How to Achieve Success in any Entrance Exam

Students after passing matrix focuses their attention entirely on cracking big entrance exams like AIEEE , IITJEE  and many others . To help them to achieve their goal we have made some very important points that can help them crack the Exam with flying colors. Lets discuss them

Students should keep one thing in mind that they have 2 years complete to finish their preparation which is not a small period of time . 2 Years calculate to 24 months or 730 days or 17520 hours .

If we study for 10 hours a day then it will count to 7300 hours of study. Now how can we improve the efficiency so that we are able to learn, revise and remember everything we study in these 7300 hrs.


Simple Always make a habit to go with the timetable and complete your work in the given timeframe.

Never keep watch in front of your eyes while studying. It diverts mind and reduces concentration.

Never fix the period of time you are going to study. You can study 2 hours continuously or 1 hour depends on your will power. So make your will power strong.  Human mind can concentrate at any task for not more than 15 min. So try to take 2 min break after half hour of serious study.

If possible try to do 15 min of meditation and 15 min yoga in early morning hours. It helps to increase concentration power. This will help you not only during studying or exams but throughout your life.

Group study never pays well. Avoid group study. Most students have the habit of doing group study which weakens there thinking power. Doing Individual study helps you think over a question all by yourself.

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Avoid late night study. It has 2 bad effects. One is on your eyes and the other on your mind. When your eyes start feeling stressed out give yourself a break. The nerves of eyes are connected to brain and over-stressing your eyes leads to poor concentration.

Try to make notes of what you study. Learning by just reading can never be helpful. Write what you learn. The brain works in such a manner that when you read and write something it gets stored in the ROM of your brain and hence stays there for a long period of time. But only reading something stores the data in the RAM of your brain which gets washed out in very small period of time.

Always ask questions and clear your doubts on time. Keeping doubts create more     doubts and hence confusion. Try to get answers to your questions and doubts at the same time when they occur.


Make notes of all the doubts and there solutions. It helps in fast track revision of the entire course.

Also make notes of important points to remember and various techniques to solve a question. This helps in revision as well as in remembering things.

Always start studying those notes or chapter or concepts in which you face difficulties at night. I am saying this because it is a fact that we start finding that thing easy and simple the next morning and we like to study it more and more than.

Discuss with your teachers and guide that what else can you read and learn to improve your grip on any particular subject. They can guide you through some good books.

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Never study in comfort. Yes its true , because our body starts to relax whenever it finds its state in a comfortable motion. Try to do study under fan (not in AC) and on table chair.

Never try to do prolonged study say 4 hours continuously just to complete something on time. It can never help. Try and take small breaks in between to keep the concentration level high.


I hope these points will surely help you achieve your goals and targets.


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