How to Survive the Worst Blogging Phase


blogging tips and guide for everyone
blogging tips and guide for everyone

Every Bloggers go through this phase of blogging and this is the most critical time when you are trying to stay on top of the blogging and suddenly you feel like you are running out of material and valuable content and still you need to write something to stay consistent and on top of your blogging line. A blogger can easily understand that how difficult it can be to achieve a good rank for your blog on internet and then no one wants his blog to again go fall down the ranking and lose readers.

Many Bloggers face such kind of problems and not only this leads to a fall in their ranking but also in the brand value. Consistency needs to be maintained at any cost.

What to do in such a situation? How to maintain the rank and strive for better rather than fighting for your fall?

Your Answers are in the below article. With every point you read, you will be able to get hold of your blog more strongly and sharply.

Collect Motivation

Motivation to do and break the records. Yes if you are motivated to break any other record then no one can stop you from doing so except you yourself. Collect some motivation from your surrounding and start dreaming. The bigger the dream, the bigger the motivation. When you have some dreams in your eyes then nothing seems difficult and even the toughest phase of the life passes out without much harm.

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Take a small break

Get some break from your daily fixed schedule. Break some rules and spend some time with your loved ones. Sometimes doing the same type of work and living the same kind of life every day brings saturation of mind and the brain stops thinking out of the box. Live something different. Love your passion or your dreams and re-energize yourself with some fantasies and adventures.

Meet new people

Interacting with people of same interest or mind set helps you in getting some good advice to stay positive. Meeting Like-minded people have similar area of interest and passion helps you learn new things. Attend some new forums, new meetings, seminars etc. to meet new people. Every person is different in some way and when we meet someone new we always learn something new. Successful business man try to meet a new person every day because it keeps them going. A network of people that is dedicated towards something can always inspire you, so always try to come in contact of such networks and become a part of it.

Start reading books and business guides

Books have every possible solution to any of your problem. Reading new types of books will help you learn more and will surely help you get some solution. Business guides are there that can help you remain consistent even at times of no output. There are many marketing and business oriented books and one can read them online as well.

Give your mind some rest and relaxation

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The human brain works so much in its lifetime that it is necessary to have some mental piece and relaxation. Body massage, head massage and many other techniques are there. Calm your nerves and neuron system with these massage therapies.

Do you know that human beings use only 12 to 15% of their brain and neuron system. Dolphins are the only living creature that is able to use 20% of the brain and neuron system. And that is why they are very smart and are capable to have inbuilt GPS system in their brains. They have natural sonar in their brains and is one of the finest on the earth. Even the manmade sonar is not that good as that of dolphins.


We are not joking. We share many new things and every time we try to bring out something new for the readers so that they can find themselves at an online place where they discover something different and knowledgeable. We try to give the best solutions possible to our readers and are always ready to help you in your queries, questions and doubts.

Final Words

“Dream Big to Achieve Big”

Don’t stop dreaming and trying. To achieve something big one need to be a visionary and try to focus on the future. Sometimes what seems to be a task not possible, is already a half done task when you have actually believed in your dream.


Share your thoughts and ideas with us. Tell us what you think can also help a blogger get out of the worst phase of the blogging.


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