7 Lessons Failure Teaches Us To Win Big Battles of Life

Failure as we call it, is nothing but

The stepping stones to Success.

Converting the failures in your favor is something that if learned can make you successful in life. Yes the real success is not the money or the frame or the last thing you want to do, it is the knowledge that you have after you have faced the failure. Failure teaches us many things of which we have discussed 7 major chapters below in short and crisp manner.


failure teaches lessons in life
failure teaches lessons in life

Consider Failure as a Learning

When you fail, you learn. This is how big things in life happens. No one become successful or rich over night. All those people who are on top of the business lists have sometime in their life faced many failures and have always stand up against it again. People who try and never give up are those who learn from failure and convert those failures into success stepping stones.

Many people have the belief that a person who failed in his carrier is useless and cannot accomplish his goals. But they forget that fact that now this very person knows how he can avoid failing next time with this mistake. He can teach a new person how to succeed in one attempt. While the person who didn’t fail have only limited knowledge since he didn’t worked the second time on the same subject.


Failure Makes Success more Sweet

Every person has to taste the harsh failure once in his life to know how the real success taste like. It is upon him, how he looks towards his goals and ambitions after that failure. He may choose to change the aim, may get depressed and may lose hope, or he may fight back with more efforts and knowledge.

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Failure is a way life teaches us the various important lessons that will help you survive in the near future when the others won’t be able to. It will shine a light so bright that you will be known for the success and not for the fail attempts you made. The happiness a person gets on success after making several attempts on the same subject is something can’t be put in words. That success taste more sweeter than anything else.


failure teaches to be strong
failure teaches to be strong

Find the Reason you Failed

Success and failure are 2 sides of the same coin. You cannot have success without failure. But at the same time you must know what your failure was and why you failed. The knowledge of failure is m0re important than the failure itself. That is why many people try and learn from the failures of others and avoid the same failure in their attempt.

There is always a reason why you fail. Find out that reason and nobody can stop you from winning the next time. No one is perfect so some fails at early stages while some at the later. It is fine to fail early and try harder to get success the next time, but if fails on a later stage it is difficult to recover. So never get disappointed and depressed with the fact that you failed. Start it over again with more thrust and energy and let the success reach you.

don't give up
courage to start again is what you need to get success

The taste of success is sweeter when it is achieved after failure. The struggle you do to reach your goal and achieve the very prize you wanted is something that doubles your celebrations.


May be there are Bigger Goals for You to Achieve

If the success was achieved in one go then surely the aim was not the correct aim. Yes it means you are meant for something bigger than this.


Imagine a life without failure. You asked for something and you got it in first attempt. Would you value such a possession? Would you celebrate it? NO because you knew you will achieve it. There is no point celebrating it. Moreover we value those things which are achieved with great difficulty and hard work.


Enjoy your Success But not Too Much

failure teaches enjoy success
failure teaches enjoy success

Never bounce too much on success and never get too depressed with failure. With time everything changes. It is just a matter of time that you are on the other side of the bridge. Enjoying your success is important as it gives you the energy to go for the next level of goal. But too much success makes you over confident and overshadows your skills. Do not let that happen with too much success parties. Take your next goal and start working on it soon after party is over.


Failure Makes you Strong

Once failure has hit you hard, you can then make more firm decisions and lead a life more confidently because you know that at any moment of life you can start your carrier again and nothing can stop you since you have already tasted the failure and you know your week points which you won’t repeat again.

don't give up after failure
teachings from failures are never forgotten and pays back in life

At some point of time in life you will realize that the failure that happened with you was for a reason and that very reason make you alive today.

You can take strong decision which other wise would be tough to make. You are more fierce-full and energetic to achieve your goals. Failure makes you more stronger from inside. It is tough to break a person who knows what it is to be broken like. No one can scare you from achieving your target. 

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Failure Helps your Discover New Skills

Failures shape you in some way or the other. Polishing your skills make you better and improves your intelligence. When you try doing things, you never try attempting it with the same strategy as you did before and failed. You will think of a new way to avoid the failure. This way you always try differently and learn new technique. Sometime you end up with failure but you also discover the talent or skill that you have but never knew about.


failure teaches new skills
failure teaches new skills


Conclusion – Failure Teaches A Lot

Face your failures. Don’t try to run away from it. People start smoking, alcohol and many other addictions that soon destroy their entire life. Everyone goes through this phase of depression at some point of time in his life. Rather than going into depression for a long time start chasing your dreams again, even if you fail the first time. The value of diamond increases when it is better polished. Increase your value the same way.

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