4 Easy Steps to Create a Website of Your Choice

Creating and developing a website today is as simple as creating a presentation on power point. Various tools are available online to help you build a website of your choice. Dreamweaver being one of them.

Since building a website is not that difficult than what are the main steps to build one. There are certain things you need to think about before you actually start building one.

Step1):– Think of Domain name . Yes you read it write right. “Domain name” is the name of your website. Like facebook , amazon, ebay, alibaba, flipkart are domain names of some popular website.

easy steps
steps to create a website

Now it’s not that easy to think and choose a domain name. Why ? because you are not the only one to think of some name you like. It is quite possible that the name you pick for your website is already taken by someone else. Each domain name is booked on lease for 1 year. After 1 year the owner of that domain name is given the first chance to again book the same domain name for the next one year. If he doesn’t than that domain name is open to everyone and now anyone on first come first serve basis can buy that domain for 1 year.

Where are these domain name registered and who keeps a record of all the domain names registered and there date of registration, where to buy domain name from and get good quality domain name. How many types of domain name are there and how much do these different domain name costs. Read about all these and get answers to your queries here.

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Step2) After you have thought of some good domain name for your website, you need to think of the template for your website.

Template is like the blueprint of your website. It includes many things like the number of tabs you want to have on top header, footer and sidebars. How to design your main content.


Step3) Now hosting of your website. Since you cannot keep the website data at your end, you need some hosting service that will store your data and publish it on internet.

There are many hosting services available like the hostgator.com, bigrock.com etc.  There are many different hosting packages available. Don’t rush into any hosting package. Chose the package that best suits your business requirement. I would suggest you to take help of someone before buying one. There are many different hidden charges which are not visible to new customers. They add many unwanted security and other tools with the package which increases its costs. So be carefull . You can always ask us for the help. Just go to comment section. Give your requirement and we will post you back with the best deal and best price. May be with some discounts as well.


Step 4) There are many Offers that can reduce your initial investment cost. Domain names are generally less costly than hosting and sometimes they offer one free domain name with one hosting purchase.

So take advantage of that offer. During many times in a year the hosting services get huge discounts offers available with around 60% discount as well. So don’t go for a rush, wait for some time and buy a good offer. 

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Now let us bring the website online

step 5) Control Panel commonly known as “Cpanel” provided with hosting package will help you install your domain on hosting server purchased. 

You need to install another software that will help you bring the template and content together. Usually websites like blogs are working with “WordPress” the best known content management software system. 

Once you do that installation , your website is live and working. Now anyone on internet can view your website and access its pages and posts and products.

Once you know how to use WordPress you can edit your posts , add plugins, widgets and do editing at each possible corner of your website. You can also keep a record of your visitors, give them subscription forms to stay in touch with you through website and much more .

So Start thinking now !! and Create a website that can give you and your business another platform to sell and interact with customers. 



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