How to increase your efficiency over work – tips

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How to increase your efficiency over work.


Try to do Meditation during early morning hours just after sunrise . Do deep Breathing and jogging . It will help relax your muscles and improve your memory over time.

Try to take a healthy Breakfast and yes do not forget to freshen up in the morning . Some People have a very bad habit of going to toilet in odd hours like during day time or night time. The more waste you collect the more harmful it will be for your body and brain.

Laughing is a good medicine. It helps in releasing stress and unwanted pressure from your shoulders. It is said that the more you Laugh the more it helps in Increasing Memory.

Never sit in one position for more than 1 hour. Keep yourself occupied with some mind games. Play games like table tennis, badminton etc. so that your body is always active to perform more tasks even in odd times.

Try and take more liquid intake in your diet. Shakes, juices, water, curd , lassi,butter milk etc helps keep your mind cool and calm . This helps in summers the most.

Eat less in lunch and take more fruits. Watch less Television and Try and do more outings. Keep yourself occupied with some Interesting Habits.

Always take a break from your routine work to keep yourself more energetic and enthusiastic.

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