14 Amazing Things To Do and 9 Places To Visit in Hong Kong Vacation

Beautiful Places to visit in Hong kong
Beautiful Places to visit in Hong Kong

Have you ever dreamt of going to a set of Sci-fi movies where everything seems to be energetic, full of colors, and buzzing with magnificent harmony? There will be an adventure, there will be extra-ordinary life and livelihood. The streets are filled up with numerous activities; there will be no pauses or mute buttons… only you can fill the flawless, endless charm of enjoying the beauty of nature with an ample mixture of science and technology.

So, if you want to take a break from your regular hectic life and plan an exotic vacation, then Hong Kong would be the best choice. So, get ready for the memorable Hong Kong Vacation. Once you reach there, you will dive into this wonderland with passion. Before planning for a Hong Kong vacation, let us check out this list. You can easily make your travel plan step by step by having a little bit of knowledge about the places to visit in Hong Kong and the things to do in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Holiday Itinerary
Hong Kong Holiday Itinerary

Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Here and There: Roaming into The City

1. Old Town Central

Do you want to hear the beat of the city? Then visiting Old Town Central would be a great shot! You can surely be amazed at the old architectural buildings and roads with a vibrant combination of modernization. Here you will enjoy the mixture of the chaotic and posh ambience of Old Town Central. It’s just like the old and new things are assembling themselves in a symphonic manner. In Old Town Central, you can find tea shops, cafeterias, and significant art galleries; those are the symbolic form of modernization.

On the other hand, this place also maintains its good old charm with various street food shops, old temples, and age-old faded bars. If you are in Hong Kong, you need to enjoy its rustic ambiance also. So, the best way to start your walk is from Possession Point, where you can find the British Flag, which was hoisted to embark Hong Kong as a colony back in the year 1841. You will be amazed to see this historical imperialistic touch. Start enjoying your delicious food and cultivate their culture.

Exciting Hong Kong Holiday
Exciting Hong Kong Holiday

2. Man Mo Temple

If you want to pen down places to visit in Hong Kong, then Man Mo Temple should be on your checklist. Man Mo Temple is situated at Hollywood Road. This temple has silently worn Hong Kong’s traditions and values. This temple has been unbroken since 1800. You will be enchanted after viewing the tranquil ambiance. If you want to find a little bit of peace of mind and rest, then this place will be the right choice. The scented giant coils inside the temple have their attributes.

According to local people, this temple was built to pay their gratitude to The God of Literature. Besides paying homage to the God of Knowledge and Creativity, they also worship other Gods and Goddesses. You can feel the soft, melancholic tune all around this temple. Far away from the traffic cacophony visiting this calm place will be bliss for your soul. You must not forget these things to do in Hong Kong.


Visit Temples in Things to do in Hong Kong
Visit Temples in Things to do in Hong Kong

3. Hollywood Road: 

After visiting these previously mentioned places, you can step out towards Hollywood Road. If someone asks you what are the places to visit in Hong Kong, you should suggest them this road too. You will be amazed to see colorful murals and graffiti around the walls of the streets. Apart from this, you will also be amazed to see the artistic touch of these paintings. These scenic beauties have their charm, and no modernization can replace this. You will enjoy your vibrant street tour just like walking into a posh, scholastic art gallery. Oh! Be prepared… for What? 

For amazing Bruce Lee murals… Keep your camera ready to click amazing photographs.

While roaming around these amazing city lanes, one thing you can do in Hong Kong is to sip into amazing Leung Cha (cooling tea) for quick refreshment. After that, if you want to go street shopping, then you must check out local art, traditional Chinese calligraphy, and furniture. You must be happy to see these classic art forms. Nevertheless, you can also click amazing snaps for your Instagram posts at nearby bohemian and vintage cafes.

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Temples in Hong Kong
Temples in Hong Kong

4. Sham Sui Po: 

Are you a gadget freak person? Then this place is for you. This place is a bit crowded with age-old Chinese houses and lanes. But you can find various types of electronic parts, computer parts, and many other things, along with mouth-watering authentic local food. You can buy computers, computer parts, and amazing video games on a pocket-friendly budget.


5. Dragon House: 

At Yen Chow Street, you can find a nine-storied shopping mall named Dragon House. Here you can buy clothes, jewelry and many other things of your own choice.


6. Street Food Trail: 

After a hectic shopping episode, if you are searching for something cool, then Tian Tian Di’s ice cream and desserts would be the best choice. The exotic and mouth-watering fruit ice creams are the best choices for all tourists. Before leaving this crowded place, you must check out their local foods ngau zap and zaa dei.


Natural Beauty on a Hong Kong Vacation
Natural Beauty on a Hong Kong Vacation

Hong Kong’s Scenic Beauty Treasure

In this globalization era, this place is still maintaining its charm with its stupendous scenic beauty. In this context, Sai Kung is one of the greatest examples, known as the ‘Back Garden of Hong Kong’. Its geographical position has mesmerizing scenic pleasure. If you want to explore the rich geodiversity of Hong Kong, then these are the places to visit.


