A Sample Resume Template to Help you Write your own

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Sample resume that will help you decide what comes first in your resume and how to format your resume.

sample resume

how to write a resume

Sample template below



Mob. :-your mobile number                                                                                                              yourEMAILADDRESS@gmail.com



B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication from Institute of name ____ , Gurgaon  first class with distinction with   (CGPA – x.xx).

12th     ( 2008-2009 )



B-Tech (2009-2013)

your college

9.01 (Out of 10)


Technical skills 

Software Languages –   C, C++ (Basic), Perl Scripting, MySQL, Linux (command line)

Hardware LanguagesVERILOG, SYSTEM VERILOG, Assertion based verification, Constrained

Random verification

Operating Systems    –     Linux – Red Hat v6.0, Windows XP/7

EDA Tools & Technology Questa, Modelsim, Precision, NCsim, RTL Compiler


Work Experience

Software Engineer

name of company , Noida                – –                                                              June, 2013 to Present

Scripting Languages: TCL, PERL Scripting

Other programming languages: – HTML
Configuration Management: Perforce
Tools: tools you have worked on , Linux(OS) , Perl

Adept at:

  • Creating Automation with good Perl scripting knowledge.
  • Development Projects on Perl Scripting like Regression testing Automation, QA automation.
  • Working Experience on Unix operating system including Linux and Aix
  • Website Development Project in Html and Perl Scripting.
  • Synthesis flow in RC.
  • HDL Modelling in Verilog.
  • Synthesis benchmarking w.r.t. (TNS, WNS, Area, Power) across number of customer designs across the release and Debugging QOR degradation issues.
  • Regression Testing and Bug fixing.
  • Working closely with RnD for successful RC releases on All Platforms(Linux , Aix, Solaris)



Soc hardware design and verification related projects :-

1)      LC3 microcontroller IP Verification and design (SYSTEM VERILOG) on QUESTA.

2)  Design of a UART module and writing the VIP in Verilog and System Verilog.

3)  Design of a YAPP router and also writing the VIP of the same.

         Major project – Secured Wireless transmission via RSA cryptography (hardware) in 8051 embedded C.


Other projects :-

1) Water level indicator with an automatic alarm mechanism.         (4th semester)

2) Accident Eliminator through RF signals for Indian Railways.     (5th semester)

3) Vehicle Automation and Line Follower. (Embedded C coding)



       3rd yearSummer Industrial Training at Company name, Noida

  • Training on Verilog and System Verilog Hardware description language and Hardware verification language.  
  • Assertion based verification, Constrained Random verification, OVM basics

         Achieved5thposition” in the batch of 30 and certified with additional appreciation.             

2nd year Summer Industrial Training at BSNL, Kkr (Haryana)

  • Modules on Transmission Techniques, Optical Fiber and Mobile Communication and Architecture of GSM, CDMA, and 3G networks.
  • Advanced technologies like, FTTH technique, Wi-Fi, Edge, WLL, Wap, and Wimax.


Extracurricular Activities / Awards

  • Won the ‘BEST INNOVATION ‘award in Robotics organized at college level.
  • Won 1st prize in TPP (Technical Paper Presentation) held under IEEE in tech fest 2012.
  • Won 3rd prize in DATA ANALYSIS quiz in Inter-college competition.
  • Senior Event Coordinator at college Technical fest.
  • Received the EXCEL certificate from Ericson.


* This is just a sample resume . you can always write a resume better than this one.

Good Luck !


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