Earning Money from Blogging – Why to do Blogging as Investment?

We generally invest money in property, stock market and ideas (Startups) but how about investing and earning money from blogging. Now for any of these investment to be done, you need money and not just some money but a good amount of money. A working class person cannot think of investing 50 lakh or more in any of these investment schemes like property.

The only option left is the stock market where he is able to invest few lakhs and do trading on stocks. But is that safe and guarantee good returns? Many people would suggest not to invest huge money in stock market because it is really fluctuating and you can never predict what will be the result of your investment after 2 days or 2 years. Earning money from blogging is another way of investing time on a blog and then reaping the benefits in terms of money later.

Investing in Startups is another option. But again that is not a small investment I am talking about. It is like investment in lakhs again. Moreover 90% of startup fails in the first year of their establishments. Only a handful of them are able to grow and succeed. That is again a big lucky draw.


smart investment for the educated person is online investement
smart investment for the educated person is online investement


So now the middle class educated person needs to invest and has no good option to invest. Yes there is a good option and in fact a very good one. “Blogging” is the option I am talking about. Find great earning options from blogging.

Ok let’s talk about it and clear the thoughts that why I am saying that blogging is an investment and best for the educated middle class person. Earning money from blogging is a time investment option and can give really good returns. You can do different types of blogging as well. Micro blogging is really popular nowadays and people people are huge money from blogging.


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Earn Money from Blogging

By Blogging, I do not simply means writing content online. I mean to say creating/building online content and doing online marketing. There is a difference between the 2 and you should understand the difference first.

Writing content online simply means writing a digital diary which is not going to give any monetary benefit to you. On the other hand “Creating/Building online content” means create a valuable content online that can be of use for others and that can be sold online.

Now to make this clearer, I will pick up the word “educated” from the headline of this post. Why I said educated in the beginning is the reason I told creating content. An educated person knows what he is good at and what are his best skills that he can teach or share with others for money.

This is the same way you are hired in a company. The company finds your skills useful and hence pay you for that skill.

Now instead of company you have an online platform where you will develop your own company by some domain name and then share those skills with others.

So now you understand what creating/building content means and why is it good for you. Now we need to understand how to make it an investment or earn money from blogging?

To make it an investment you need to do online marketing and that is free of cost. You just need to understand the basics of online content marketing and you are then good to shoot. Online marketing is a skill again and can be learned easily over time. You master this skill and you get good returns.

earning money from blogging
earning money from blogging

Why this Investment is the Best Investment for you?

You do not have to invest big money like in lakhs in blogging and yet can get returns in lakhs like in any other investment discussed above. I do not claim the returns to be in lakhs or thousands or even a single penny because that is something which depends on the efforts and ideas you put into blogging.

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The better the idea and more the efforts, the better will be the results. The good thing about this is that you do not have to rely on others. Everything is in your hands. Even with reasonable efforts, you can easily get good returns.

The one thing that blogging demands the most is the investment of time. Once you can do that, there is nothing more you need.


blogging facts and secrets you should know fisrt
blogging facts and secrets you should know fisrt

How does Blogging Investment give Returns?

The investment in blogging has many perks and returns. You get returns in many forms. When you create a good blog or website, you can use that to advertise products of different brands who will pay you to do that.

You can write reviews about the products or services on your blog or website and again you get paid for that as well.

You can use your blog as a brand you created and hence you will get lots of perks. You get to visit many corporate parties and functions to cover the event and that to on the full expenditure of the company that wants you to write about it on your blog.

Get the products, use it and then review it. No need to purchase that product. Another perk that you can avail easily.

Now once you have started monetizing your blog, you do not have to be really active and all time available on your blog to track it. You can simply relax and your blog will keep working for you and make money for you.

Now let say you have created a blog or website and after 1 or 2 years down the line you require money in an emergency, you can simply sell your blog and get good amount for that easily. There are many websites like Flippa that does the online buying and selling of blogs.

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So it becomes like selling your online property and creating cash out of it.



Blogging is one of the best Investment you can make right now and cash it later. It does not require huge money investment and gives you good returns over time. It is simply the best investment strategy for an educated person. You get to develop many new skills as well during the time of blogging. There are many different ways to earn money from blogging.


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