13 Things you Must Consider Before Making a Career Change


where to look for career change
things to consider while looking for career change

It is rightfully said that “Change is the only constant factor in the life”. So what if it is applicable to your career. Easy said than done, right? Wish it could be that plain simple yes to it. Reality is little different. It is normally seen that after spending a good bench of experience in a career, some people start feeling bored, frustrated or fatigued and later they tend to take a plunge and move into other areas of work or let me say they take a career change. With audacity to move in unknown path and guts to explore the new world, it can sometimes throw you into cold and lonely hut of confusion. So, be intelligent in your move and consider the following before you take a leap of faith:

         1.   Do complete introspection

Know yourself; nothing is worse than leaping before you look and not doing introspection about your move. Self-assessment of your skills, values and Interests, etc. is very important. Your move should not be seen as runway of escapism. It should reflect as a progressive move (not to the world, but) to you. So, assimilate your move and do intense introspection about yourself.

         2.    All that glitter is not Gold

We are witnessing the time where E commerce is the talk of the town. And with constant news of funding series into it, allure us to be a part of a growth story of it. No harm in doing it. But what we fail to see is the labor, tenacity and constant devotion to the purpose of it. Rather jump into the field that seems to be a good fit for you rather than it being hot fields that might be alluring you now and which later might seems to be a carcass of bad decision.

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         3.   Monkey see Monkey do attitude

Never ever step into something because you friend or relative is doing and more importantly if he/she is doing it well. Getting inspired with other’s success is different, it good. But emulating what not a good fit for you and hoping to translate it into your own success, is my friend you are living in the fool’s paradise. So, look what’s meant for you and what have a natural calling for you, rather than picking on a career which your neighbor excelled in.

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         4.   Do microscopic & telescopic Research

Once you have discovered an opportunity, research around it. Get your hands on latest market reports, speak with people who are already into the trade or job, and if possible try your hands on any volunteering project for short period. This will only solidify your move. It’s good to test the waters first before taking an ocean dive into it.

             5.  Its normal to get a bumpy ride

Gone are times where the careers of your parent generations were far more predictable and were in linear fashion. We live at the times where turbulence is new normal. It’s ok that we get a few hiccups at the start of it. It is your intelligence, adaptability and courage to confront the ever evolving environment.

         6.   Training and Education

It is quite bitter to accept the fact that knowledge becomes stale over a period of time and sometimes it is necessary to upgrade your education, skills and broaden your knowledge. Some areas of work require technical expertise and constant updation on the latest development in the discipline. In the likes of Technology & Software where every minute there seems to be new product being launched and being consumed by thousands, it’s important to equip yourself with the latest education and trainings, as they becomes your arms and ammunitions in the “new” battle field.

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         7.   Get yourself a mentor

Remember as a child how we carved for parental support in every task we did. No wonder the seeking support from someone who is richer in his/her experience, knowledge and skills can benefit us if we need to sail through the choppy waters of an unknown sea. Mentor helps you through rough patches. Mentor is someone who can see what you or others cannot. You can benefit with his/her advice, learning’s or even his/her network. So be an obedient and discipline soldier, and benefit yourself especially when it’s an unknown territory for you.

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             8.   Capitalize on every opportunity

Let’s accept the fact that you are new kid on the block. You are trying to prove yourself in the new career that you have taken up or about to take. You are looking for very tiny opportunity to foundation yourself in it. Remember, opportunities do not come across with the glossy tags on it. Having a hawk eye on any thrown opportunity to you can turn into a great milestone in your career. Everyone has heard stories about how people manage to secure great opportunities through most unexpected events or in the lights of coincidence.

           9.   Network, Network and Network

Using “network” three times in the title icon is just to exemplify how much important it is. In today’s world, nothing can suppress the power of networking. From academicians to corporate moguls, all have unleashed the power of Networking. It’s been said, when leader don’t work, they network. You been the newbie in the trade, it’s very important that you rub your shoulders with right set of people. People who can help you in short and long run. Join your trade forums, subscribe to your local associations, etc. and make yourself visible to the relevant world and you will be amazed to see its benefits.

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       10.  Rome was not build in a day!

You are about to start a new beginning and setting right set of expectations can only help you run a marathon longer. Don’t expect things to change overnight. A complete career change usually takes six to 12 months to build foundation and it even can take longer if you are rookie in the field. So be ready to learn the art of patience. And remember the old saying; Rome was not build in a day.

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       11.   Stay Flexible

Honestly, be flexible about everything. If you are seeking employment in new career, be flexible on your employment status, reallocation and even salary. I have seen people taking pay cuts to start all over again. And you should not feel remorseful about it. 

      12.    Stay Positive

It’s a marathon to be won by your mind first. Be positive about the outcome of the step that you are about to take. Make yourself in the company of people who motivates and encourages you.  Make yourself available for friends, family and those who can constantly makes you feel confident about your decision. Indulge yourself in Yoga, exercise and meditation, as these can also help you in keeping yourself calm and confident about your move.

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     13.    Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Ok here it is. The constant fear of failure might be haunting you by now. Thoughts like what if I fail, what if things do not pan out the way it was expected, might wear and tear you down. But let’s accept it that it is absolutely normal to fail. Unfortunately, we do not celebrate failures and shuns failure in disgust and try’s to orphan it from us. If you win, great; if you lose learn from it and move on. Pad yourself that you tried and tell to the world that to get success you need guts but to face failure you need balls!


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