10 Innovative Technologies going to be a part of Near Future

  1. Portable laser pens that can seal wounds

    Imagine you’re hiking fifty miles from the nearest human, and you slip, busting your knee wide open, gushing blood. Today, you might stand a chance of some serious blood loss — but in less than a decade you might be carrying a portable laser pen capable of sealing you back up Wolverine-style.

  2. Artificial Gills

    Think Aquaman (Although, we are not quite sure how he is useful). Just like flying; the capability of breathing underwater is one of those things that we have all wanted. Israel based inventor Alon Bodner has come up with a prototype; LikeAFish (that’s one smart name) which allows humans to breather underwater by generating oxygen from the water like the gills of a fish. The current issues are that of size and weight, however, progress is being made quite rapidly to overcome these issues.

  3. Insect-sized robot spies

    They aren’t far off from becoming a reality, with the military currently hard at work to bring Mission Impossible-sized tech to the espionage playground. Secret weapon: immune to bug spray.

    size of an insect sized robot flies
    robot flies of insect size that can spy
  4. Sunscreen Pills

    Sun is good but too much of sun is bad and that’s why we have sunscreens. However, as is with humans we just can’t stop improvising stuff and now we want sunscreens that can be administered orally. So what we are looking for is a tablet, which we can take and then walk around in the sun while being protected. Good news folks; a study is being carried out at King’s College (London) and according to Dr. Paul Long who is the head of this three year project; ‘There would have to be a lot of toxicology tests done first but I imagine a sunscreen tablet might be developed in five years or so. Nothing like it exists at the moment.’

  5. Tooth Regeneration

    Going to the dentist is one of the most terrifying experiences. However, it is also one of the most crucial ones. Why is that so? Because if you damage your teeth then the damage is permanent and you’d have to live with that for the rest of your life. Yeah, that’s old new. The newsflash; scientists are working on to how to regenerate human teeth based on alligator’s system of regeneration, which comes into play when the tooth is damaged or lost. According to a study that was carried out in a lab at UTAH back in November 2012, humans can also regenerate teeth based on this alligator’s system in a lab with some modifications.

  6. Light Peak

    technology, a method of super-high-data-transfer, will enable more than 100 Gigabytes per second — and eventually whole terabytes per second — within everyday consumer electronics. This enables the copying of entire hard drives in a matter of seconds, although by this time the standard hard drive is probably well over 2TB.

  7. Energy from a fusion reactor

    It has always seemed just out of reach. It’s essentially the process of producing infinite energy from a tiny amount of resources, but it requires a machine that can contain a reaction that occurs at over 125,000,000 degrees. However, right now in southern France, the fusion reactor of the future is being built to power up by 2019, with estimates of full-scale fusion power available by 2030.

  8. Holographic TV

    This is more than just exciting; the future holds holographic television instead of your LEDs or extra HD TVs. The next generation of TV won’t be about the screen size and quality but rather about viewing area. MIT researchers have created a chip which is able to render a holographic display as good as real world – 50 Gigapixels per second. The cost of such TVs would be too high, that’s the general opinion, but Michael Bove, MIT’s Object based Media Group disagress; ‘The technology itself is one that’s easy and inexpensive and, as far as we are aware and Nature is aware, has never been applied to displays before.’ According to his speculations such TVs will be available in the next ten years or so.

    future of television
    holographic screen a reality
  9. Wireless Electricity

    Among many fantasies that the mankind has, wireless electricity sure has earned its place. However, you would have to give this fantasy up because this is soon going to be a reality (about a decade or so). We have seen wireless charging for gadgets and that’s proof enough to build a structure onto. A number of companies are trying to come up with electric ‘hubs’, which will be capable of powering up an entire house. The work is based upon the research done by Marin Soljacic of MIT. The idea is to make use of the fact that some particular electromagnetic waves make it easy to transfer energy and electricity can be transferred between objects that are resonating at the same frequency.

  10. Ultra–High Speed Tube Trains

    We’ve already covered the Maglev trains here at wonderfulengineering, however, let’s take a look at them again. Japan has plans on shifting onto these trains by 2045. Since there are no wheels, hence no contact or friction and Maglev is capable of achieving a speed of 300 mph. The trains are levitated by maintaining an electromagnetic field.  However, the idea being put forward by a company based in Colorado is much faster, in fact according to their idea, the travelling shall be done at a speed of 4,000 mph. The company, ET3, has put forward a concept of Evacuated Tube Transport. The track is within a vacuum tube that has been sealed and pressurized. The G-forces which a passenger experiences are comparable to that of a highway ride though. ET3 already has built a prototype capsule and is looking forward to testing it out.

    super fast trains running in closed tunnels
    underground tube trains
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