18 Singapore Places to Visit, Best Activities to do in Singapore – Travel Guide

We have shared much more detailed insights about the various activities and places to visit in Singapore in this article. Details about what you can carry inside these parks, what is the best time to go and which are must go and which places can be skipped if time constraint is there is discussed. You will find all the important Singapore places to visit and Activities to do here.

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amazing Singapore Places to Visit
amazing Singapore Places to Visit

Singapore Places to Visit

Jurong Bird Park *

Listing our first place in the Singapore places to visit itinerary is the very famous Asia’s biggest bird park. It was a nice experience in the jurong bird park. They organise some live shows in an open auditorium with a variety of birds which are worth watching. The most amazing part was the talking parrot show. Apart from that, watching the flamingo group was a great experience. You will also find different types of parrots here. They call it parrot paradise. 

jurong bird park singapore vacation
jurong bird park singapore vacation

You can carry water bottles, your own snacks bag, energy bars also. They won’t ask you to keep eatables outside. But do not forget to keep the wrapper, garbage either in your own bags or throw only in dustbins.

Take the afternoon to evening slots. Early morning would be difficult to reach and by the time you reach, the sun will be over your head.

You can also see penguins here. Yes they have a habitat for penguins as well.

The whole park is a good place to do bird watching as well. They have an artificial waterfall created inside where you can walk freely and watch beautiful birds.


Universal Studio **

The experience here in Universal studio was the best I had in Singapore. It took us 1 complete day for the universal studio adventure. They have so many things and rides for you inside the island. You can easily spend a complete day here without any issues. You can find good food and great roller coaster rides for adrenaline rush.

universal studio adventure singapore
universal studio adventure singapore

They have a variety of parks to explore. Jurassic park, The mummy Dome, The Transformers region, The castle park, Madagascar island, Minion themed park and New York theme park and many more. They all offer great experience for all age groups.

If you plan to visit the universal studio, we suggest you take the express pass, unless you want to stand in long queues for every ride.

The universal studio opens up at 10am, so it is suggested you reach there latest by 11, if you intend to explore the complete park.

You cannot carry big bags or even pouches on adventure roller coaster rides. But don’t worry, there are lockers available inside the park for your convenience.

First 1 hours is free in lockers, then they charge 4$ per hour.

You can carry snacks in your bags and even water bottles. We suggest you carry some food in your bags, since food courts are crowded and it takes time to get your meal. You can try the food court for lunch but for the snacks carry them in your bags. You can mark this as the must do activity or the best Singapore places to visit.


Night Safari Singapore *

We booked the night safari online which included the tram ride. On visiting the safari at around 7pm, we found that they also have a live show with animals on stage and performing different acts. 

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The amphitheatre show was good and later we took the tram ride for a safari adventure. The Safari was not a good experience as we couldn’t see any animals in the night light and thus were disheartened. We won’t suggest the night safari. Instead go for the Singapore Zoo if you want to really capture the animals in sight.

18 Singapore Places to Visit
18 Singapore Places to Visit

Singapore Zoo

When we were making the bookings, we were not sure if we would have time for the zoo or not. So we decided to book it in Singapore if we get the time. We actually didn’t have the time to visit the zoo. In fact we were so packed up with other things, we never thought about the zoo getting missed. Another reason was the zoo is the same as the night safari zoo. Only difference is the zoo will be day time activity while night safari was a bit different.

In our suggestion we would recommend booking a zoo only if you have kids with you. There is nothing much to explore here.


Sea Aquarium **

sea aquarium singapore
sea aquarium singapore

If you want to have a close encounter with sharks, stingrays and dolphins then you must visit the sea aquarium. They have so many varieties of marine life to show that you will be shocked to see. The aquarium is well maintained and there are lots of unique creatures to see. You will also find jellyfish, seahorse and starfish here. There are a variety of sharks and huge stingrays you can see in the aquarium. You cannot miss this activity while visiting singapore. This must be part of your list of Singapore places to visit.

Sharks sea aquarium singapore
Sharks sea aquarium singapore

They have a huge glass wall where you can see a lot of marine life and even scuba divers feeding those sharks.

There is not much to eat inside so you better come with a heavy breakfast or lunch. Although the sea aquarium will take at most 3 to 4 hours only, it is still better to know that you are not gonna get many options inside. You can carry your own water and some small small eatables, but please keep it clean and nice.

Do not expect any dolphin shows here. You will see dolphins but in enclosed glass. 


SkylineLuge Ride and Sky ride **

Singapore Places to Visit - travel guide
Singapore Places to Visit – travel guide

This is an activity you must do, if you have not tried this before. In this you will be rolling down the hill on a cart type vehicle which you can drive. It is completely driven by gravity. You will have a handle to steer and brakes to manage speed. It was fun doing this for the first time. But the line or queue was pretty big, so we had to wait for 30 to 40 min in line.

We took a combo or 2 rides. We did the first ride and then they took you back to the top of the hill with the help of a cable car. 

We did the second ride and then stayed back on the foot of the hill where you can explore the beach side cafe and bar.

Do not forget to carry your ride coupon and booking coupon both, as the staff is a bit rude here and you may feel a bit disappointed and hard on not being able to get the internet to show them the coupon. They will simply not allow you even if you show them just the ride coupon.


