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Blogging is something that is really popular among youngsters and they are approaching towards blogging with the only hope of making good extra money. And why not should they go for extra income when today life is so unpredictable and can leave you with no job at any moment. Adding some extra money in account can always help you in times of difficulty and recession.

But what we need to understand here is that, only the idea of blogging is not enough to make extra money. You need something more than that and that is smart blogging. Yes you heard it right Smart Blogging is what we call money making blogging.

Unless you don’t have the “keys to unlock the blogging money account”, you can’t help yourself in making money with this tool. Don’t get confused with the words “keys, tools and account”. They just mean to highlight the fact that you must follow smart blogging ways to earn something extra.

smart ways to earn money online
smart techniques to do blogging

We are going to explain that in a while in good detail so that next time when you sit down and do blogging you would be actually doing Smart Blogging. When you will do smart blogging you would actually see the difference in many ways like “Ranking”, “Traffic to blog” , your public appearance and yourself too. I didn’t mentioned the term Money or Income, in the above list and I think I should not because after all what I mentioned, there was NO NEED to mention an obvious thing that you are going to make if you follow the smart ways.

So let’s start with the word “Blogging” itself.

Blogging means do some writing and not the copy paste thing. Many bloggers just copy the content from 10 different sites and paste it on their blog. It won’t help you to earn money. Stop this immediately and start writing original content. It doesn’t matter if you write only 3 articles a week, what matters is that content is unique and self-made. Google is smarter then you and always checks for copy content and if it finds one it immediately boycott it. So giving 10 copy paste content in a week is just a waste of time. Moreover no one will come to your blog if they finds out that you have no original content and you are cheating them with copied content.

Smart Technique 1:-Post 3 articles in a week but not all at the same time. Give a break of 1 or 2 days and then post. If you have the resources to create more original articles then try to schedule them in such a manner that the difference between any 2 articles is same and short. I would suggest max. interval of 2 days between any two articles and minimum interval can be as short as you want it to be.

Google crawler will notice this and feed it in his program and will always crawl your website on daily basis.

Smart Technique 2:-Don’t post randomly. Have some pattern in your posting articles. If you have 3 articles which are related to each other than post the one which gives introduction first, than the one which follows that introduction or the one which captures the idea of the first post through a follow up link. Don’t get confused now.

I have three articles here and they are in pattern which you will find when you read them in the given sequence.

Table of Contents

Cooking an eBook for Successful Blog is a Skill

Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for Google Ads

Methods for Making Money without Ads on Blog

If you are still in doubt or have any queries you can always ask via comment.

Take Action before it is too late.

Don’t just sit and wait for everything to happen by itself. Many bloggers have this tendency to write 3 or more articles and just relax and wait for the traffic. No don’t wait! Take action before it is too late to react and you lose your possible customers.

As an example:-suppose you have started a guest posting platform on your blog and now you are waiting for the guest post.

Smart Technique 3:-Tell everyone in your network that you have started guest posting platform and don’t tell them directly instead tell them in a manner that they become curious to know it.

Smart Technique 4:-Ask your friends to write guest post for your blog and share it on social networking websites. This will help you in coming in the eyes of the many. You also share it. Give some rewards or lure them to write for you. It might cost you a bit in starting but later on people will automatically start coming.

Smart Technique 5:-You can ask them to write articles for them and in return you will allow 2 follow back links to their blog.

Learn to Apply and not just to Know

Whenever you come across anything new related to your blogging, don’t just read it and learn it instead apply it. If you won’t apply it then what is the use of reading it. If you think that you will apply that later then surely you won’t remember it.

Smart Technique 6:-Apply various SEO techniques that can help you rank better than others. There are many SEO techniques for mobile as well and many bloggers don’t focus on that because of which they loses the extra traffic that they might have got through smart phones and smart tablets.

Make First Impression to last Longer

discover smart blogging only on QUIKRPOST
discover smart blogging only on QUIKRPOST

We all create some impressions about something or someone when we first visit it or meet. These impressions are really the game changers in many cases. How to create the first impression of your blog is a really handy task and you should take this with top priority. Work upon this from time to time because you don’t want your blog to lose its eye captivity and user loving features. There is always some scope of Improvement and you can always work on that.

You can learn how to create the first best impression of your blog and retain the visitors to your blog with this very handsomely drafted article ( below link given )

Ideas and Smart ways that can help you create eye capturing look of your blog and positive impression on your blog readers.

Plugins are very important in this regard and can make your website look more eye catching, smart and sleek which will in turn improve your traffic on blog


Smart Technique 7:-Read it  

Common Blogging Mistakes Turning off Readers on Front Page

Don’t win Hearts, instead win Trust

Bloggers are very much involved in making their front page experience really good. But this is not enough if you want to have consistent traffic on your blog. You need to win their trust. Trust factor is really important for those especially who are selling something on their blog. If you don’t build trust you can’t sell. Your idea should be original, customer friendly, easy processing and glitch free. Building trust is not an easy and quick process. Take your time and have patience.

