How to Ask Linkedin to Find Jobs For You

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“Quickly grow your professional network”

is the Tag Line of LinkedIn clearly stating

“Search for Job opportunities all over the world”

LinkedIn is one of its only kind of professional network building platform that allows you to get job opportunities as per your abilities and skills. There are many other sites which can help you to find your dream job but won’t give you a network to search for correct opportunity. LinkedIn, Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, is a business-oriented social networking service and has more than 200 million members. 

linkedin job site

job search engine is professional network

Kay Luo, former Director of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn, explains why, “The main reason that companies are using LinkedIn is to find passive job candidates. Another reason why companies are using LinkedIn, is because referrals from their employees are highly valued because they typically have a higher success rate. LinkedIn helps companies leverage the networks of their employees.”

LinkedIn can be much valuable in your career. To get its best result just follow the rules of LinkedIn.

“Make your LinkedIn Profile Unforgettable”

To start your journey with the LinkedIn, start with the user profile. The best you can do with you profile is to complete it in every manner and show others the best you have in your skills, then the rest will be done by LinkedIn itself. Share your Awards and Achievements as well. Describe the projects you are working on or have worked upon in past.

Linkedin the professional network

learn how to search for job on linkedi

Expand Your Network:

LinkedIn gives you a way to connect with the professionals from all around the world and provides you a chance to show your assets in terms of skills, achievements and knowledge you have gained over the past few years to the entire world. So good professional connections are always better while searching for jobs on LinkedIn.

Join Groups Related to Your Skills and Job Profile:

There are a lot of active group on LinkedIn and also they have the professionals and the recruiters who are looking for their concerns and job appropriate candidate. Just be active on the groups and with the other group members and everything else will be done by group itself.

Endorsement for Skills:

Get your skills endorsed. Endorsements help show what you’re great at. More the number of Endorsement, more is the effect on recruiter.

Recommendation on LinkedIn:

If you can ask any of your senior colleague to recommend you on LinkedIn, it will definitely put a positive impact on your profile getting addressed by recruiters.

Contact the HR:

Try to contact HR via contact info shared on his profile and forward your resume to his email Id.  

Direct Job Searching:

You can directly search for any job related openings in any organization by typing the skills in the search bar. Below you can see the top bar having the search option for jobs, people you want to connect with, companies to follow and others.

what can you search on linkedin

search bar on linkedin

After that you can also filter your search on basis of location, company, job function, Industry, Experience level and others.
You can save a job detail if you prefer to apply later on that job. You have all the details about the company and job description to help you find the correct job.


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