Essential Email Marketing Ideas to Attract More Subscribers

Every day we receive so many emails that are either job related or personal emails or emails containing newsletter we have subscribed to. But do we actually open the newsletter emails. Very often we actually delete them at once and never care to open one until it has something to offer us in return. Like me everyone faces the same scenario and it is really irritating to delete emails every time I open my mailbox. We tend stay in touch with those email only which are relevant to us.

If you are also sending newsletter emails to your subscribers then you need to be careful about the content you are sending because such emails can force your reader to unsubscribe to your newsletter.

Any small business needs to have faithful customers to grow its business. How can we as a small business ensure that the subscribers stay in touch and subscribed to our emails. How to ensure that they will in turn bring more readers and followers to your blog and will share your newsletter and your offers in their circles.

We will help you give some really good proven tips and methods that are essential email marketing steps you need to follow to retain subscribers and add more to the list. To become a highly effective email marketer you need to make your emails more eye-catching and influential to get your readers do what you want them to.


how to increase newsletter subscription list
methods to get more email subscribers

Step 1 Give Something to Get Something

To ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletter is easy but to convert your readers into actual subscribers is really a big task. They will subscribe to your newsletter but in return you need to ensure them that you won’t spam their inbox. You need to give them something to ask them to subscribe to your blog. Apply the give and take strategy and win more peoples in your list.

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Step 2 Show Attractive Options to Readers

Give them options to choose from. People love to have options and choices. You can ask them to bookmark your page to stay in touch or subscribe to your newsletter to stay updated with great deals and discounts.

If your have something that the reader wants for free then you can leverage that opportunity by asking the user to do some favor to you.


Step 3 Make Subscription Process “Simple as Possible”

Sometimes the process to subscribe to the newsletter is really lengthy (filling a form and then verifying the user identity) which is really not a good part to follow. The readers don’t have time to go through such a lengthy process. Make it short and secure. Recommended practice is to just ask for the email address and the verification link to email to subscribe at once. No further formality and questioning is required.


Step 4 Make them Aware

 Yes make them aware about your email practices and your awards and achievements. Tell them your email plans like what will you inform them about via newsletter and why subscribing to your newsletter is really beneficial to them. This helps them in making decisions to subscribe to your blog and remain connected for a long time.


Step 5 Show them Live Examples

 You can show them live examples like what they missed recently by not subscribing to your blog and guide them to quickly subscribe now so that they won’t miss any such offers again in the future.

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best methods to get more subscribers
essential email marketing steps to earn more subscribers

Step 6 Don’t be Sticky

Don’t pop up with subscription form on your blog again and again. It shows how desperate you are to get them on your subscription list. Don’t be too sticky. What I mean is that don’t ask for subscription on each and every page they crawl on your blog. Let them spend some time on your blog and then ask them for subscription. Ask them for their attention in a very smart manner and try not to interfere in between when they are busy reading some post or article on your blog.


Step 7 Use Best Plugins

Use good plugins to get your subscription form well customized according to your need and requirements. Some of the plugins that I would recommend you are “mybar

These are simple to use plugins and very easily customizable. They offer various options that will help you align your popup anywhere on screen you want them to.


Step 8 Do some Email Marketing

Create a very handsomely drafted email advertising your brand, blog and product with some special offers and activity log attracting the reader to open read the post and get your subscription activated for more such offers. Create one such email and then mail it to a long list of people in your circles or outside. You can check out various companies providing you with a long list of email ids at some cost and they even mail them in your name if you want.


We discussed some methods as “how to get readers to your subscriber list”,

Now we will discuss how to keep them on the list for a long time and also to get more through them via sharing.

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