Are you Choosing the Right MBA college, don’t miss this MBA option.

The season of MBA is about to start again. We just finished up with MBA results and people have started getting calls from many MBA schools. Education is one thing that can transform anyone’s life and we are talking of not only education but a quality education here. Many institutes promises good and quality education with top notch teaching faculty but we get to know about the rest only when we join the institute or from blogs like this. We usually have reviews about institutes online but explaining the fact of business, these reviews are many a times purchased and you cannot actually reply on them for correct info.


MBA is of many types and now we have good Global MBA colleges as well that are providing huge opportunity to the bright minds and are focused on quality education deliverables. We recently came across SP Jain School of Global Management which is giving a world class education facility in Mumbai. This college is also very much established in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney.

Let’s talk more about this college since we have started to describe it, let’s not stay in the state of confusion weather this is a good college to opt for or not.


SP Jain global MBA School

Sp Jain school of MBA

One great aspect is their tri city model, where they provide the opportunity to study in three different locations during some period or semester. This gives the chance to explore the new region and get to know the pros and cons of each part of your carrier in different viewpoints.  It gives the chance to explore better opportunity from carrier point of view. Meeting new people and learning their part of culture helps you explore more about your interest and you can explore yourself in a more refined way.


Well stated by them, they define their new global MBA program in 4 terms, Blended learning, Immersion courses, Simulations and Global learning. These highlight the main aspects of the school and gives you an insight of what SP Jain has to offer for your MBA degree.


The School is ranked in top MBA schools in many magazines like forbes, Financial Times, The Economist. This itself explains the standard of education and the quality of MBA programs that SP Jain School is offering worldwide. It is among the best Schools that offers Top MBA programs.


Having a good past record of alumni placements in big firms like HCL, DHL, citi, Sony Vaio etc. They simply don’t need to be mentioned since the quality education makes everyone self sufficient to get a good job without much issues.


They are also aiming at providing quality education to working professional in the term of 1 year or 12 months. The Executive MBA program is very well planned and gives you the most beneficial platform to learn even after your job life.


Similarly there are many other good MBA colleges that you might not want to miss. We will keep coming up with some big highlights to keep you updated with MBA. We would like to listen from you now. Tell us if you have any doubt and question and want us to review any other college that you are finding tough to get info about.

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