How to Create Effective Blogging Keywords like Professionals


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Effective blogging keywords are like gold mine to the blogger

They are just waiting to be discovered. Get your blog post noticed in the search results with some tweaking on the keywords.

You have written a post and now you are about to publish it on your website, Wait you are doing a mistake. Have you made your keyword tags and keyword search for your post? If not than do it and then publish your article. Thinking “Why to do that? It is useless and time consuming”, No it is not. Your article is not going to get its place in the top search results if keywords are not created effectively.

Without Keywords pointing to your article the search engine bot won’t be able to crawl your article and list it in the search results. Now the question comes is how to find keywords best matching your article and are unique to get noticed. Using common keywords is not going to get you traffic so you need to do some exercise with tools and your mind. We will discuss that with you later in this post.


First thing first “What are keywords and how do they affect your blog popularity index”

We will discuss why Keywords comes into blogging picture and what role they play in making your blog a hit in the internet market.

Keywords are usually the marking words describing your post and that tells the reader what is your article about and what information they are going to get after reading the article. It is a medium for search engines bot to target best articles in the internet world and publish the results of the queries types by the person sitting on the other side of the laptop screen (the probable reader of your post). By the term Keywords we mean short phrases and single words like “marketing strategies, blogging startups, health” etc.

keyword master tool for top page ranking
magical blogging keywords that can list you on top google search results

You need to do some head scratching to find some really good keywords that you think will form a part of some query in search engines. Simple way is to make a list of words that comes to your mind while writing a post article, words that you think will be searched over internet and are related to your post. Now form keywords joining those words you listed and do a little research knowing what keywords you are going to target to get traffic to your website.

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If we do some research on the click through rates of the search engine results we will find that almost 32% of the clicks are made on the top ranked page while the page that sits on the second and third position of the search result get only 18% and 11% of clicks and traffic respectively. And in the similar fashion the rate of traffic goes on reducing with the page rank position. Now if the keyword you want to rank for gets 500 searches a month, here’s how many clicks you’ll get from that keyword depending on where your page shows up in the rankings.

1st position          195

2nd position       110

3rd position        90

4th position        60

5th position        30



That means going after keywords with less competition can make up for a keyword having less overall search queries. That’s because you’re more likely to get more clicks from less competitive terms. Read the below paragraph which will help you learn more about what I just said.

“Simple short Keywords and Long Tail Keywords”

Which one is better for your blog?

Short Keywords are easy to find but are not very unique so you are not the only one using that keyword. Like management tips, health guide, computer science etc. are all short keywords.

Long Tail Keywords are on the other hand difficult to create and are very uncommon. Like healthy diet for healthy heart, making wireless robot in simple steps, working prototype of google glass etc. are all long tail keywords.

So if you can create effective long tail keywords that can coin out in search results you can definitely get more clicks than other. Despite going after the keyword with less overall searches, you’d actually end up getting more than THREE TIMES the clicks because you went after the keyword with less competition.

So We can say that the conclusion that comes out is that “keywords (both short and long tail) are very crucial for your blog post and the effective use of keywords can make your blog rank among the top pages in search results which will in turn bring more traffic to your website”.


“Are there that many long tail keywords? Enough to make it worth looking for them?”

Long tail keywords actually make up 70% of all searches. Here is a mind-bending fact to expand on this: “Every single day, 15% of the questions people ask of Google are questions we’ve never seen before. So every day, people in the world are asking questions that have never been asked before”. Also 70% of all searches are for long tail keywords. 

Finding the best suited keywords for your Post with various ways discussed below. Now since you know how important keywords are, you should also learn how to find the long tail keywords.


Google Search Suggestions

The google search engine is a very intelligent tool and you can leverage this to find keywords for your blog.

search engine intelligent suggestions
google search engine suggestions

The search engine gives you suggestions every time you enter some words in the query box. You can use the list you created initially for keywords and then put those words in query box. You can use this suggestions to create long tail keywords. Moreover you can also use suggestions at the end of the result page. The suggestions looks like this in the below picture


results of search on google
search related suggestions under page

Google Search Keyword Tool

Google keyword Planner is a very handy tool and very effective indeed. You can use any other Planner tool but I would suggest Google planner since I have been using it for more than 2 years and also many professional bloggers use this tool to stay ahead of their competition.

There’s a nice feature in the planner that can help you spy on the keywords of your competitors. Instead of putting a keyword into the planner, paste in the url of a page you want to see some long tail keywords for.

Google will then show you up to 1000 related keywords for that page. You can even see estimated search traffic by month, and you can further break down searches by device or location.

tool to find keywords for your post
google keyword planner tool


HitTail or Long trail Pro

Both HitTail and Long trail Pro are paid services and are popular tools for finding long tail keywords tailor-made for your site. They recommend you keywords based on your existing search traffic. Both the tools are really helpful and can be of great help in ranking your page on top list. Keyword search tool like Wordtracker, Bing keyword research tool or Google AdWords Keyword Planner are very useful and used by many professional bloggers. Some these mentioned might be paid so you need to look into your budget to use some of those.


Google Webmaster Tools

Set up your Webmaster account set up and you are ready to do some keyword planning. Although if you do have your Webmaster account set up, you’ve already got some nice long tail keyword recommendations. You just need to go to Search Traffic > Search Queries and there you’ll see which keyword searches are driving the most traffic for your site.

You’ll even see what the average position in the SERPS is for your pages, and what your click-through rate is. So you can now set up goals for your page rank and keep a track of your page stats and which keywords are showing better results over others.


Google Analytics

How to use google analytics to get keyword information.

Just go to Acquisition > Keywords > Organic in your Google Analytics account. You may get some ideas, but not that too many. My Analytics account showed “keyword not provided” for 97% of the searches my site gets, but at least I got a few ideas for long tail keywords. Hope you can get better results with google analytics.



Use these tools and strategies with Google Search Engine and you will surely get better results.

Check the results before and after the use of these methods and find a big better change in the page ranking. We will keep you updated with the latest methods and tips and tricks that will help you rank better.

SEO is not easy but is not difficult as well to understand if we go step by step. Keyword optimization is one aspect of SEO (search engine optimization).


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