordan

Want an exotic feel on your vacation in Jordan? You can visit Aqaba during your stay in Jordan. Aqaba offers an excellent blend of nature, culture, and history. This is also a place to relax and enjoy the photogenic views of the deep blue sea surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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You can try various adventurous water activities in the coral reefs of the Red Sea, such as snorkeling or deep-sea diving.


However, let’s explore a few destinations in Aqaba.

  • Aqaba Castle

Aqaba Fort or Mamluk Castle showcases the impressive history of Arabs, which Crusaders built in the 12th century. Then, it became a famous historical symbol and one of the best Jordan places to visit on vacation. You can visit here with your friends and family to enjoy the rich Arab history together.

Must Explore in Aqaba
Must Explore in Aqaba
  • Aqaba Marine Park

The stunning marine park located in Aqaba is another top tourist destination in Jordan. It offers visitors a broad range of exciting activities with several food stalls and a small shopping center. You can even try the best authentic cuisines while enjoying the fresh air and witnessing mesmerizing beach views.

  • Aqaba Bird Observatory

The Aqaba Bird Observatory is another place to visit in Jordan, which you can visit if you wish to take a break from the everyday hustle. The place is filled with lush greeneries, including small plants and trees. So, if you want to get close to nature, you can visit this place.

Aqaba Couples Vacation in Jordan
Aqaba Couples Vacation in Jordan


  1. Jerash

Jarash or Gerasa is also one of the top Jordan places to visit on vacation. The city is famous for its Greco-Roman ruins. It is close to the capital city of Amman, and you can plan a day trip from Amman to Jerash.

You can also enjoy the beautiful views of the Jerash landscape, surrounded by rolling hills and valleys with beautiful pine, olive, and plum trees.

Now, let’s explore the places you can visit when you travel to Jerash.

  • Cathedral

It is a popular temple in Jerash that is dedicated to the Dyionisus. First, it was named ‘Byzantine Church’, but a few years, it became the ‘Cathedral’. The main deity of the shrine is Saint Mary.

  • Jerash Archaeological Museum

When you visit this place, you can witness several findings from the nearby places, from the Mameluk period to the Neolithic age. Apart from that, the museum displays several glass objects, vases, mosaic designs, and statues.

  • North Theatre

One of the most significant tourist attractions in Jerash is the North Theatre. Earlier, it was used to conduct grand events, theatre shows, and public meetings. But, later, it became a ruin, and people used its stones to build nearby buildings.

Jordan amazing vacation places to visit and plan itenerary for jordan
Jordan amazing vacation places to visit and plan itenerary for jordan


Adventure Activities to Do in Jordan

The list of Jordan places to visit for a holiday vacation is endless, and you can enjoy my adventurous experience. Jordan offers some of the most exciting and thrilling rides and activities. Below is a list of top adventure activities to try on your Jordan vacation.


  1. Float In The Dead Sea

dead sea places to visit in Jordan
dead sea places to visit in Jordan

One of the exciting things to do in Jordan is floating in the dead sea. The dead sea is a lake with high-level saline water, situated at the lowest point of Earth’s surface.

The lake is an amazing natural phenomenon. You can easily float in the lake without sinking or drowning.


  1. Hot Air Ballooning In Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is one of the famous Jordan places to visit on your trip to the country. Wadi Rum is a vast desert where you can enjoy various adventure sports like paragliding and hot air ballooning.

You will surely enjoy a bird’s eye view of the red desert from a hot air balloon.


  1. Explore The Vast Desert Of Wadi Rum on a Camel

Explore the canyons in Jordan
Explore the canyons in Jordan

Level up your adventures by exploring the reddish, vast desert of Wadi Rum on camelback and make the most of your amazing Places to visit in Jordan with great photography, Enjoy the Vacation in Jordan with some great food and plan out the many things to do in Jordan with an itinerary.

Wadi Rum is called the Valley of Moon, with majestic hills, ochre dunes, and high cliffs.

You can also hire a jeep if you find riding a camel overwhelming.


