Different Genuine Ways of Earning Money with Blogging


smart ways of earning with your blog
Ways of earning with blogging

“Blogging to Earn” is what we know but how to earn is what we don’t know and miss the many ways by which we can earn through our blog. If you are also a blogger and want to know how to earn via blogging then you cannot miss this article. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that, we are discussing the various ways that can be used to earn money online through your well established blog but the amount of money you will earn will depend on the quality of content you have on your blog and the traffic that visits your blog to read your articles daily.

Also you have to decide whether to use all the ways or only one all by yourself. It is not true that using all the ways will help you earn more and it is true that even the effective use of even a single method can make you earn much more than your expectation. The more the traffic, the more will be the earning. So lets us check out the many ways of earning online through blogging.


Advertisement Program 

Very common method that many blogging websites use to earn money. It is not easy to get good quality ads instantly on your website.

One of the most popular online advertising programs and possibly the easiest to set up on your blog is Google AdSense although it is not easy to get Google AdSense approval. It offers a variety of pay-per-click text, display, and video advertising opportunities for bloggers.  By putting some efforts, experimenting, and tweaking you can definitely make some money with Google AdSense.

Google ads are world known for the best paying advertising firm on PPC (pay-per-click). But it is not easy to get the google ads request approved. You have to fill their form asking for ads to display on your website. You need to keep in mind that they don’t allow websites of age less than 6 months.

But this is not applicable always there are exceptions as well. Google terms by which it decides whether to approve the request or not are not known much, so it is not possible to confirm that you will get the approval from google. So be prepared for a rejection if your website is not having good traffic or may be violating google terms and conditions. Some of the terms and conditions that are known are:-

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tips to get google ads
  • Your website should be at least 6 months old to get ads from google.
  • Traffic on your website should be organic traffic and not robots hitting your webpages.
  • There should be good traffic on your website on average.
  • Your blogging content should be original and have value to users. Articles of less than 600 words are not considered good by google.
  • Bounce rate of your website should be low.
  • Speed of your blog should be good. Pagespeed Insights free tool by google will help you analyze the speed of your website and detect the problems that are causing poor speed on website.
  • Your site should have a good Alexa rank. It is not a google AdSense term but many believe that having a good Alexa rank is a parameter that can be taken into account when going for google ads.
  • Legal content on blog is an important criteria to be keep in mind. No porn content, illegal downloads, illegal links to other websites or any other possible illegal thing.


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Don’t worry if google rejects your ads request. There are many other ad agencies that pays you for displaying their ads on your website or blog.

Final words >> you can Join an Advertising Program and choose among the many advertising programs available for bloggers to join and make money with ads on your blog.


  1. Join an Affiliate Advertising Program

There are many companies that offer programs that enable you to sign up as an affiliate of that company and earn money.  Amazon Associates is one of the most popular and easiest affiliate advertising programs for bloggers to use.

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  1. Join an Affiliate Advertising Network

There are a number of affiliate advertising networks that link online advertisers with publishers (such as bloggers).  Commission Junction is one of the most popular affiliate advertising networks.


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  1. Sell Your Own Ad Space Directly to Advertisers

You can attempt to sell your own ad space directly to advertisers, but unless your blog is established with a sizable audience, it can be difficult to manage and make money selling ad space directly.  Fortunately, there are sites like BuySellAds.com that link online publishers (like bloggers) up with online advertisers to make selling your ad space easier.


  1. Publish Posts and Reviews for Pay

You can write blog posts on your own blog in exchange for pay, and there are several Web sites that link online publishers (such as bloggers) up with companies and individuals who want their products and services reviewed or discussed online.  Just be sure to understand how to safely publish a paid post or sponsored review on your blog, so you don’t negatively affect your blog’s traffic.


  1. Sell Merchandise

There are a number of Web sites that make it extremely easy for bloggers to create their own online stores where you can sell custom or stock merchandise and make money doing it!  CafePress, Zazzle and Printfection are three of the most popular sites for creating your own online store.


  1. Become a Professional Blogger

If you write well and can work autonomously, then you could work from home as a professional blogger!  Fortunately, there are many sites where you can search for paid blogging jobs.  Keep in mind, blogger pay rates can vary drastically, so make sure any opportunity you take matches your long term blogging goals.



  1. Join a Blogging Network

There are a number of blog networks that include a number of blogs and bloggers all publishing under a larger brand or company.  Many of these blog networks pay bloggers a flat fee per post or word that the blogger writes or the blogger receives a percentage of advertising earnings tied to the number of page views his or her posts generate (some networks even pay both a flat fee and a percentage of advertising revenues).  As always, make sure the opportunities you pursue match your long term blogging goals.

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Offer Services Online

You can offer variety of services through your blog and earn money via commission. There are variety of services that are still not available online and you can start your own with a blog.


Earn Money without Ads on Blog

There are many ways by which you can make money from your blog even if you don’t want ads to display on your blog. Creativity and innovative thoughts can pay you more than what you can imagine, they just need to be implemented at right time on the right place. You can learn some techniques to earn money without ads >>

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But these are not the only ways, there are many others that are not yet implemented are waiting to be tried. Keep Blogging, Keep Earning!!

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