7 Steps to Make Money on YouTube, Golden Tips for Video Blogging


how to earn on youtube
How to make money on you tube ; golden rules defined

Not many people know that we can earn money on YouTube but those who know this are really making dollars with every video they publish on YouTube. Don’t miss to learn on how to make YouTube another great source of extra income while you are sitting at home and having a cup of coffee. Who knows may be you will be able to make good money out of this and this may become your primary source of income.

Let’s check out what we can do with Videos on YouTube and how we make Money on YouTube.


Step1 Setup and Build Your YouTube channel.

It is simple. You can create an account or use an existing one. Your Channel is your source of getting you known on YouTube. A YouTube account is the same as a Google account so if you have a Gmail account, you won’t have to create new one.

Add Keywords that will define your channel and your videos. These keywords will help the people find you on YouTube or I may say find your channel. Make sure the keywords are one word description of your content and relevant as well.

Your user name is also a great way to let yourself remembered on YouTube. Try to use a simple, short, catchy username which is original as well.


Step2 Build some great content to display

You need to have some good content ready before you start advertising on YouTube. You cannot market your channel which does not have any good content or any video to show. So it is better to have some videos content on your channel first and then after some time when it feels like you have sufficient views on your videos and enough content on your channel then go to step 3.

How to get good content on your channel?

  • A question that need to be answered. Try to upload content that is unique and different yet very much entertaining and can hold the audience to stick with watching the complete video.
  • Upload high Quality content that is not too long and neither too short. A video of around 4 minutes would be really good.
  • Try to upload content regularly. I say this line in many of my post related to website blogging and video blogging because it is one of the most important thing on the list to be successful. Many people who start with blogging often stop posting in between with a reason that they don’t have any content to publish. But this is not the right manner. You need to go out of the way and get new content regularly to keep your audience connected with your channel and most importantly to you.
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Consistency and Quality are 2 main weapons that can make you win the hearts of the viewers.

  1. What I would suggest is even if your content is not good in the beginning don’t get demotivated with this. It happens with everyone and with time and experience you would get to know how to create good spicy and entertainment package video. Just try to make every next video better than the previous one.
  2. Improve your content by either using a high resolution camera and a better noise cancellation microphone with it or by using a good editing tool to give better after effects. There are many software tool for editing available online some of which are free to download while some are in the premium category. So make a good choice and start editing.
  3. Stable videos are good to watch. Many a times we are able to film a really good video but the video is not stable throughout the recording. This happens because we are not stable with the camera. Use tripod stand to make your camera still and then record the scene. Use good background color (light color background is recommended).
  4. Make sure to tag your videos with the best keywords to describe A well descriptive video is often more viewed and appreciated. Use some really good appealing title and description for the videos. This is SEO and will help YouTube drive the audience to your videos on searches.


Step3 Marketing Funda

Now moving to step 3 assuming you have good quality content now available on your YouTube channel. Marketing is the next big step to help you earn more on YouTube. A good marketing strategy and technique will not only bring viewers but also subscribers to your channel. Subscribers are really required to help you make money for a long time and stay established on YouTube. Learn how you can make tons of subscribers on YouTube and build an audience. The wider the audience you have the more money you make.

Marketing your videos on Social networking sites is one of the easiest way to get first hand viewers and subscribers. Ask your friends and relatives to subscribe and spread more words. The most difficult task is to get the first 100 likes and subscribers to your channel and once this is done then you will find that everything is now on wheels and you need not have to push someone to check out your video. Share your videos on Facebook, twitter and other social websites. Keep interacting with your viewers via comments and social platforms. Get connected to your audience and your network will become your marketing source.

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Learn how to Increase Traffic on your Videos with Social Media Marketing


Step 4 Go for Ads now

Once you are confident with your audience base and your viewers you can now apply for ads and get them on your videos to start making money. To enable monetization you need to tell YouTube that you have no issue in placing ads on your content and acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your video.

You can monetize a video as it uploads by clicking the Monetization tab and checking the “Monetize with Ads” box.

To monetize a video after it has been uploaded, open your Video Manager and click the “$” sign next to the video that you want to monetize. Check the “Monetize with Ads” box.


Step 5 Go Google AdSense

There are some Google formalities to clear with before you can get google AdSense approved account.

Fill the form and sign up for the account and supply them with the required necessary details like your bio data, mailing information, PayPal or bank account.

You only gain money per ad click and a smaller amount per view but it adds up over time. That is why you need wider audience.


Remember:-Don’t put up copyright protected content which may lead to your account getting banned.

Partnerships with YouTube for most people do not earn very much unless you have a huge number of viewers. If any of your videos contain copyrighted content (i.e – music that you didn’t make, content from movies, etc) you have less of a chance of getting into the partner program.


Step 6 tracking your videos

Keep a track of your videos and their views. Use Google analytics to analyze various aspects of your videos like from which locations your video was viewed and how many times in a day or a week, which keyword was used to search that diverted to your channel, and also what was the behavior of the visitor, was he satisfied or not and if not then check what was wrong.

This will help you use your videos in the best ways. If you know what you have to target you can easily modify your data accordingly.

You need to know what google analytics tool can do and how to use this tool. Also you should know why to use this tool. Here you can view estimated earnings, ad performance, video views, demographics and many more things.

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Step 7 Explore the options

Yes don’t just stick to videos on YouTube. Publish them elsewhere as well. If you have a website or a blog then post them there. You can use other social media sites as well. Share the link of the video and get noticed.

If you have a blog or a website where you post video tutorials then you can upload the same videos on YouTube as well. Think in every way possible. The more views you get the more you get noticed and the more you earn on Internet.

Another option can be “become a YouTube partner”. The YouTube partners get access to wider audience and more creation tools and can have more benefits than others. They get more tips and response on their videos. Apply through the YouTube partner page anytime but you need to keep one thing in mind i.e. to gain access to most powerful program of YouTube partners you need to have 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the last 90 days which means 3 months of time.

Anytime when you are ready with the score they want, just apply for it.


Final words concluding the topic:-

You can earn money on YouTube if you follow some guidelines like we discussed above which includes points like

Uploading content of good quality, consistency in your work, using Keywords and tags, having catchy title for videos, sharing and marketing, editing the videos and following the trend especially what is popular over internet.


Now it is your Turn. Share your videos and your views about the article in the comments below. Let us know what you think and may be it may become a great source of information for someone like you.



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  1. clearly a wonderful way to earn money and i would like to add that it is surely not the easy way. But yes if you are good in what you do then it is not difficult.
    Would like to learn video blogging now 🙂

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