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Smart Technique 8:-Always put forth your experience in front of the readers that showcase your honesty and hard work you have put.

Manipulate things in your Favor

It is really important to manipulate things. It is business and every business involves manipulation of some kind. You need to understand what your readers want and what are they looking for and then present yourself as a solution to their queries.

Smart Technique 9:-Try to have a really good title of every post and title that highlights your content. Use of Good keywords is really important.

Have a Heart to Invest and take Risk

If you can’t invest and take risk then blogging to earn something extra is a distant dream. Invest Time, Money and Idea to generate blogging income. It is difficult to take risk in terms of money but without risk you cannot expect big success.

Smart Technique 10:-“Always take calculative Risk and not just Risk”. Make a business plan and have some numbers on your sheet. What I mean to say is do some calculations of how much investment is needed and what is the probability of losing money. Generate and excel sheet that can give you some numbers of your profit and loss. Do some market research and then invest in the best marketing solutions. Set a time frame of your investment and your first possible profit. It is possible that you might not be able to get profit for 1 year of investment but later on you might cover up that investment in next 2 months only. This is the best part of internet marketing. Facebook didn’t earn a single penny after 2 years of its establishment.

Take smart risk and not only risk.

Learn Patience and Earn Good Will

You cannot expect a good return in short time and with easy ways. That is something that can happen only via walking on wrong tracks and you won’t want to take those tracks since they don’t go far and last longer.

Try to be patience and keep working smartly. Smart work along with hard work will pay you in good amount. Earn a reputation in the market place and good will.

There are three types of work that can make you from Rags to Riches. Read it :-

Three Works that can Transform You From Rags to Riches

Spread it like wildfire

Have you ever encountered a wildfire? Or have you ever seen any virus spreading through human body or have you ever seen a viral video? Now you must have got my point. If you are still in any confusion then don’t worry I will explain you that in detail.

What do bloggers generally do after writing a good new content or after launching a new blog or website? Maybe they start sharing it with their social network friends and they think that their task of publicity is done. No not at all it has just started in my opinion. Creating a social media marketing platform can only help you reach a limited number of people. The question is how to spread it all the way to huge population. Answer are not that simple but yes think about it.

You can have some really good ideas here:-

Different Genuine Ways of Earning Money with Blogging

Don’t try to cheat

Here I am not saying the name of anyone in particular because you should know who is going to pay you after all. In clear words “If trying to cheat and in case got caught then game over with that blog”. Never let that happen because taking wrong steps in faith of quick income is going to leave you empty handed at last. So for your concern I advise you to follow legal ways and smart ways, not the over smart ways to do blogging.

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Don’t be a writer only, start to be an Entrepreneur.

Many blogging sites have really good content but poor ranking that is what I have observed because they remain unnoticed. Reason is simple, they work like writers and not like Entrepreneur. Start selling what you have cooked my dear friend. If you won’t show it, then no one will see it on its own. Why do you think we have ads on TV, Radio, Social Media sites, Banners etc.? They are all to sell you the thing.
Start selling online as well as offline. There are many smart ways to do marketing that won’t cost you much and will do some really good work for you.

Many such ways have been listed down in the articles linked, to help you start working from today.


Discover The Reasons of Common People Creating Success Story

Feeling smart already? No wait we have much more coming your way. Don’t fill up your stomach with this small pack of ideas we just discussed with you, these are just the starters. We have lots of more ideas for our readers.

If you really want to learn to sell then you can read:-

If You Can Sell You Can Excel, Learn How to Sell


Smart Techniques to follow

  • Don’t share your post very frequently on your Facebook page. This is not a very good way to generate followers. People use Facebook for Entertainment and if they will see repeatedly post from your blog then they will tend to unfollow you. It becomes boring, so to avoid it try to post things that are entertaining, can arouse curiosity and are of course related to your blog in some way.

Increase Traffic on Blog with Social Media Marketing


  • Create/Build Multiple Sites and Link Them Together

Create an integrated blog marketing plan by aligning your promotion efforts across your various blogs and websites. The more blogs or websites that you write, the more interlinking is possible. That interlinking can be used to promote your blog through different channels that might attract different audiences.

  • Give time on each article and never publish unfinished article.
  • Don’t hit the publish button on wordpress again and again. Google takes this as spamming.
  • Include Your Blog Link in Your Email Signature and on Business Cards


There are many other smart ideas and techniques to follow that I have shared below. You can read a complete list of smart ideas.

Sharing some Smart Techniques to Follow while Blogging




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