1. UNESCO Global Geopark:

If you have ever read about volcanic eruptions, then you will be awestruck after viewing wonderful rock formations which were formed due to volcanic eruptions over 140 million years ago. You will be amazed to explore the beauty of this place and its geographical combinations. You can find preserved honeycomb-like basalt rocks. Hiking towards the top of the rock, when you look down, you will be happy to see that the decent flow of the ocean and the waves are just like dangling into the rocks, leaving all pains and worries far behind.

Modern Places to Visit in Hong Kong
Modern Places to Visit in Hong Kong

2. Machehose Trail:

This trail is a beauty! Tourists will be overwhelmed with joy after seeing the coastline of the eastern peninsula in Sai Kung. No doubt this trail is spectacular. Along with adventures, here you will spot sea caves, hexagonal rock columns, pure seawater, and sandy beaches. It will be another way to explore nature.


Beauty of Hong Kong
Beauty of Hong Kong

3. Dragon’s Back: 

Do you want to opt for some Bohemian Experiences for a few hours? Then Dragon’s back trail must be on your bucket list! If you are tired of dealing with regular urban life, then this trail will take you to a hustle-free life. The point to be mentioned here is that Dragon’s Back Hike has been voted “The Best Urban Hike in Asia”. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of Shek O Beach… The scenic beauty of big waves will dazzle you around. It’s just like a dreamland where you are not worried about urban livelihood.


Things to do in Hong Kong

Are you tired of your daily routine job? Want to take a break and explore new cultures, new colors? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your visa & passport ready, book your tickets, and come to Hong Kong. You will find a lot of exciting things to do in Hong Kong. This city will never leave you alone. Although there are a lot of activities to do in this place, the following are listed as some of “The Things to Do in Hong Kong”:


Nightclubs - Places to visit in Hong Kong
Nightclubs – Places to visit in Hong Kong

Night Buzz: Electrifying Night Life of Hong-Kong

If you’re in Hong Kong, you must enjoy the electrifying nightlife of Hong Kong. Even if you are not a party person, you should not miss this chance. Gear up for some entertainment and head towards South Hollywood Road, Soho. There are different types of clubs and restaurants. You can visit Club 71 or Sense 99 to enjoy your night out.

Get Ready to Explore Festive Colors

If you are listing the places to visit in Hong Kong, then you must note down things to do in Hong Kong while making your exciting Hong Kong Vacation Plan. In this place, you will experience numerous festivals. Just like their art forms, these festivals are also full of colors, energy, and positive vibes. If you want to grasp Hong Kong’s culture and cultivate its traditions, then you must take part in these festivals.

Woman on Hong Kong Vacation
Woman on Hong Kong Vacation

1. Summer Festival: 

This festival is well suited for you to dive into its music concerts and e-sports. From 1st July to 31st August every year, Hong Kong celebrates Summer Festival. Dazzling like a star, the Hong Kong city continues its passion. You can easily take part in various activities like pop concerts, music concerts, book fairs, and others. Moreover, during this time, this place shines like millions of stars shining together. So, experiencing the vibes of this festival is a must in your “things to do in Hong Kong” list.

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2. New Year Festival:

If you are planning for a soulful Hong-Kong vacation, then year-end travel planning would be another best choice. The colorful firecrackers and the magnificent beauty at Victoria Harbor will be a treat for the eyes. It will be a lifetime experience. The spectacular LED and laser lights choreography goes beyond your ideas. If you want to capture that wonderful beauty in your camera, then secure a spot on the top of a skyscraper where you can cherish and enjoy the positive vibes of new days.

Culture of Hong Kong
Culture of Hong Kong

Taste Buds

Are you a foody person? If you are not, you must be while planning for Hong Kong Vacation. After enjoying its scenic and spectacular beauty, you should treat yourself to some mouth-watering authentic dim sum. There are numerous street shops where you can taste dim sum, but if you want to enjoy your food in a close ambiance, then Michelin Starred Restaurants are the best options. You must visit Tim Ho Wan, a Michelin Starred Restaurant, and taste their Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings) and Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings). So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the heavenly dim sum and take the wholesome aroma of this authentic food!


Get Ready For Modern Amusements

While making a Hong Kong Vacation plan, don’t get stuck in the vintage spots. While noting down the key points and places to visit in Hong Kong, you should check out these activities. These will be amazing things to do in Hong Kong while making plans.


1. Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island: 

You must enjoy the panoramic beauty of Lantau Island. An exciting cable car ride would be your next step. Not only does it connect Tung Chung with Ngong Ping, but this ride is also bliss to the eyes. The most important point is Ngong Ping Terminal is just next to Ngong Ping Village, and tourists will enjoy some viewpoints like Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O Fishing Village, etc. You will thank yourself while cherishing these mysterious views, and your heart will be filled up with these wonderful memories.

Cruise ride Things to do in Hong Kong
Cruise ride Things to do in Hong Kong

2. Cruise Ride: 

If you want to make your Hong Kong vacation a bit classy, then you should try this. Rejuvenate your inner poetic soul and dive into the tranquil turquoise water on a cruise, leaving behind a chaotic seashore. You can take this classy cruise ride for two nights, arranged by World Dream Cruise. Once you get on this cruise, you must enjoy the windy and enchanting ambiance of the South China Sea. At the same time, you will enjoy delicious cuisine while enjoying live music in the middle of the ocean.


