How to Increase traffic on Website – Secrets of Successful Blogs Revealed

We will explain some points that are not explained anywhere on the Internet and that is why many of us don’t get the real website traffic.

We can give you the same 25 points or 50 points that are discussed everywhere on Internet on how to increase traffic and get huge visitors may be 1000 per min or so. But believe me this all is bull sh*t. I tried all but never got the result which all these traffic developing websites guarantee.

There are many ways that we can discuss on how to increase traffic on website or blog. But the main point that is not said or revealed is what we are going to learn and understand here .

So read really carefully and try and understand each and every word to the depth of what it says.

Different ways of attracting new visitors to your blog or webpage is not very easy as it seems or is usually heard from different sources. You can go for brand building through ads or you can go for various online marketing techniques that can boost up your business and bring flooded traffic to you blog. But yes this surely needs huge investment which many of us don’t have that is why we started blogging at the first place. Now what to do?


Ask yourself one question now.  What are you giving to the online community through your blog that none of the other available websites or blog is providing?

And if they are already providing then why they should come and visit your website or blog ? What extra is there that should make them crawl your website ?

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Quite a simple question but yet difficult to convince the online public. First convince yourself that yes you are providing new stuff and content to them then it will be surely easy to convince them as well. Give them original content. Google praises original content because it adds value to the internet society. It helps you in SEO as well. Better SEO means more traffic. Learn how to write a effective blog post that can keep your reader intact with your post and persuade him to read the complete post.

If you have something unique in mind than it’s a hit, believe in it and go for it. No matter what other says, just do it. Many of us don’t go for the same schema for which we developed the website having the fear of what will the people in relations and circle will think and say.

They will laugh at you on first notice but they will come and praise you once they find that you are doing something new and different. It’s a human tendency that people don’t accept things at the first place but slowly and gradually they start to like it.

If you are on the other side of the highway then just don’t get disappointed on the fact knowing that you are not providing anything new or extra but give yourself a thought for food and try and make something unique and different.

User experience is of at most importance and should also be a point kept in mind . Don’t try and give too much pictures , animation , flash images etc on your page that will increase the loading time of your website , which will affect your ranking and also user experience.

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After you have some traffic don’t just go for monetizing the website. Putting banners of ads and pop up ads will irritate your visitors which in turn will reduce traffic again.

Work on Social Media and share your content. Google ranking also checks for your social media popularity and for that you need to share your post and content online so that people can come and read it.


Increase Traffic on Blog with Social Media Marketing

This article will help you learn how to increase traffic on your blog with social media marketing


Use Best Plugins to improve the website experience of the visitor. Improve the front page look and feel of your website that can attract more visitors for you. Keep it simple yet creative and impressive.

Don’t make the common mistakes on your front page that will annoy the visitors.

check out the common mistakes and avoid them on your website.

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The use of good and custom plugins on your website can help you in realizing many creative ideas. Some of the best wordpress plugins that you should have are pointed in the below article.

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