Madame Tussauds **

It was a good wax museum. If I compare it with the wax museum you will generally find in India, this was much better than those. Again the wax statue quality was not that good but it was still worth visiting. There were many celebrities from all around the world displayed here.

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We liked the visit and would recommend to include it in your itinerary.

There are some 4D activities also offered at the same place which you can book if you wanna do it. But we didn’t book it, as we knew we would have done much more than that and it won’t offer anything great here.

Online they offer some snacks in the package. Do not purchase that combo package because it is disappointing to see getting a 20gm packet of chips in hand in the name of snacks. That was really a shocker for us and we didn’t liked it.


Cable Car Ride

This is something we missed and we think it can be a part of your itinerary. You can book a dinner in the cable car ride and enjoy the view of Singapore from great heights.

Don’t worry even if you are not having time for this, because you can do something similar with Luge ride combo.

cable car ride sinagpore
cable car ride sinagpore

Singapore River Wonders

This activity involves a boat ride. Fun and adventure both are part of the river wonders. You will be getting the chance to see different regions of the world established in the river wonders and explore the variety of flora and fauna seen in those regions of the world.

Again this is more of an activity for kids and children. We skipped this again due to the same reason.


Gardens by the Bay  (Flower Dome + Cloud forest) **

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest both attractions are located next to each other. You should not miss any of them. Both are amazing and it will take almost 3 to 4 hours to visit them.

gardens by the bay singapore vacation
gardens by the bay singapore vacation

You should try exploring these in the late afternoon or evening. Avoid late evenings here.

We went there after having our lunch and after completing this attraction visit, we went down the Merlion Statue location which was walkable distance only.

We waited for the light and sound show near the Merlion Statue which unluckily didn’t happen that day.

There is a separate gardens by the bay which is also good. There is no entry fee to visit there. It is also located close to the flower dome and cloud forest. 


Floral Fantasy **

I am an avid nature lover. For me the floral fantasy was actually a fantasy that came true. It was a really beautiful and well established attraction in singapore. Singapore is known for its floral attractions.

floral fantasy and cloud forest singapore
floral fantasy and cloud forest singapore

You will be mesmerised by the beautiful flowers and attractions they have created inside a dome.

We invested almost 2 hours inside the dome and were really happy. We visited this in the morning and then we went to the art science museum.

After completing both in the morning, we went to the gardens by the bay after lunch. This was one of the highlighter in the Singapore places to visit itinerary.


Art Science Museum *

It was a very disappointing place for us, as we expected it to be more interesting and scientific. To our shock, it was more of a museum for children under the age of 14. Nothing interesting for adults here. You can skip this place and enjoy some good food instead. This was a disappointment in the Singapore places to visit itinerary.


Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck *

This was also a disappointing place. We had nothing interesting here. You can see Singapore from a better height, that’s it. I think it was a complete waste of money and people should stop making up places like this and stop calling it a place to visit or must check out points in Singapore.

This activity was also a big disappointment in our Singapore places to visit itinerary.


Jewel @ Changi Airport 

You need to be at the airport during the day time, to explore the Jewel. We had our flights during the late night hours and thus we were not able to explore this. Singapore airport is known for its beautiful design and architecture. 

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The Jewel is one of the attractions of the airport. If you have time and the attraction is open for visits, then go and take some good photos.


vacation in singapore and Places to Visit
vacation in singapore and Places to Visit

Singapore Duck Tour

We would suggest you skip this. There is nothing to explore here. This is a simple boat ride, where the boat is in the shape of a duck. 


Sky Helix

When we visited Singapore it was closed for renovation, so we cannot completely tell you how good this is. But as per our past experiences, it seems to us more of a “can do” thing and not a “must do”.


Merlion Statue *

This is free to go and visit. It is just a statue located close to the lake. You can go and capture pics here. Also you can see a light and sound show in the evening near this statue.

Singapore Places to Visit
Singapore Places to Visit

LittleIndia *

Me and my wife both are vegetarian and it is difficult to find vegetarian food in singapore. On our very first day in Singapore, we realised this and went to the little India place. You can find good vegetarian food and the same Indian ambience there.

We went for lunch there and then came back to the hotel to check in. After that we had a night safari planned in the evening.

Later we found some good streets in Singapore where you can have vegetarian food. Also there are some malls where you can have veg thai curry or veg sandwich also.


Cruise Vacation

Yes you can enjoy cruise vacation in singapore. This is one of the best activity we suggest you must do. The 2 days and 3. nights Singapore cruise will give you a very relaxing and leisure stay. There are many activities to do even on cruise and the amazing open theatre, big swimming pool and great food are the plus points. Do not forget to include this in your list of singapore places to visit. If you wanna know more about the cruise, like which cruise is best, what all activities are offered on cruise, what is the cost of cruise stay and all the other details, then do check out our post on Singapore cruise stay vacation .



We travelled to Singapore and had an amazing 8 days trip. We planned everything by ourselves and no travel agent was involved. We were really happy with our decision as we saved a lot of money and also had a lifetime of experience which would not have been possible with travel agent bookings.


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