How to Write a Blog Post and Great Blog Article in just an Hour


Are you able to save time in writing a good article or do you invest lot of time in finding a good post to publish?

how to write great blog post with great content
how to write great blog post with great content

Sometimes we invest hack lot of time in just one single post that is not even based on data analysis and research. The post that is made up of our experience and learning that we want to share with the readers can be made more lively and in short interval of time span. If you are thinking of how then read below and try out this method.

We have tried to explain everything in points so that you can skip what you think you already know and move forward learning new things. “Discover more in less time” is our motto.

Why we focus so much on time, efficiency, discovering and creativity? These are the building blocks of any blog and if you can command yourself in these you can do million dollar blogging.

There is no particular time for blogging. You might have to blog a post while you are sitting in a coffee shop or may be while you are on a run to catch some train. You might have to write an urgent article while you are sitting in the visitor lobby of the airport, so what to do and how to do that. You can land up writing a very poor formatted article in such situations or may be you may forget to add something important or critical in a hurry.

Let us save some time now.

Work efficiently and save time because time is money.

Decide your blog article topic.

Many a times we are confused on the topic we want to write on and this leads us to writing of an article that is not straight forward to understand. We mix up things and that creates confusion in the minds of the readers. Moreover this will make your task of coming up with a good catchy title more difficult.

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discover here
discover here

Follow draft strategy

Don’t just go for creating a post in one go. Create draft and then review that draft and then make suitable changes and then finalize a post to publish. This Strategy helps in bringing up a better post which is free of grammatical mistakes and errors. You need to remember that a grammatically incorrect line can actually impact your presentation skills and that is not good for your blog.

Don’t put efforts on the writing skills initially. Put efforts on the content first.

Many times a blogger just in the swift of writing a blog post doesn’t put much effort on collecting and creating content value for readers. Avoid making such mistakes and always give value to your readers for their time.

Write down your key points in 1st draft

Yes this is something we always skip and hence we forget to add any point that would have been useful otherwise. Point down all the key points you want to focus on and want to through some light on. Detailing on those points can be done later and would not take much time since you already have your value material and now you just need to compile it and give it a readable form.

Settle down with some great tags and keywords to be used in the article which can later be used in your tagging space.

Don’t just write an article, pick up tags in between as well. Creating good tagging keywords initially will help you save time because thinking of a tag while writing an article is easier then creating them while publishing your article on blog. It is just a matter of state of mind. When you are writing a article you are in state of thinking about the topic while during publishing you are only thinking about the final look and presentation point of the article.

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Expand your key points into small paragraphs and headlines in your second draft.

Now you are almost done and you just need to go with the flow of writing and create some great paragraphs or bullet points. Don’t use more than 1 major headline “H1” in your post because it is considered a mistake by Google. Use H2 or H3 or H4 instead. Shocked to know that google takes this also into consideration? Yes this is true and we were also shocked when we learned this. There are many things that you might not be knowing about google and its algorithm but don’t worry, slowly you will come to know many things and you can improve your mistake whenever you come to know it.

This draft of your post should have meaningful sentences that are short but to the point. Now your post has content that is full of quality and is also point based so it is not boring to read.

Using this technique helps you write a post that is easy to understand and read.


Finally you just need to think of a great Title for your post.

We keep this for last because now you can easily decide the right Title that is in sync or matches with your content. Writing Title in the first step creates mismatching sometimes and also thinking of title in the starting consumes lot of time. After the content has been created you can easily create a great Title that fits with the content and is more eye catching and apt.

Now you can publish the post with a suitable feature image and in-line image to make it more impressive. Learn how to get a good image or picture for your blog.

Remember:- Don’t press the publish and update button on your wordpress blog dashboard again and again because updating a single post multiple times in short intervals of time is considered as spamming by google bot. So be careful and review everything on your post and then publish it only once. You can update it sometimes later if you want to change or edit or add something to it.

In fact google on finding that a post have been updated after some time with more content, gives that post a higher ranking then other. Google wants good updated content on its search results and always pushes the updated content to top. So keep updating your content with some more value and latest data.

Final Words concluding the topic

A great post is a symbol of a great blog but the vica-versa is not true. Starting of any thing new is always the toughest but once you have collected all the energy to put your first step forward then everything sails smoothly after some time. You just need to focus all your energy in that direction of thinking. Keep blogging and keep discovering!

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What are your views? share them with us. Sometimes conversations leads to some unexpected ideas and solutions to problems that are not yet discovered.


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