15 Powerful Bucket List Items for Every Person in Their 30s

A bucket list is a bunch of wishes a person has during their lifetime that he wants to accomplish before he dies. Every person will have a bucket list in their lifetime, no matter what stage of life they are in. It all comes down to individual preferences. The people in their 30s are more likely to involve themselves in the hectic life. As soon as people reach that point in life, they don’t have the free time to enjoy their favorite things or even to fulfil their Bucket List Items. We have listed 15 such Must-have bucket list items for every person in their 30s and every person in their life should make time and enjoy their precious time.

Although Bucket List Items may vary from one individual to another, we have compiled a list of 15 must-have items every 30-year-old should include:


15 Bucket List Items – Must Complete Before 30s


  • Sky Diving once before hitting the 30s

Sky diving is a thrilling activity that makes to get goosebumps even if you have done it before. Some people really have a huge desire to experience sky diving in their lifetime. It gives a great experience of flying and you get to see the bird view of the earth and enjoy the air above. Some people may feel feared or some even feel excited to engage in this activity. This could be considered one of the bucket list items that can be added for many people in their 30s.

adventure activity as Bucket List Items
adventure activity as Bucket List Items
  • Climb a Mountain once before hitting the 30s

Climbing a mountain is considered one of the toughest activities you can do in your 30s. Ok, I will not discourage you, as you may be aware of the quote ‘Higher you climb, better the view’ this sentence is very true Climbing a mountain to its peak might be quite tiring but gives you the best view.

You might get hills in your near places, I would suggest you practice climbing them and you get a grip on this activity, Climbing a huge mountain can be exciting and needs a lot of energy to do so.


  • Traveling Solo at least once before hitting the 30s.

Solo Travelling is another bucket list item for every individual. Some people opt for Solo vacations to be in the same country, While some others dream to have a fancy international vacation like Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, etc. The best age to travel solo is in your 30s since you have the independence, knowledge, and maturity to manage things if something goes wrong.

A solo trip is one of the must-have experiences that everyone should have in life, It gives you the courage in life to handle things. Solo traveling has become the trending thing for people these days. Many people prefer Solo traveling these days to overcome the hectic work culture and stress of daily life.

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Bucket List Items - solo travel once
Bucket List Items – solo travel once

There are so many amazing things to experience when you go trekking in the forest. When trekking will give the feel of freshness and energizes the soul. You can spend time in nature and observe various animal and bird species. It gives the feeling of togetherness to go hiking with friends or family. The interesting activities you can have in trekking are photography, cooking your food, fishing, climbing, and exploring different ways. These activities drive you crazy and drag you to experience even if you are tired.


  • Learning at least 1 Musical Instrument

Learning new skills is equally important in order to keep yourself energetic. Few people are unable to learn their passionate skills at a very young age and will have a sense of regret in life. The 30s is the best age to try out new things like learning how to play musical instruments. It gives confidence to the person to try out new things in life. Hence there is no age for learning to play a musical instrument. It is a great skill to learn before the 30s. This will give them some sort of happiness and relaxation.


  • Be Vegan for 1 Complete Month

When people are around their 30s they don’t have control over their food habits. Practicing a vegan lifestyle for a month will give you control over unhealthy food habits. When you follow the vegan lifestyle for one month, you will understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. To live life to its fullest, it is important to express gratitude for the small things. You can be grateful for little things in life like food, and shelter. Etc. This can be another bucket list you can include in your 30s.


  • Publish an Ebook/Book

Some people always have a special interest in certain domains, They will be knowledgeable and resourceful in some areas. It is a good idea for them to write a book about the topics they are passionate about and publish an Ebook. It is not always possible to find these kinds of basic and necessary information everywhere that will help many young people understand these domains. It may give the person a different perspective or edge over the career. Publishing an Ebook is considered the best bucket list for people to have in their 30s.


  • Grow your own Garden

Another creative and satisfactory bucket list a person can have is growing their own garden. It helps you to learn gardening, grow your own vegetables, and be eco-friendly. It is the best way to get your own organic vegetables by using your terrace area. Instead of involving in unnecessary activities like scrolling the social media for hours, this can give you a refreshing and productive activity you can engage in. Growing your own garden can be the best bucket list one can have in their life.

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Gardening as Bucket List Items
Gardening as Bucket List Items
  • Quit an Addiction

Quitting a bad addiction can be the best thing you can do in your 30s. Bad habits like smoking, Obsession with social media, poor eating habits, and irregular sleeping hours, can harm your lifestyle. Many people want to overcome it but they couldn’t due to the excess addiction. Increased addiction to bad habits can cause severe injury to the body, So it is better to quit such additions at least in the later stage of life. Quitting an addiction is the important bucket list one should have in their 30s.


  • Prioritize your Mental Health

People in their 30s are primarily focused on their professional careers or household responsibilities, so they have little time to unwind and enjoy themselves. Many people in this age group ignore their mental health and mindfulness, They plan to have a dedicated routine to improve their mental health which helps to increase their productivity. Mental is considered one of the most important bucket lists of the 30s.


  • Participate in Marathon

After becoming adults we often forget about participating in competitions like marathons. We also have less physical activity in later adult age, So in order to keep ourself healthy, we need to have physical activity. It gives people the competitive spirit and inspiration to keep themselves active in some fitness activities. Participating in Marathon gives that frolic feel and keeps you active.


  • Join Dance Class

There are different types of dance forms available like Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, and many more. You can choose any of the dance forms and go to the dance classes. It helps to know the insights into the form of dance that you learn. This is a different kind of experience and happiness a person can have in their 30s. So this is considered one of the unique bucket lists of the 30s.


  • Start going to Gym

People in their late 20s and 30s will be more engaged with their careers and personal responsibilities in their life. As a result, they end up adding more weight at this age.  Going to the gym is the best solution for this, it inspires you to be fit and perform your best. So most people in their 30s have a bucket list of maintaining fitness by going to the gym or other physical activities like running, cycling, swimming, etc. Considering going to Gym on your list in the 30s will be the best thing you can do.

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Bucket List Items - fitness and workout
Bucket List Items – fitness and workout
  • Learn a new Language

Learning a new language and speaking fluently is another challenging bucket list a person can have. Learning languages like German, French, Spanish, and Chinese can be quite challenging, But if you are dedicated to learning, you learn it easily. You should spend a small chunk of time every day learning new things.

Learning a new language can be a quite challenging bucket list but I am sure it gives you the exciting feel to learn a new language.


  • Become Pet Parents

Some people are highly desirable to have pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, doves, parrots, fish, etc in their homes. However, parenting pets is quite difficult and time-consuming. It gives a feeling of satisfaction to look after and get share the affection with animals. Because of numerous reasons, it will be postponed to pet the cute animals or birds. This is considered one of the bucket List Items for 30s people to become pet parents.


Final words

We have listed some of the most common Bucket List Items of people in their 30s, we hope it helps you in figuring out yours.  Every individual must have a bucket list in life. It keeps the person alive and enthusiastic to keep moving and try out new things throughout life. The wish list of each individual will vary according to their taste and perspective toward life. It is important to keep certain principles in life to be part of the social cause and wellness of society.


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