If You Can Sell You Can Excel, Learn How to Sell

Lets Learn and Discover Ways on How to sell?

Many successful businessmen knows how to sell their product that is why they are SUCCESSFUL. The art of Selling is something that any MBA graduate would want to have. But no education can teach you that. Then how to learn. Do business and learn.

If you can sell you can excel. Any product can be sell in the market if you know what the product is.

Ask yourself first what is the product ? and then go out in the market to sell it.

The article doesn’t say that after learning the below teachings you will be able to sell even rubbish to the customer and we hope you will use it for a product that holds value to the customers.

What should you know to sell the product?

Know all the small details of the product so that you can convince the customer why he should buy it.
Sometimes having the clear knowledge of the product creates a impressions that you are selling something that is not perfect.

What is the price of your product and how can you manipulate the price.

Don’t keep the price too high nor too low. Try to make the price affordable for the customer group you are selling the product to. Normally we price the product too high and then tries to sell it in a fashion that customers understand that it has more value than others. How to manipulate the price. You must have seen that a product is priced at 9 in the ending. E.g. 99 or 999, or 2999, 5999 etc. Why do we do this? Our mind works such that we feel 2999 near to 2000 although we know that it is 3000 – 1. We find the price reasonable and hence we buy it.

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Also keeping a competetive price makes the product price more justify.

Suppose in a movie complex we are selling popcorns, One small bucket is priced at 99 and one large bucket is priced at 299. Now according to our research 90% of people go for 99 small bucket. Now that creates a loss to us. Now try a new idea. Keep a medium bucket priced at 235. Now 80% people will opt for large bucket. How did this happen. The first thing their mind worked on was the difference in price of the 3 options. The minimum difference between medium and large made them go for large. While the small was nowhere into the picture.

These are some marketing strategies. We can discuss a lot more of such really successful strategies. But we want to know your views first.
Where is the product available and how can the customer buy it.

Sometimes the customer also have availability issues. Like he lives in other state and he is buying from some other state. Will he be able to get the offered services in his home town? He always look for easily available products.

Why should the customer buy your product not any other?

Every product is different from another. It should have something to offer to the customer needs so that it can survive in the market. No value means no profit. It is important to answer these question that what does your product holds for the customer. Why is the product important for the customer you are selling to.

Now you can do that by knowing where people don’t use that product. Once they can know the product that will create demand also.
Try to create demand for the product ( if the product is sold in a city with more population but very few knows about it will create demand once you introduce it among them)

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Try to give brand name to your product (with celebrity branding and innovative ideas)
Many make world know celebrity their brand ambassador and therefore are able to attract more customers.


Sell the pen and then the refill

Now this is the best thing. Like a pen needs a refill after every regular intervals of time your product may also need something for which the customer has to come to you back.
Purchase a mosquito repellent machine and then its refill liquid, is what makes you reach for the same product again and again. Try to bind your product with something like this. Like after sale services required for product to last long and work efficiently.

Create addiction to the product.

Yes if you can make the customer used-to to your product he will not think of switching to any other product as he more friendly with the systems and modes of your product. Like live example of Dhirubhai Ambani, what he did was something that we are trying to explain you here. He made low cost mobile phones and made them available to the lower class and middle class people at time when mobile phones was considered to be the high class product. He sold many of them at his own loss. But he knew that it will pay him back later with huge profits. When people became familiar with his product they found themselves addicted to phones. Now he started business selling more phones at price slightly higher than production cost but still lower than it’s competitors in the market.

He started making profits, huge profits. But he has already got the business mantra. He then did same thing with SIM cards . Low cost SIM cards with value added to them was a clean and nice move. He gave many value packs offers like SMS packs , Free night calls, and many more.

Keep improving your product 

No product can last ofr long if you don’t keep adding more value to the product. As time passes people demands more from the product. You need to meet their demands. Give them something extra every time and keep adding new features to the product.

Create trust for your product and company like Iphone has created in the minds of many users.
Believe it. Believe in yourself, have confidence in your product. If you yourself are not confident about your product, how can you expect your customers then.

Speaking skills

One of the most important part of selling is speaking to the customers via any medium. If you have sharp speaking skills then you can conquer your selling target in good time.
Don’t create any pre perception about any one. You never know who might get interested in your product and actually buys it. You cannot say that weather a person will buy your product or not by just looking at his face or having a 2 min of talk.

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Body language and Presentation Skills

Body postures tell how confident you are. It speaks your intentions. If you are selling just to sell then don’t show it. Your body movements should be such that the customer feels that you are his well-wisher not a businessman who just want to sell his product.

Consider the situation of an interview. Yes interview is the place where you sell your skills to the company who is going to hire you based on your presentation. The better you present yourself to the company the more the chances of selection are. Similarly the better you present the product to the customers the better the chances are that he will buy it.

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