5 Best Intimate wash for women – Which one to Buy ?

Are you maintaining your intimate area properly? Do you know which Intimate wash for women is best suitable for you? Today many women are very concerned about their external beauty. They are aware of the cosmetics and beauty products available in the market. But they are not giving importance to their intimate hygiene.

Apart from taking care of your external beauty, it is essential to safeguard your vaginal and menstrual hygiene. The vaginal part of the woman is very sensitive, so the infections will attack very fast if you don’t take proper care of that place regularly. 

Today, women face more vaginal health issues such as bad odour, irritation, burning sensation, and pain. Usage of scented and flavoured soaps, applying turmeric, or any other home ready can damage the skin very fast. So stay away from all those tips available on the internet. 

The best way to keep your pH level balanced in your intimate areas is by using intimate washes. There are more products available on social media. Which is good? Grab a coffee and stick to this article for a while.


What is meant by Intimate Wash? 

Intimate wash acts as a solution to cleanse the vaginal area. Intimate wash is used to remove the dryness, itchiness, and burning sensation of the vaginal areas.

In our olden days, we use soap and water to cleanse the intimate parts of our bodies. But in the modern era, doctors find out that soap is not advisable to use in our intimate. The hardness of the soap damages the skin very fast. Soap can be used only on our face and body. The pH value of our face and body is 5.5, but the pH level of the vaginal path is only 3.8 and 4.5. So, it is not advisable to use soap in the intimate areas.

You can wash with hot water to keep your vaginal area healthy, but you should definitely opt for intimate washes if you need to cleanse the area.

Let us see the 5 intimate wash for women which are safe and have added more natural oils into the products.  

Intimate wash for women safe wash
Intimate wash for women safe wash


Best 5 Intimate Wash for Women


KeepSafe Intimate Wash for Women

It is one of the best intimate wash for women. The presence of lactic acid helps to balance the normal pH level of women. The presence of aloe vera extract and tea tree essential oil are available in this intimate wash. It comes in the form of wipes. The regular use of wipes prevents infection, irritation and helps to maintain hygiene in our body. 

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Key Features:

● This Intimate wash for women is suitable for all groups of people

● The anti-bacterial and antimicrobial agents are the saviors of our intimate parts

● There is no presence of sulphate and alcohol present in the wipes. It is free from Parabens

● It is safer to use during periods and pregnancy 


Sirona Refreshing Intimate Wash

It is one of the gentle and delicate intimate wash for women. It is a natural hygienic wash made with essential oils such as olive oil, Tea tree oil, and jojoba oil. With the help of natural ingredients, you will stay fresh and happy for the entire day.

Key Features:

● It maintains the normal pH balance. 

● It gives you relief from bad odor and keeps you fresh

● It contains 100% vegetable sources. No chemical preservatives and parabens are used in this intimate wash

● It is certified by dermatologists and gynecologists


VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash

It comes in the form of a liquid format enriched with tea tree oil and Sea Buckthorn oil. Sea Buckthorn oil contains more minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. 

Key Features:

● VWash is comfortable to use on a daily basis

● It is free from parabens and sulphate

● It can be used during your pregnancy, during periods, and after post work out 

● Daily washing with VWash maintains a healthy vagina

● It maintains a healthy pH of 3.5 level


Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash

It is manufactured with the help of Ayurveda products, tea tree oils, Witch Hazel, and lemongrass. They add all these elements to add a little fragrance to the intimate wash

Key Features:

● It also maintains the natural pH balance and prevents itching, irritation, and burning sensation

● It stops the growth of bacterial and yeast infections

● It is made with natural products and stays fresh for the whole day

● It is free from parabens and chemical extracts


i-feel Intimate Wash Lactic Acid

I-feel Intimate Wash enriched with lactic acid, aloe vera, Tea tree oil, neem, and tulsi extracts. It is used only for external purposes. It takes care of the normal pH balance of women.

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Key Features:

● It is safer for daily use

● After using the intimate wash, you will feel fresher and stay healthy

● The natural products help to maintain a healthy vagina



Things to consider before buying intimate wash

Intimate wash for women
Intimate wash for women

1. Presence of lactic acid: Lactic acid has more cleansing properties and helps to remove bacteria and infections immediately. 

2. Check the pH value: Vagina has a high pH level compared to other parts of the body. If you are using the wash regularly, the pH value should lie between 4.5 and 7.

3. Stay away from artificial scent and smell: Chemicals can cause allergies to your skin. It worsens the vaginal part.

4. Pick natural ingredients products: The natural ingredients helps to kill the bacteria immediately and maintain a healthy vagina throughout the day.

5. Stay away from Parabens: Parabens are very dangerous to the skin. It causes more rashes and worsens your vaginal part.

6. Choose a vulva friendly wash: Use the washes only on the external part of the body, not for the internal part.


Benefits of Intimate Wash

● Intimate wash balances the pH level of the vaginal area and keeps it very healthy and do not kill the healthy bacteria. There is a bacteria called Lactobacillus which is the dominant bacterial genus in the vaginal tract. This bacteria is very essential for a strong and healthy vagina. These bacteria help keep the vagina free of infection.

Intimate wash for women for daily use
Intimate wash for women for daily use

● It gives you a more comfortable zone and you will feel very relaxed. It removes all bad odor and white present in the vagina.

● The main advantage of intimate wash is that you can use it regularly.

● Nowadays, intimate washes are available online. It is free from parabens and sulphate. It is safer for women to use it regularly.

It gives a moisturizing feel which is better instead of using soaps.

● Lactic acid is present in almost all intimate washes. It acts as a cleanser for our vaginal part.

● Before choosing the intimate wash available in the market, it is very important to take a patch test to prevent an allergic reaction.

● When your vagina is clean and healthy, you will feel very confident in the public. You will feel very strong and bold.

● If you pick natural intimate washes, there will be no side effects. It is hassle-free to use regularly.

● The intimate part of the women is very sensitive.

● The natural way to keep your intimate part very healthy is to drink more water regularly.


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How to use intimate wash?

Take a little amount of intimate wash in your hands. Do this process during bathing or showering and apply it gently to the vaginal part of the body. Gently rub it for a while and rinse with cold water. Don’t use hot water. It reverses the process. Don’t cover the area immediately; give some time to dry the area. Do this process only once a day. Don’t overdo the process. It worsens the skin. You will lose the originality of the skin.

If You may feel dryness and a burning sensation in the area in the latter part of the day. Give more special attention during the use of intimate wash in your vaginal path.


Best Intimate wash for women
Best Intimate wash for women

Natural tips to keep your Vagina Healthy?

● Do vaginal exercise regularly. It improves the health of your vagina.

● Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly to stay hydrated.

● Use only natural oils and lubricants. Don’t go for chemicals for a quick process.

● Don’t try to trim the hair present in the intimate areas. Stay away from all razors. Just use scissors to cut the unwanted hair in that part.

● Use parabens, sulphate, scents, flavors, and odor-free products.

● Wear cotton inner-wear. Don’t use tight innerwear. The air should go inside your intimate area.

● Eat more healthy foods and stay happy.

● Stay away from stress because it directly affects your vagina.

Practice safer sex and use condoms to keep that area very healthy.



So, we came to the conclusion part. We saw the 5 amazing intimate wash for women to take care of their vaginal hygiene properly. The above mentioned intimate washes are very safe to use and it is free from chemicals and parabens.

It is according to your choice of choosing the intimate wash. Use only natural ingredients, and stay away from chemical products.

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