Depression Recovery ? Ways to come out of Depression

lifeAre you bored of your routine life. How to bring the spark back in your life? Are you depressed ? Looking for depression recovery strategy?

Today a human very much work like a machine. No Interest left, no emotions left and no excitement left in life.

Goes to work in the morning and comes back in the evening and watches TV and goes to sleep after dinner. Are we really living for living or are we just living to die ultimately.

If you are also bored of your life and asks something extra from life , some excitement or spark that can make you feel human again then try to implement some of these or all of these points in your life.

Know how to live a joyful life of your Interest if boredom has reduce the spark. 


Never lose your passion

Every person has some or the other kind of passion he wants to carry forward in life. But some life circumstances forces him to drop that and move forward to earn money. In the rat race of earning money we forget those and its ultimately dies.

Don’t kill your passion. Pursue it. If you are bored in your life with regular activities then try to take out some time for your passion.

Time to Dream

Remember those childhood days when you used to dream and say I will live that dream one day.

Now is the time to dream again. Yes take up something in hand. Try new things that make you feel occupied and complete. Try to pursue your not yet achieved goals. Keep trying because the sweet fruit of success comes to those who tries again if he fails.

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Learn and Learn

There is no age for learning. Learn new languages or art or any new technology or in-fact anything that you want to. Learning brings confidence and motivation to do anything in life. You can learn swimming , karate, start gym build your body, learn cooking ( cook something new ) , learn some musical instrument (may be guitar or drums) , learn new coding language (may be html and build a blog of your own).

Go for Break

Yes , many a times long working hours and regular routines make life boring and slow. Bring some Excitement in your life. Give yourself a break. Take a vacation and enjoy the money you have hard earned. Spend time with your loved ones.

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Meet Childhood friends

Meet your friends and make a trip. Relive your old memories and create new one. College time is the best time for any teenager. But as soon as one enters the working life he gets involved in many other social and official workload that he forgets his friends.

Go for some good time with your friends. This is really important since you are free to talk you heart when you are with friends. Sometimes we cant say somethings or share some thoughts with our family and colleagues but you can always share them with your true friends. It relaxes your mind and talking about something surely bring up solutions to problems as well. so go now and take a deep dive in the city with your friends. Do some college time fun and night out.

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Start a Novel or a book of your Interest

Yes start a novel or any non-fiction book. There are plenty of Novels available for your choice. Take up one. Reading a Novel gives your mind a way to divert from the various problems of life. It changes your perspective and vision and help in building good strong character.

Recommended :- Chetan Bhagat is one  of the know writer and his works include Five point someone, 2 states , Three mistakes of my life etc which are world known.

The Immortals of Meluha is the first novel of the Shiva trilogy series by Amish Tripathi.

Mr. Tripathi, a former banker, made his name with “Shiva Trilogy,” a 1900 BC mythical fantasy based on Hindu deity Shiva. Print sales of the three-part series, which was published in 2010, have already crossed 1.5 million copies. Bollywood director Karan Johar has bought the movie rights for the first installment.

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Go for Yes+ course

yes it is surely a good way to bring energy into life and many people have experience a great magnitude of change. There are many further advanced courses that you can opt for.

Finally Do some Yoga and Meditation

Yes it is very true that these help in changing your mood and relaxing your body. The rat race of earning money has lead to many body problems like back pain , neck pain, eyes burning, headaches, obesity and many other common problems. These problems stops us from doing anything extra and enjoy the moment we want to.

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We are happy that you read this article because we want to bring happiness in your life. We hope that today you can discover that life is beautiful and it is just the pressure of work and responsibility that we forget how to live a healthy and happy life.

Cheers to life !! 


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