How to Impress Your Manager with Smart Work and Ideas

Are you upset with your manager’s attitude and his work ethics. Does he calls you up on a holiday and ask you to do some work. Is he biased with you. Don’t know how to butter your manager. These are some of the problems faced by employees and they get so depressed that they finally quit the job. To your rescue we have come up with some great ideas and points to solve your office problems.

Managers by default are so tricky to manage that we as an employee feels like quitting the job on every day of work.

But there are some really good techniques with which you can help yourself tackle your manager and impress him.

Remember “Never speak up first. Always let the manager speak up first.”

Then take up the correct moment to put up your point. And don’t put conflicting points with manager.

NOTE:-“Never argue with your manager.” The more you argue the more you are dragging yourself into big time trouble. No one is correct at all times but manager find it hurting their ego that someone at low post is actually correct and he is indirectly pointing him wrong. So be careful next time you talk in front of your manager.

manager at your first job
how to impress your manager
  • Always try to show that you have lots of work in hand to do and there are no pending works on your side.
  • Never share your personal life information with your manager. Keeping your work life separate and personal life separate makes your life easy to sail. It also helps you from escaping the lie you told your manager for leave.
  • Never believe in what your manager says. All manager tries to give lollipops to their staff to make them do the work. But don’t let him know that you know that what I just said.
  • Don’t do hard work instead do smart work. The office work will never end and we sometimes work hard to finish the work before time. Smart way is to work hard and finish the work before time but don’t let the manager know that work is completed else he would assign you another. Give him the completed work on expected time. This way you will impress your manager and will get some time for yourself as well.

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  • Maintain a record of your work, so that your manager can never say that you have not done anything.
  • Always tell the manager each and every work you do. No matter how small it is. Try to tell him in a way that it looks like you did some really big work.
  • Always try to show that you are responsible for many tasks in your team. Your absence is a big loss for the team and company.
  • The hike that you get and promotions are all in the hands of your manager and you would not like to create a bad impression on him.
  • Never be outspoken. It spoils your personality and brings lots of trouble in hand. Avoid it.
  • Always do any work related mail by keeping your manager in cc.
  • If you are looking for a job change, your current manager should not know about this.  Else it will show up in your next pay slip and his attitude.
  • Everyone do back bitching about his or her manager. Do it but carefully. Anyone who leaks out your viewpoints will lead you to the trouble talks with manager.
  • Try to gain his trust and sympathy. It is a tough task but once done it will help you every time you find yourself in huge workload.
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 Do tell us what you think about your Manager and share your ideas as how we can actually deal with situations where managers are a total headache.



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