6 Principles to Boost Website Traffic and Business Sales

6 principles that can help give you boost in your sales as simple as that. Asking people to do what you want them to do is not easy and we all get confused how to make this possible. I am going to discuss 6 basic principles that will help you learn how to persuade people and get boosting sales in your business.

There are some psychological principles that are scientifically proven and works on 99% human brains. Yes the human brain works in a very predictable manner at situations where these 6 principles follows. These principles of persuasion will help guide you to become more effective at getting people to do what you want. Let’s get to the 6 principles now

Principle 1

business principles to get target sales
give and take is principle of reciprocity


Principle of Reciprocity

Obligation to give back is what principle of reciprocity says. When people get something from someone they feel obligated and want to give back to them in some way or the other. You can use this in many ways. You can give away free samples of your product to get better results. You need to show them that your product is something not available to them easily and they need to value it in return. Add value to your product before selling it in the market. Your product value is what will help you get quick results.


Principle 2

Like it then Share it

If your product is liked by people then they will share it because the human brain looks for something to share at all times. When people have nothing to share, they tend to share what they like and what they feel has benefited them. Women have gossips to make and what do you think gossips consist of?

Also liking is not limited to that only. If the customer gets a really good experience using your product or visiting your website then they are going to return back for sure.


Principle 3

Principle to follow

Yes people follow what is popular. Very few take decisions to choose the other. To them what is popular is always good and tend to follow the same. Nobody wants to stand as an idiot by following something that is less popular even if it is better than the other. People decide what’s appropriate for them to do in a situation by examining and following what others are doing. Simple way of using this principle in your favor is by showing how many others are already using your product or service. Do some show off to get better results. Show your numbers depicting how many happy readers are linked with you. Display what-ever best awards or recognition you have.

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Principle 4

People rely on those with superior knowledge or perspective for guidance on how to respond AND what decision to make. Become the mentor for them and guide them. People are always looking for some guidance and inspiration.

How to use it: Demonstrate your expertise. Show off your resume and results. Get celebrity (in your niche) endorsements.


Principle 5

Be Consistent and show Commitment

Yes if you are committed to your delivery date then it will automatically show up and will bring up more sells in your business. Moreover you need to be consistent in your business. This can be explained, from a psychological perspective, by the fact that people have established commitment as being in line with their self-image. As such, once we have publicly committed to something or someone, then we are so much more likely to go through and deliver on that commitment…hence consistency.

How to use it: Web forms is one area where this can be used. Make it align perfectly with the message that brought them to the page (e.g. ad copy) and the whole point of the page, so the form language would encourage consistency.


Principle 6

Demand and Supply

You must be aware of this Principle. If not then don’t worry we will explain that in detail. It is the fact that Opportunities are more valuable when they are less available. If you think your product is unique and no competition is there in the market then limit access to your product and promote extensively.

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The decision making is driven by emotional wiring in the human brain. Yes according to various studies on decision making capability of human brain it is proved that we make decisions on basis of our emotions.

the emotional part of brain makes decisions
emotions are responsible in making decisions

A few years ago, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio made a groundbreaking discovery. He studied people with damage in the part of the brain where emotions are generated. He found that they seemed normal, except that they were not able to feel emotions. But they all had something peculiar in common: they couldn’t make decisions.

They could describe what they should be doing in logical terms, yet they found it very difficult to make even simple decisions, such as what to eat. Many decisions have pros and cons on both sides—shall I have the chicken or the turkey? With no rational way to decide, these test subjects were unable to arrive at a decision.


So if you not emotional and makes decision on the basis of some facts and math then you are the only human being on earth to do that. Even the great decisions are driven by emotions. Emotions are of various kinds and not only affection and love. So to take big decisions we make use of our emotions like future needs, selfishness, family based emotions and many more. In fact even with what we believe are logical decisions, the very point of choice is arguably always based on emotion.


How to use this

You must create a vision for prospects to bring about decision on their part. In the end, people will make the decision because they want to. Avoid telling people what to think or what’s best. You help them discover for themselves what feels right and best, and most advantageous to them by presenting your case using contrast and simple, tangible language and demonstration.

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The ultimate decision made by people is actually based on self-interest and that is emotional. Every Individual is self-centered and selfish in whatever he does. He is looking for something in his favor or any advantage he will come to you else he won’t care to look into your product. Remember the human brain is really selfish and looks for things that can benefit it. When you are selling the product you need to make a compelling emotional and rational case.

They should be able to make a decision in their mind “that it is in their favor and advantage”. Justify their needs to purchase the product. Lead your product with inspiration and emotional touch. Many marketing tricks even follow emotional advertising to sell their product. Give them a dream they always wanted to live and show them how they can realize it by purchasing your product. Once they have made a decision to purchase it, they will be able to justify the purchase in their own terms.

Now go and add some emotions and psychological triggers onto your Website landing page! Or any Business to get boosting sales and traffic.



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