Common Blogging Mistakes Turning off Readers on Front Page

The front page of your blog says a lot about you and your website. Many bloggers work hard in creating and sharing unique content but fails to attract readers to their blog. The main reason is that your landing page is not up to the level of professional blogging.

Now the questions is How to make your landing page one of the best landing page on Internet?

You need to do some tweaking !

We will discuss that in our article today. The points discussed will have more powerful impact on your understanding of the solution if you keep yourself in place of a reader and then think about your blog.

Become a reader of your own blog and then visit it like a random reader over internet and searching for something who somehow lands on the blog. Now read what we want to show you.

There are many reasons because of which you are not able to really create and build a nice looking home page. We will discuss them and the solution to those.

Reason 1)

The major reason is your blog template. Is your theme of blogging matching with the blogging? Check that and if you find that it is a mismatch the change your theme. Sometimes we do so much work on our theme that after some time even if realize that we need to change the theme we can’t do that. I also won’t suggest that because it is really difficult to switch from one theme to another. But if you are new with the theme you can easily change it to another.

What if we can’t change the theme?

No issue just do some more work on your theme and make it suitable for your blog. Yes you need to do some stitching work on your theme to make it look better and matching to your blogging domain. You need to go into theme editor on WordPress and do the required editing like if you want to change the width of any sidebar, top bar or footer. May be you can have some code to add logo to your website, or you can have some dynamic look into your website/blog. Your theme can have a background transparent image or maybe you may want more number of columns in your theme body. Have some good ideas over internet and then work upon that. There is always a solution to every problem so don’t worry and just give a direction to your ideas.

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how to solve common blogging mistakes
blogging mistakes made commonly

Reason 2)

Another very popular review based reason of low traffic on your blog is the congestion problem on the landing page. Yes in the desire to publish everything on the front page, bloggers sometimes put down so much content on the home page or front page of the website that it creates a lot of congestion. A Simple cleaner blog is more admired than a hugely populated blog. Readers want to have space to read even on internet. They want the article to be clear and having good formatting so that they won’t have trouble reading the content. I hope this problem is answering the solution as well.

If the problem is clear than you have the solution as well. Try to use dropdown menus where ever possible. Use normal fronts and readable font size without using multiple colors on the text. Use a color matching to your theme and blog. Sometimes a contrast of very dark and very bright colors make your content look very bad. Use colors appropriately and boldly.

Reason 3)

Poor page loading speed is one of the worst case that happens with many bloggers. Don’t let your users and readers run away in the middle of the page loading. Yes this is true and applies to everyone. When you are searching something over internet then you want your search to end as soon as possible. But if at that moment your page starts to take time on loading then the reader prefers to close it and move on with some link or solution available with your competitor. Don’t let that happen.

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Suppose you are looking for something may be a code snippet and you land on a solution page that is taking huge loading time. Will you stay on that page for longer?

How to solve this problem?

Solution is use Page speed Insight tool be google to help you analyze the page speed or page loading time. It also points to the problems that are responsible for slow page loading speed.

The possible problems are “server issues, Use of high definition pictures or images, video uploaded on the page, use of lots of dynamic content on the page”


Reason 4) Ads on the page

Don’t put up ads everywhere on your blog. It is really annoying and distracts your readers. It shows that you are very much interested in ONLY earning money and not giving the content. Don’t give that impression. Learn to use ads appropriately at appropriate location so that it is not annoying. Don’t use pop ads too much. Keep it for the last.

Reason 5)

Don’t show up similar post multiple times on the front page at different locations (like in the body and then in the side bar as well). This hides your other content and reduces your visitors coming to your blog again to read other articles.


Summarizing in short

Your Homepage is the first landing page that your readers are going to visit, make sure its inspiring, holds value and content and creates the first positive impressions to the reader. Ask your readers to review your website and put up their views and comments as of how they liked visiting your blog and share their experience. Keep updating and improving your blog front page because that is where the first impression comes from and your first impression is the last impression. Keep updating your content so that your homepage does not look outdated with content it holds. Always try to improve the page loading speed of your blog because it will help you improve page rank of your blog as well.

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So we would also like to take up this opportunity to ask you about your views and your comments or anything you want to share with us. We hope this was helpful to you and solve your queries.




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  1. great piece of advice… but dude, you yourself forget one primer rule of blogging, that you don’t buy domain that infringes copyrights. Quikrpost dont it sound similar something to quikr. 🙂

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