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You have written a very interesting article or post and published it on your blog but now you are confused that why your post is not visible on search engine results top pages? If you are at this stage then you should definitely read this article that will help you solve your problem.

how to do SEO
blogging tips and tricks to rank better

Having a stunning post or a marvelous landing page doesn’t ensure you that it will drive huge traffic to your page. Now driving traffic to your page is not that hard if you think it is. Now you must be thinking that without any idea of SEO how will that happen? How about some really simple ways, all free of cost, that when implemented will stream huge organic traffic form search engines results to your post.

No, we are not talking about paid ads (it is free of cost methods) neither email marketing.

I can see what you thinking: “it’s too hard to rank”, “I have no idea about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” or even “ways to rank better”. What if I told you that you can dramatically increase your chance of getting high quality organic traffic in seven simple steps? Give it a shot and you will see how easily you can optimize your squeeze page for search engines robots.


1 Keywords is the Key

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords, we have heard this so many times that we are in no state to listen about this word one more time. If you are thinking this than I think you should skip this part because this is for those who are new to blogging.

Keywords are words that you are going to target in your blogging website to optimize your landing page and your blog. Words that describe your blog in short are called keywords. SEO requires you to target those and use them in your blog. You need to do some research to find the best keywords that describe your page on blog.

You can become professional in keywords if you know what you have to do to rank your page in Search Engine Results.

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I would recommend you to read this article and follow the simple strategies to rank better with keywords.

How to Create Effective Blogging Keywords like Professionals


search engine results SEO
search engine results SEO

2 Title Says Everything

Your post title should be simple yet catchy. The first impressions come from your title tag. Make sure it is appealing and very unique in its way. The post and the title should address the same topic and any mismatch will lead you to negative impressions. A catchy headline can attract many readers while a vague headline will destroy the reputation of your blog. It is one of the main part you need to work on for your post to become visible in search engine results.


3 Describe Your Post

There is a meta description option in your post which is really important to fill with words that describe your post. It acts like a sign board to direct the traffic to your blog. It is shown below the website title and URL on the search result page. If it meet the requirements of the searcher then it can help you rank better in search results. Your bounce rate on the page will automatically improve and that will help you to have better PR (page rank).

We recommend you to keep it simple yet compelling. Try to arouse the curiosity of the searcher with the use of 150-160 characters. Try to include main keywords and user friendly words.


4 The URL of the Post

Many times we come across URL which are very clumsy and unreadable. Such URL’s are not very much entertained and not liked by people e.g. http://www. zeret.com/i/303796/25092/0/0/0

Make sure you have good formatted URL. URL like https://quikrpost.com/4143/how-to-do-smart-blogging-for-and-with-money-and-traffic/  are easy to address and readable as well. You can make out what the post is all about just by looking at the URL.

You see the difference between the 2 URL and which is better. You also need to make sure that the URL should not be too long as well. When you are sharing the URL, you should make it small. There are various websites that help you reduce the URL size. Like Tinyurl.com

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Search results page ranking
Search results page ranking

5 Write Original Articles

Don’t put articles from multiple website and combine them to create a single article. Thinking that such technique would work for you is a false believe and google bots are smart enough to identify that. Create your own original work. Words speak a lot and make sure you use words that are positive and make a long lasting impression. Some words are so strong that they can make or break your readers’ interest in your blog while some are so confusing that they may leave a very dull impression.

The use of original work encourages people to share and like it. This indirectly helps you reach a wider audience and this in turn helps your post become visible on search engine results.


6 Pictures Speaks for You

Whenever we write a post we try to add quality pictures and sometimes those pictures have no relation with the post content. They are unable to explain what the post is all about. Try to use pictures that speaks for them.

There are options with pictures like alt, description and title tag. Use them effectively to make sure google bots and crawlers are able to understand your intention with the post. They can’t make out what the picture is all about without these attributes. So your picture is just an unwanted load on your page if you don’t use the alt, and title tag attributes associated picture.

Don’t use too many pictures on post else you will land up with a very heavy page that take too much time to load and people hate to wait.

Don’t use copy write protected pictures and images also. Use free to use images available on internet or upload an image of your own camera.


SER search engine results and post
SER search engine results and post


7 Great Way to Represent

Try to do some quick formatting on your post like adding bold headlines, highlighting some really important points or making tabular form articles. These add flavors to your blog and post. Google motivates such content because on internet what people sees and likes are more appreciated.

You can have pictures merge with text on it or some animated text or may be a video to explain your article in depth. You can even share some files or pdfs that can be used offline by the reader.

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You can use color on text to differentiate the main content and also resize the text to bring out even more eye catching articles.


8 Smart Marketing Strategies

Great way of making post visible in search engine results is viral marketing but yes it is not that easy to do and achieve though. You need to prepare from the beginning by creating a hype in the market, by arousing curiosity about what you are going to bring in the market place. These are very powerful tools and there effects are very long lasting. To create such marketing you need to have such content or product as well.

Otherwise you can always use social media and other marketing platforms like email, share here and there etc. to publicize your article or product post.


Make Post Visible
Make Post Visible

Concluding Words

If you can actually implement at least 6 of the above mentioned and discussed ways in your post efficiently then you are surely going to feel the change in your ranking on google search results.

The small steps are those that make the difference and we ignore them the most in our business.

Now it is your turn to share your views and ask your queries in the comment section. We hope you will make your next post a viral one.


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