How to Cook an Effective Resume that can get you an Interview call.

In the following page I will tell you some golden points that will help you in getting your resume shortlisted with top companies.

Dream big then only you will achieve big.

Writing a resume is an art and a skill that every person has to learn to be able to build a solid impression in the minds of the interviewer.
You know that company looks at the resume first even before they interact with you over phone or face to face. Your resume holds the key to the first impression that it makes on the reader possibly an HR of some company.


  • Never write a resume always prepare a resume.

    Writing is just a formality of sharing your skills and experience but you need to prepare it and serve it well. You need to have some cooking skills. Cooking here means cooking your resume with ingredients(skills) that are required to make that dish (job responsibility) taste like mouth watering.

    In simple words  try to capture all the valuable skills in your resume. Try to make it look more valuable yet simple. Don’t push anything too much or too less. If you are applying for a job that requires some coding skills then try to write your resume in such a fashion that when ever some one takes a look on our resume , the first thing he captures is your coding skills. 

  • Never ask anyone to write resume for you or never copy one.

    We usually copy resume without thinking that what he has written is not your qualification. Try and spend more time on your resume. Regularly update the resume. Don’t try to fool anyone with your resume. Giving false information will do no good. But try and write what is appropriate for the job. I will try and explain my last line which is very useful.

    A student learns lot of new subjects and languages during the course of 4 years of B-Tech. And he can always get good marks in those once he has understand the concepts of that subjects. But Do we really need to write that every subject in Resume.

  • When you apply for a software developer job that means they are looking for candidates with good coding skills but if your resume displays various other skills like management skills, Extracurricular skills or any other not related to job that will lead to rejection.

  • Always remember to never exceed your resume over 2 pages at most. This point is for B-tech and M-tech students who just pass out. No individual (HR) has enough time to go through the complete resume and if that adds to 3 pages then he doesn’t even care to look at that. Try to Keep your resume short but informative such that it can actually hit the HR searching point. If you want to have a idea of how the resume should be then you can go through one of the template resume here :-

    link to the resume sample

Tips to Cook a Great Resume

  • Single page resumes have more chances of getting shortlisted. Exceeding your resume to 2 pages results in addition of weaker content to your resume, by definition. And when your resume is only read for about 15 seconds, it’s the average content that matters, not the “total amount of content.”
  • Don’t create a resume format of your own. Having a real resume format depicts your perfectness and writing skills. – moreover it tends to waste space and look sloppy.
  • Don’t forget to add projects in your resume. List your projects, achievements in appropriate field of work etc. Resume should include something which is “job appropriate.”
  • Keep your bullets short – 1 to 2 lines each. Bullets that are 3 or more lines look like paragraphs and won’t be read.
  • Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities. The first line of each bullet should be a word like built, created, implemented, designed, architected, optimized, worked upon , achieved, invented, discovered, learned, etc.
  • Quantify your accomplishments. Did you optimize something? Okay, then tell me by how much.
  • No summaries. They don’t tell me anything other than what position you’re applying for and I already know that.
  • Don’t include your bio data. Fathers name, DOB , married or not, gender etc are somethings they are not interested to look into.

How to Submit Your Resume (serve the resume)

Submit your resume at as many gateways of opportunities as you can. Don’t wait for answers at one point. Keep submitting. Too many people stop with just one avenue. They apply once, and then figure that’s enough. Try all available options.

  • If you’re active on linkedin, Github, Stack Overflow, etc, there’s a chance a recruiter will come to you. But there’s no reason to wait for that.
  • Apply online. It’s not tough, and people do get their resume selected that way many a times.
  • Ask around to your friends. Does any work at that company? Or know someone who does? It’s a huge help if someone will refer you.
  • Try reaching out to engineers or other employees in the company you are applying to. Getting an internal reference will surely help you in forwarding your resume to the HR table. Remember that your first contact with them is, effectively, a cover letter. Don’t just say “Hi, I’m interested in your company, will you refer me?” Reach out to them and tell them about some of the things you’ve done, and then link them to your resume.

Many people after getting shortlisted on the basis of their resume get a call for GD. If they clear that round, they will have a Face to Face interview.But they fail to clear that GD round because of small mistakes they make.

YOU Don’t make that mistakes.

Learn how to clear a GD here :- How to crack a group discussion. 

We hope these valuable points will help you write a impressive one shot resume and indeed get your dream job. Never give up in life because sometimes somethings happens for good which is not realized at that very moment.



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