  1. Explore The Canyons Of WadiMujib

Canyons Of WadiMujib Places to explore in Jordan
Canyons Of WadiMujib Places to explore in Jordan

WadiMujib is among the interesting places to visit in jordan on your visit to the country. The canyons of WadiMujib are located alongside the Mujib River. Mujib River is the Arnon stream in the Bible. Here you can enjoy canyoning, hiking, and swimming. You will also find a high waterfall in WadiMujib.


  1. Hike In Dana Nature Reserve

You must visit the Dana Nature Reserve on your vacation in Jordan. Dana is the largest nature reserve in the country, boasting 200 bird species, 800 plant types, 50 mammals, and reptiles of more than 20 species. You can take an adventurous hike on the Wadi Dana trail to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dana Valley.

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  1. Spend A Night In A Bedouin Camp

Spending a night in the Bedouin camp can be ideal if you are wondering what things to do in Jordan to satisfy your adventurous soul. This place is a natural habitat for the Bedouins. Here you can enjoy the local Bedouin lifestyle, beautiful landscapes, stargazing, jeep safari, hiking, and much more.

Bedouin Camp Things to do in Jordan
Bedouin Camp Things to do in Jordan


  1. Scuba Diving In AAqab

One of the cool things to do in Jordan is Scuba diving. You can enjoy scuba diving in Aqaba on your vacation in Jordan if you love adventure. The calm shoreline and warm water (of the Red Sea) throughout the year make diving easy for amateur and seasoned scuba divers.


  1. Go Snorkeling in the Red Sea

Aqaba is a port city of Jordan which is also the southernmost point of the country. The place is also famous for being one of the best coastlines for snorkeling. If you plan your vacation in Jordan, you must try snorkeling at the Red Sea or Aqaba.

The coastline boasts vibrant Marine Life with beautiful coral reefs. You can also witness the brilliant underwater sight of lionfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, etc. So, put this activity in your things to do in Jordan list.

snorkelling and scuba diving in red sea jordan vacation guide
snorkelling and scuba diving in red sea jordan vacation guide


Must Explore Jordan

Jordan offers various attractions, from ancient ruins and museums to breathtaking natural landscapes, exquisite local cuisines, and many more. The country is rich in history and culture; even a 10-day trip would be short to thoroughly explore it.


1.  Fenyan Eco Lodge

Fenyan Eco Lodge is famous among tourists visiting Jordan as it offers a luxury retreat with modern amenities. It also aims to protect Jordan’s wildlife and natural resources. The surrounding of the lodge is beautiful.

They also provide guides to help tourists explore local flora and fauna and ancient ruins. This place is also best for enjoying a light pollution-free night sky while enjoying your evening tea on the lodge’s roof.

Jordon vacation and things to do in jordan
Jordon vacation and things to do in jordan

2.  JR The Wine Experience

JR The Wine Experience is a must-visit place in Jordan if you love wine. JR is situated in Amman. This place is the first of its kind in the country. It offers a wine-tasting experience paired with private food sessions for its guests.

Explore 40 handpicked international varieties of grapes and experience how they are crafted into over 20 different kinds of wine. Choose a type of wine and pair it with mouth-watering local cuisine.

JR The Wine Experience Must Visit in Jordan
JR The Wine Experience Must Visit in Jordan


3.  Roman Amphitheatre

Your vacation in Jordan is complete with a visit to the famous Roman Amphitheatre. The theater was built in the 2nd century when Jordan was in Philadelphia. It was commissioned by the Roman emperor Antonius Pius.

This 6000-seat theatre has three different sections. There is a small door at the side of the stage that will take you to the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions, which displays Bedouin jewelry and other artefacts.


4.  Ruins Of Jerash

Jordan is rich in Roman history. The ruins of Jerash are one of the best places to visit in Jordan on your vacation in Jordan. Ancient Jordan city was destroyed in 749 A.D. by the Galilee earthquake and re-emerged during the Ottoman era in the 16th century.

Explore the historical ruins of Jerash that were once home to Hadrian, Alexander the Great, and Nichomachas. You will also find Hadrian’s Arch (13 meters tall) among the ruins.

