How to Improve Speaking Skills With 10 Simple Points To Follow

There are many ways you can improve your language but there are skills needed to actually improve the way your deliver your idea or knowledge to the other person. These skills are called speaking skills that helps you create a good first impression in an Interview, brings confidence in your speech during public speaking and help you present yourself as a person of high profile when you are talking to someone face to face.

We generally neglect this part of the language when we learn a language. While this part holds the 50% weightage when we rate ourselves on any language we learn. Since English is known as the language of the world or the International language , spoken and understood everywhere we will focus some points in connection to English here. But like i said we need these skills to deliver the correct message in the correct way the given points are very much applicable to all the languages we learn and use.

Learn to speak and impress
Speaking skills are very important to Deliver your idea and share Knowledge

Reading novels or English Books will Improve your Reading Skills and hence Speaking.

Once your reading skills are improved you will automatically start noticing an improvement in your speaking skills as well. Your mind will start framing sentences more quickly and efficiently. Many of us face this problem when we know what we want to speak and its English translation but we are not good in making correct sentences and mumble in between. Reading books and novels will help you in improving speaking proficiency very much. Moreover reading good books will help you gain knowledge in your field. You can pick up any book of our choice.

Improve your vocabulary. Nothing extra effort you need to put in. just keep a dictionary with you whenever you read a book or a novel. Whenever a word that is not understandable refer to dictionary and make a note of that word. Revise those words daily before going to sleep.

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Start watching English movies with subtitles.
Not knowing English is a big speed breaker for many people in life. Taking the example of my mother, who is a house wife and don’t know English much. But she can understand simple English and is a quick learner.
One day she decided to learn English. I asked her to start reading English books first. She started one and it took her 1 week to finish the book of 270 pages. But she learned many new words in one week. And so on she read one after the other and this really helped her improving her English.

Many of us have a good English vocab but we are shy to use it because we feel we might end up speaking wrong words. Solution, Try speaking in English every time you speak. I mean in front of your family members, friends, and relatives and even with yourself. Yes whenever you are alone and thinking about something then do it in English. Think in English. Whenever you feel confused refer to dictionary and resolve the confusion.
Try to learn at least 2 new English words daily and use it every day to capture it meaning. When you use that word a number of times then you won’t forget it anytime sooner.

Speak in Front of the Mirror

This is a really good exercise to do. It will remove all your hesitation and improve your public speaking skills. Try to improve on areas where you find yourself not so good. Like your face expressions when you speak. Your eye contact when you speak.

ways to improve speaking skills
practice in front of mirror to improve your expressions

Improve your Grammar

Grammar is the backbone of any language. Learn it before speaking it. Have full control on the grammar of the language.

Always speak while Making Eye Contact.

This shows that you are speaking the truth and you are honest to your words. Making eye contact is an important part since it helps in engaging everyone with you and whatever you are explaining them about. Whenever you go in a seminar you will find that the speaker maintains a good eye contact with the audience to convey his ideas and views and thoughts through words.

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Never Laugh and Speak at the same time

Many people have a habit of laughing while telling something funny or sharing some funny incident. When you are laughing and speaking at the same time you are actually reducing and killing the humor of that funny incident you want to convey.

Never Speak with High Volume

People often speak too loud to address the audience. This is not a good thing to do. Never lose your volume when speaking. Speak in a very gentle tone. And try to maintain a normal pitch while speaking.

Change the Pitch with Words.

Yes this is important to change the pitch with your words. Like If you are speaking in front of a large audience conveying the aggression that you and the society hold then it should follow a high pitch. Similarly if you are speaking about something serious then speak with a low pitch and deep emotions that you have for the matter in hand. If you are speaking of love and affection then it should have a pitch that can relate to your feelings.

Follow these rules of public speaking
know the Do’s and Don’ts of speaking

Always Give Respect in Your Words

Always speak with self-respect and attitude but at the same time give respect to those as well who are listening to you. This will help you get their attention and you can easily transfer your message to them. Give respect to take respect.

Never Use your Hands While Speaking

Yes until not required, don’t use your hands while speaking. Many people do unnecessary actions with their hands when they are nervous. They try to use hands to explain things even when not required like in interviews. Moreover it creates distraction which is not a trait of a good speaker.

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Take Breaks

Never speak continuously and speedily. Even if the message is long take breaks in between. It will help the person listening to you understand your point more easily.

Learn to Speak Symbols.

Exclamation marks, commas, full stop etc. all have different speaking styles. Learn them and use them whenever you speak.


Following these small and simple rules or steps will surely help you improve and regular practice will surely make you perfect. Public speaking is an art and you must know how to speak in front of huge audience. Many get nervous while speaking and loose there flow and some hesitate to speak in public out of fear. Fear of unknown and fear of thinking that ” what will people say “. Don’t get nervous and learn how you can also speak in public without hesitation and fear.

Follow this link to learn ” How to speak in public without hesitation and fear “.


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