Internet Interview with Padhu the Food Blogger

So here is our Interview with Padhu, Hope you will like it.

Hi Padhu,

  • What is your specialty in cooking? Is it Chinese, continental, Italian, shudhdesi or something else?

I am an Indian and  grew up eating Indian food . I also love Indian food, so my specialty is Indian food.

Please share with us your blogging experience and your journey to “padhuskitchen”.
How it all started and how you made it a success story?

Cooking is my passion. I wanted to share my knowledge of cooking with others, so started  in 2008. As I already had a blog on health and beauty, starting Padhuskitchen was not difficult for me. Hard work, dedication, willingness to learn, positive attitude and belief in myself can be attributed to the success of Padhuskitchen. Food blogging is not just about cooking and publishing recipes.  It is more than that. Apart from cooking, other things like food photography, marketing, web designing,  good writing  are equally important. When I started my blog, I knew nothing about all these but  as I grew, I learn’t and developed these skills. Success did not come to me overnight.  It was a slow but steady growth.


Everyone has some secrets of life and because of this, it is our favorite question. You have to tell us one such secret about your life that no one yet knows.

I am an open book. That is my plus and also my minus. There are no secrets in my life. Just  for information, I am a left hander.

  • What inspires you to cooking and blogging? 
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My passion for cooking  and my desire to share my knowledge with others  lead me to start a blog.

  • Other than cooking what other blogs do you love to read and follow?

I enjoy gardening and have a small kitchen garden in my backyard for which I use only bio fertilizers. So I browse a lot on organic gardening.  My other favorite subjects are alternative medicine, health and fitness and relationships.


  • How often do you blog and what challenges do you face with blogging?

I work for 5-6 hours everyday doing something related to my blog but I post only twice or thrice a week. I find technical aspects a little challenging.

  • How blogging started for you and what encouraged you to take forward?

Mails from all over the world telling me that they are big fans of Padhuskitchen.  Things like,whenever they need a recipe, they first come to Padhuskitchen etc, etc.  Some newly married girls write to me that I am guiding them like their  mother. It makes me very happy and also more responsible.

  • How do you get new ideas to prepare something different?

    I am very creative and experiment a lot in my kitchen. Cooking in a way, helps to express my creative side. I also love learning about different cuisines while traveling and try to incorporate them in my cooking.
  • Apart from blogging what other things you like to do? 

I enjoy nature,  love travelling to different places, listening to music, doing yoga and spending time with my children.

  • What are your future goals and aim with the food blog you are running and how are you planning to realize them?
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My goal is to make Padhuskitchen, a household name. For that I work hard everyday. Whatever I do, I put my heart and soul into it.  

Any suggestion to our readers or anything you want to say or share with our readers.

Whatever you do, have your own personal stlye. Have patience and never give up. Persistence is the key.  There is no short cut to success.

You are one of top food Blogger in India and we are very thankful to you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us.

You can ask your questions to her in the below comment section.


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