How to keep your Iphone More Secure and Private

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Apple has always been known for security and privacy that it offers to its users. But no system is perfect. Recently, Wirelurker malware and Marque Vulnerability  is putting its name to test.  Although, apple has already taken steps and reassured us of the device’s safety but the idea of insecurity and lack of privacy has already infused in our heads. Threats to security and privacy are not only digital but also physical.

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how to keep your phone secure

So, here is a to-do list to keep your iPhone safe and strengthen privacy 

Enable Find my iphone 

It is a free service provided by apple on all its ios and mac devices that remotely tracks the location of devices. You can operate it using Apple ID and a password you created. This app would probably the only thing you will need if your iphone is stolen. The app starts working as soon as the internet is turned ‘on’ on the phone. This app nearly pin points the location of the phone. Also, you can remotely lock and wipe your device. So, just go to Settings > icloud, toggle it on and simply Create your password.


Do not jailbreak your device 

There are various security layers made by apple that are broken while jailbreaking the iphone that leave  the phone vulnerable to serious threats. Besides, most of the apple malware can attack jailbroken apple devices only since third party pirated apps are the only source of malware and they can only one installed on jailbroken phones only. There is no wonder that latest malware attack ‘wirelurker’ extracts much more data from the jailbroken iPhone than the non jailbroken ones.


Do not install suspicious third party apps (or preferably do not install third party apps at all)

 If for some reason you decide to jailbreak your phone. Try to avoid untrusted sources and third party apps. There are some trusted sources in cydia as well. Simply use them for the tweaks and downloads.


Set a pass-code and Enable touch ID 

If you own an iPhone 5s or later always keep the touch ID enabled in addition to pass-code itself. If you have an iPhone 5c or lower model simply keep the pass-code enabled. And always keep the password strong, no matter how difficult it is, you will get the hang of it while enhancing your phone security.


Enable the 2 step security 

You keep a lot of personal and professional information in various apps that you download via Apple ID. To make it more secure, it is a good idea to enable the two step security on your iPhone in order to provide multiple layers of security. It would send you the security token for the initial setup of the app as additional security layer.


Encrypt your backups 

You probably sync your iPhone with your computer regularly. This means that all your phone data is present on your computer as well. That data is easily accessible. So it is a good idea to encrypt that backup which is only a click away in iTunes.


Disable location services

 This is not really important usually but if you are a little concerned about your privacy it would be a good idea to keep the location services off. Besides, it saves the battery life as well.


Data erase on repeated wrong password 

This feature enables iPhone to erase all data if there are ten pass-code attempts that turn out to be wrong. This can be enabled by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data.


Use apps to hide data

There are various apps available on iTunes like secure folder and photo vault that could help you hide your data. Sometimes there are situations when you have to give up your phone to someone else for some temporary purpose and that is the time you have no control over the phone. So, it is always the best option to keep things private that you do not want to show the user your personal data. The best bet for that is these apps.


Install VPN 

There are multiple times when you are using public wifi internet. They aren’t exactly the safest ones and often vulnerable to attacks. Virtual Private Network or VPN is what comes to the rescue at this time. There are various apps like Hotspot shield for this purpose. One of the best of those apps is Hotspot shield. What a VPN app does is that it hides your IP information that makes is safer to various attacks. However, it is advisable to switch it on while using the public wi-fi because these apps drains a lot of battery life while in use.


So, there you go. These were the 10 things you should do to keep your iPhone safer and more private.

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