How to Write an eBook for Successful Blog is a Skill

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Having low traffic and followers on your blog? Don’t know what to do?

Then you are at the right place as we are now going to answer your question with solutions that will not only bring huge traffic to your blog but also bring fame and followers leading to your blog. You can then convert that into money as and when required.

Learn to write successful eBook to monetize your blog and increase traffic.

The only prerequisite for the solution to work is that you must have a well-established blog with good articles and blog which is capable of handling huge traffic when it arrives when you will implement our ideas and solutions on your blog.

Have you ever thought of writing an eBook for your blog?

If your answer is NO then you must start thinking about it. EBook is not that tough to write and publish. Moreover it can help you do some extra publicity offline as well. We will share that with you later in this article.

What should the eBook contain? “NO idea”?

Then you must read this to get some excellent ideas that can convert you from an average into a professional writer and editor.

On what topic should I write the eBook?

Question that arises in everyone’s mind but difficult to decide. Don’t worry anymore as we are going to help you in deciding the topic and title for your eBook as well as the format for eBook that will give a look of a face of a professional author to your eBook both online as well as offline.

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Discussed below are ideas and methods for your eBook. Follow the below ideas and write an eBook that can make your blog famous and successful.


## Follow 1 ##

Start an eBook on the topic you are comfortable with. Writing a book can be a hard process if you are writing on something you don’t have much knowledge about while it can be a smooth process if you have lots of experience and knowledge to share.

So decide the topic of your eBook first and it should be a topic that is matching with your blog theme.
What I mean to say is that don’t write a cooking eBook and publish it on a tech website or educational blog.

Do some Brain storming and find your area of interest that matches with the blog content and give a sitting for your eBook.


writing readers favorite ebook is an art
write ebook that sell itself

## Follow 2 ##

Title is the first thing that brings readers to read your book. Never give very common titles and very confusing titles. Give a clean but yet noticeable title that can stand different form other books of same topic and forces the viewer to read your book in search of what they desire. Remember to not disappoint your readers with what you promise them with the title. A single disappointed reader will demote your eBook in front of 10 more while an impressed reader will promote your eBook to 20 more.

If you are unable to think of any best suitable title then leave it for the last. Complete your book and then think again for title. This time you will surely get the one you want.

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## Follow 3 ##

What content should you add in your eBook?

Don’t overlook this question because the success of your eBook depends on this part. You have to add content that is unique and can help the reader in solving his doubts. Your content should be able to answer the readers’ questions in search of which he started reading your eBook in the first place.

Your reader’s expectations should be met at the end result. Give him something extra to look into so that his curiosity in your book remains till the end and he even waits for your next book.

The content should be very descriptive and self-explanatory and well edited to ensure no grammar mistake. Grammatical errors are very major issue in a book not well edited and well defined. Don’t give your reader’s the chance to say that the book is grammatically wrong. Don’t add too many pictures if not required. Adding too many pictures makes no sense. Add pictures only where necessary and explain the images if necessary.

Try not to write big paragraphs in your eBook and follow some formatting rules to ensure a fine content and fine look.

Keep the reader interested in your book with some offers, facts that he may be interested in etc.


## Follow 4 ##

Formatting of your eBook should be smartly done like professional editing and formatting. Give a eye catching front cover look and keep all other pages in the same format and template to ensure uniformity.

High light the main points in your eBook with Bold characters and heavy font. Keep the other text in normal font.

Key point:-Add some links that redirects the user to your web posts and make sure that, that post is related to your eBook content or are adding some extra value that user can refer to.
for example if you are writing a book on some coding language then you can add some link to your post which is title as “important coding questions asked in interviews” . You can invite the user to look into the post if he is interested to know about.

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## Follow 5 ##

How can your eBook help you promote your blog offline? A good question to ask and in fact an important one which can help you bring readers to your blog and website.
Have a business card of your blog and offer them to those who shows interest in your business. Why I am advising this? The reason I am advising this is to tell you to include your business card in your eBook as well.
Give free hard copies of your eBook to people who need it. This will help in spreading the word of your blog name. Use the instance of writing a book whenever matters related to your eBook topic comes up.


Try out and feel the success coming!!



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