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We live in a world which is completely digitalized. Today, the traditional market is slowly diminishing as comfort has become the top most priority of people. People want things within a click of button. They have become more advanced and knowledgeable. An increase in standard of living has also increased the spending capacity of the people. The demand and supply curve has seen a great change. These changes led to a stir in the business world. People are more focussed on digital tools than the traditional ones.


Blogging is one of the most efficient digital tool. Content, being the king of the business world has become more challenging and demanding. A site that offers repetitive content is no longer preferred by the readers. People would cling to your site if you offer them new ideas and information. Blogs are the best ways to keep your customers glued to the website. It is also an indication that the business is aware of the current trends and updates. Ever wondered what it takes to get into a great blog? Here are few tips to be followed for a great blog post:


essential tips and guide for bloggers
essential tips and guide for bloggers

Choose a blogging platform:

This is the first step to begin with blogging. There are various platforms that can launch your blog. The most popular blogging platforms are wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger. If you are an amateur and are looking for some simpler ones, these blogging platforms can be of great support to you. They have vivid features and versions to suit your needs. It is better to use the advanced features and stay tuned to it. They also have tutorials to guide the beginners. The themes can be chosen as per the requirements. There are paid themes as well as free ones. It is better to go with free themes at the beginning stage.

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Create Categories:

Do you want to confuse the audience? I am sure, you don’t! Create categories that suits your content. This will make your blog look more organized and professional. There aren’t limitations to category creation. However, keep your categories apt and to the mark. If you are running a SEO blog, the categories can be On-page tools, Off-page tools, PPC and so on. It should be related to the objectives of your business and should make sense.


Meta Description:

This description is mandatory to let the readers understand what the blog post is all about. Nobody would like to read lengthy paragraphs without even getting a hint of what it is all about. The meta description consists of 160 characters and it is a summary of your entire write-up. If you fail to frame meta description for your posts, the search engine will automatically take the first 160 characters of your post. It is always better to add keywords in your description.


Editorial Calendar:

You would definitely like to keep a track of all your published and unpublished posts. THere are times when you would want a particular post to be published at scheduled time. There could be times when you want to plan all about your blog posts and topics. The editorial calendar is a great tool to plan your posts and keep a track of it. You can also get info about the publishes posts. The author info, date info, keywords used, tags, categories and so on.


Header Tag:

The heading structure plays an important role in your blog post. You need to specify the words that are important to your article. The H1 tags must be used to emphasize something which is very close to the post. One can use H1 tag for the most important heading, H2 for slightly lesser keyword, H3 and so on. You can use bold, italics and underline to emphasize on the tags.

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A blog post without an image is just not a post at all. People love to connect with images. Content may not stay in the mind for a longer time. If you want your readers to connect with your article, images are a must. And also people tend to visualize when they read something. Thus, images has to be very relevant and apt. One must take care of the sizes of the images as it should not be too large or too small. The pixels of images must also be taken into account. Do add caption to your images. If you have used the images from other website, do not forget to mention the source.


Optimize your posts for search engines:

This is the most important step to make your blog post more popular. The ultimate aim of post is to reach to the mass and attract a lot of traffic. The search engines must be able to crawl your post. Use keywords that are important for your blog. Your content must be unique and informative. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated by search engines. Hence, be cautious! Once you are done with these basic things, do not forget to get your post indexed. This requires you to submit the post URL to google Webmaster tool. One has to sign up for an account in Google Webmaster. Once the account is created, submit the link for getting crawled. If you blog post is shown by search engines, it is an indication of the post being crawled. Hurray!

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RSS Feed:

One cannot afford to lose a single reader. The reader base has to go up gradually. The best way to keep your readers glued to the blog is to allow them to subscribe it. Whenever you post something new, the readers will directly receive them in their mail box. This will save the time of the readers and it will also let them know how active you are.


Hope this article has been useful to you. These are the simple blogging tips that can make your post a success. If you already have a blog, make the necessary changes and if you are yet to start, get, set & go!


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