How to Crack a Group Discussion- Golden 5 Tips and Tricks

“With bundle of thoughts in my mind, I entered the room along with seven fellows. We were told to sit in a pre designed arrangement and with random people whom I just met outside the room. It was our group discussion round in eliminating process to qualify for the next round of an Interview”, shares Rahul Batra, now working in leading IT Company. “Knowing that it was an eliminating round, each one of us wanted to leave the panel with lasting impression”, he remembers. “With a debatable topic given on spot and a minute to ponder over it, we were told to discuss it within the group, come to consensus and swiftly wrap it with a pragmatic conclusion. And it all started…! No wonder, desire to lead has always been a Man’s desire.

And here it was no exception. We all jumped together, and in no time it soon became brawl field. With opinions, views, subjective thoughts being stoned at each other without considering the fact that how much the other person is receptive to it. It was room like a bull has entered into a china shop. We all somehow concluded to a consensus as I believe, but was sure that we have led ourselves for elimination. With no caveat, reality was no different. We all failed to qualify for the next round”, he sadly narrates.


This is not the only story of Rahul, but also for thousands of aspirants who get into a cosmetic training to master the art of Group Discussion but fails to do so just because they are unable to get the basic right. And to get these basic rights, you just need to remember following 5 golden points:

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RULE 1 :- Remember it’s a group discussion NOT a group debate:

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It’s good to follow Arnab Goswami Show, but remember GD is not the place to emulate what and how it happens in the idiot box. Panel in the GD are looking for people who can communicate, discuss and allow other people to contribute to the discussion, as these same skills gets translated at the Corporate Jungle, rather than getting into teenaged debate with your fellow pears.


RULE 2 :- Be assertive “not” aggressive:


It’s natural that when it’s a group, disagreements are bound to happen. And during disagreements, we all become aggressive and start guarding our views and opinions. Being assertive during the GD, demonstrate control over oneself, openness to disagreement, and skill of tactfully handling diverse opinions. So, it’s good to be aggressive during your Roadies Auditions, but here being Assertive can make you sail through the tough and choppy waters of selection to dream institute and even to your elite job.


RULE 3 :– Have your stand “but” not at the start of discussion:

Panel welcomes the fact that you have a stand on a topic but it’s always advisable to park it till the end of GD. In a debatable topic on table, it’s natural to have your own personal bias towards either yes or a no, but what panel is looking for is that how receptive you are towards the view on the other side of the sea. Diplomacy is a great skill but let it be for the moderator (if you decide to place yourself to be a moderator in the group). If you decide to be a contributor, try not to be a ball in a pinball game.

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RULE 4 :- Honour the rules:


In the famous film The King’s speech, Geoffrey Rush says, “my castle, my rules” would have got him many accolades. But here in group discussion, it’s important to play the game with the rules imbibe to it. Honouring the time given, Sticking to the topic given, concluding swiftly, etc demonstrate you being prudent in the given limited resources. Hence, will impress the panel with discipline illustrated by you in the group.


RULE 5 :- Most Importantly, Mind your Body Language:


Remember! Remember! Remember! Your body and gestures speaks volumes before you even utter a word. It’s always easy to have control over verbal communication rather than to master the art of non verbal communication. Fidgeting with hands, cross arms and legs position, slouch posture, etc have a message and can tell a lot about a person before he table his thoughts. Ensuring your body is in much control as your words and language are.


Keep the above golden 5 points in mind, and you shall be a winner as Rihanna says, “shine bright like a diamond”….. Good Luck!

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