3. Dolphin Watch Tour: 

If you want to enjoy the dance of Dolphins, then Dolphin Watch Tour must be on your bucket list. You can have 4hrs to enjoy this beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Pen down this enjoyable thing to do in Hong Kong.


Disneyland Hong Kong Vacation
Disneyland Hong Kong Vacation

4. Hong Kong Disney Land: 

Are you a Disney Lover? Then you must not miss the chance to explore this place. This place will act like a time machine and take you to that carefree childhood, where Disney land was the only way out to take you to the Joy land. Disney Land has its charm; it should be on your checklist while making a Hong Kong vacation. It will be an amazing experience to explore the magnificent beauty of the Castle of Magical Dreams. Hong Kong Disney Land is located on reclaimed land in Peny’s Bay, Lantau Island.


5. Skylines of Hong Kong

Do you want to enjoy the symphony of city lights? Want to enjoy a surrealistic ambiance? Then Skylines of Hong Kong would be the place to visit in Hong Kong. After getting soulful experiences of mysterious mountains and oceans, you will enjoy breathtaking views of this vibrant city. These will be the places to visit on your Hong Kong vacation, where city lights will guide you through the melancholy urban livelihood.


6. Ocean Park: 

Ocean Park will be a great suggestion while you are making Hong Kong vacation plans with your toddlers. This thematic park has been designed in a well-versed manner. It is recognized as the 7th most popular thematic park in the world. Here you can enjoy marine land and many Asian animals like giant pandas, red pandas, etc.

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Peaceful Hong Kong Holiday
Peaceful Hong Kong Holiday

7. Mongkok: 

To explore the new territory of Hong Kong, you can visit Mongkok. Here you will enjoy the balance of modern and vintage eras differently.


8. Happy Valley Racecourse: 

If you are a party freak, then Happy Valley Racecourse is the right choice for you. The party atmosphere around this place is unmissable. While gambling is the main source of attraction, you can visit this place just for the ambiance also. If you are lucky, you may get to witness themed nights such as Oktoberfest or Carnival, where people dress up to their liking. Wednesday night is the main time to visit this place when the atmosphere is the liveliest. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, gambling here may be one of the things to do in Hong Kong.

Tourists on Hong Kong Vacation
Tourists on Hong Kong Vacation

9. Peak Tram: 

To visit the upper parts of Hong Kong Island, the Peak Tram can be a great option for you. The Peak Tram started running in 1888 and is still a very useful means of communication. You can cherish mesmerizing views of Hong Kong Skyline and Victoria Harbor during this tram ride.

Victoria Harbour Exciting Places to visit in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour Exciting Places to visit in Hong Kong

10. Star Ferry: 

In addition to the Peak Tram, Star Ferry is also an absolute must when you are visiting Hong Kong. First opened in 1888, the Star Ferry ride is one of the most scenic ferry rides in the world. This ferry runs between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, transporting locals as well as tourists. You should not miss the amazing view of Victoria Harbor and the skylines, especially during the night, from the cozy window seats of the Star Ferry.


Buddhism in Hong Kong
Buddhism in Hong Kong

Often Asked Questions About Hong Kong Vacation

While you are making your final draft for the Hong Kong vacation, which is a compilation of places to visit in Hong Kong and things to do in Hong Kong, you must not forget to note down these important points:

Accommodation and Hotels

The most important part of any vacation is to search for hotels or accommodations for staying. There are two main areas for staying in Hong Kong. One is Hong Kong Island, and the other is Kowloon. Hong Kong is surrounded by the mainland in the northern part (Kowloon), and you will see an island in the southern part of this city (Hong Kong Island).

It is very easy getting from one area to the other; there will be bridges and ferries. You can find sufficient and secure hotel rooms in these two areas to complete your Hong Kong vacation.

Cultural Places to Vist in Hong Kong
Cultural Places to Vist in Hong Kong

It is not advisable to book your accommodation far away from Victoria Harbor as most of the places of attraction are located around this place. You will enjoy the nightlife along with the enchanting beauty of Hong Kong if you book your accommodation near Victoria Harbor.

Monasteries to Visit in Hong Kong
Monasteries to Visit in Hong Kong

Visa & Vaccination

Presently, only a COVID-19 Double Dose Vaccination certificate is mandatory for all foreign travelers to Hong Kong. Accepted vaccines include Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V, and many others. Along with this certificate, you also need to produce a Negative RT-PCR Report conducted not more than 48 hours before departure. There is no need for RT-PCR or quarantine on arrival in Hong Kong. Along with Vaccination Certificate, you also must produce a valid visa upon arrival. So, apply for your visa well in advance.

When to travel to Hong Kong

Visit Hong Kong during autumn and early winter, i.e., from late September to late December. The great weather, temperature, and outdoor activities make this the most pleasant time to enjoy your stay.

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