Jordon places to visit and plan holiday vacation
Jordon places to visit and plan holiday vacation

5.  Taste Local Cuisines In Amman

Tasting local cuisines is one of the most adventurous things to do in Jordan. You can only know the essence of Jordan by tasting its regional delicacies. Amman is a famous place for offering delicious Jordanian food.

You can explore many fine dining options in Amman that offer local delicacies. Local homes also provide opportunities to cook with them and enjoy local dishes like Zameed, Zatar, Shawarma, Falafel, Kunafa, and much more.


6.  Visit UNESCO Site In Petra

petra uum in jordan
petra uum in jordan

If you are wondering which places to visit in Jordan on your next vacation, Petra is a must-visit for you. Petra is famous among Jordanian tourists for its natural beauty and historical heritage.

But did you know that Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage for being the capital of the ancient Nabataean kingdom? Explore attractions like Ad Deir, Nabataean treasury, and the high place of sacrifice, among many others.


7.  Take A Therapeutic Mud Bath

The healing properties of the dead sea minerals attract many tourists every year. The water of the dead sea can help with different kinds of ailments. Many spas near the dead sea use its hypersaline water. You can enjoy pure serenity and luxury in these spas.

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The mud of the dead also has therapeutic benefits, and you can rub it on your skin to make it smoother.

Jordan holiday vacation plan
Jordan holiday vacation plan


8.  Visit The Baptism Site

The Baptism site is one of the famous religious places to visit in Jordan and should be on your trip to the country. It is believed that Jesus Christ was baptized in this place by John the Baptist.

Byzantines built a church here in the 5th century. You will also see scattered ruins of chapels, monasteries, and churches of later ages. This site is sacred for Christian pilgrims, but you can visit it for its historical value.


jordan couples places to visit and see
jordan couples places to visit and see

9.  Visit Petra Museum

Are you still pondering over things to do in Jordan? If yes, you can consider visiting the Petra Museum. It is a popular tourist spot in Jordan. The museum preserves the history of Petra through more than 250 artifacts.

The Nabataeans once ruled Petra, and you will see Nabataean potters, coins, and elephant capitals, among other exciting museum artifacts, on display. So, remember to visit Petra Museum if you are curious about the Nabataean lifestyle.


10. Visit Ancient Temples

Jordan is a place full of historical ruins, and among these ruins, you will find many ancient temples. Visiting ancient temples is one of the popular things to do in Jordan on your vacation in the country.

Jordan is famous for preserving Roman history and ancient temples like the temple of Hercules, Artemis, and Zeus.

The tranquillity and elegance of these ancient temples offer a sense of peace. Apart from their sacredness, the temples are also architectural wonders.

holiday in Jordan - vacation guide
holiday in Jordan – vacation guide



1. What are Some Popular Dishes in Jordan?

Jordan is a place of history, culture, heritage, and archaeological sites. The country also has various unique delicacies that reflect the culture and authentic flavors of Jordan. Some famous Jordanian cuisines include moutabel, hummus, labneh, and falafel.


2. How Expensive is Jordan for Travelers?

The average cost of a 5-7 day vacation in Jordan is around US$1000 – US$ 1300 per person. So, traveling to Jordan with a strict or small budget is very difficult as it is one of the most expensive locations in the region.

However, some travel agencies can offer cost-effective plans to travel to Jordan on a limited budget. Also, having a Jordan pass can help to reduce the high cost of traveling in Jordan for tourists.


3. What Currency is Used in Jordan?

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Jordan, then you must learn about the common currency used within the country. The primary currency used in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar. The country shops and stores accept Visa and MasterCard for payments. You can even get ATMs to withdraw cash or send money back to your country.


4. What is the Local Transportation in Jordan?

The most common transport in Jordan is the yellow taxi. Also, Jordan Airlines are a popular choice to move within the country quickly. Besides the standard transport, you can have medium size vans and tourism vehicles to get around the place. Jordanian yellow taxis are famous, and you must try them for your vacation in Jordan.


5. Is Jordan Safe for Family Trips?

Most people search for places to visit in Jordan for vacation and also ask whether it is a safe place for a family trip. Jordan is an ideal place for family holidays and trips. The country is overflowing with its rich culture and history, and you can get an unforgettable experience when you visit the country for a family vacation.

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