Make Money Blogging – 22 Ways to Monetize Blog with No Investments

You love writing and you have your own blog. That’s great! Now you want to monetize blog with 0 or no investments. There is no shortcut to make money and one need to give time to get success whatever the way is. There are several processes of monetising your blog. All you have to do is right planning, proper agenda making, determination and creating a nice platform. Good relation with your audience will always make you active and social. Therefore achieving business goal is quite easy while keeping relation with your audience. Planning is necessary to attract your customers. Next is building a platform and without a platform one cannot fulfill the business deal. Promising object must be delivered at time otherwise if your customers get disturbed and irritated, the whole business will be ruined.

A blogger can earn from various ways. Depending on only one earning source cannot help in incoming more. So, before starting a blog you have to know the simple processes of quick earning with your blog without any investment.


22 Best Ways of Make Money Blogging 

  1. Direct Selling of Advertising– Due to Google’s Policy on selling links, selling text links and banners have become a common thing. Through banners a blogger can also sell his or her products. Promoting of an advertiser’s service or product is an excellent idea. Direct advertising sales also give a steady income and there are so much advertising marketplaces through which one can sell ads.

  2. Pay per Click and Cost per click ads- As the name shows, one get paid on every time a visitor clicks on the ads. For that you have to sign up to the provider of the ads and after signing up, the provider gives a code to establish your own identity on your site. Relevant ads may be text or images are sent by the provider to your site. The most common provider of Pay per Click service is Google AdSense but there are many available in the online market. Cost per click is same as the Pay per Click service and it shows the way of satisfaction of earning money by clicking such ads. Sometimes the beginning or end of the blog or article has enough space and to decorate the webpage some PPC (Pay per click) ads can be given.

  3. Sell affiliated programs- Make money blogging with affiliate marketing. Another way of monetizing your blog is by getting involved in some affiliated programs. Need not to worry if you are not familiar with affiliate programs, there are few others way of earning by your own blog. Selling others product or promoting others material can also give you a sound commission. Amazon is a famous place for affiliate marketing. Many people purchase products from Amazon and one can advertise about a product as an affiliate if it suits one’s niche.

    monetize your blog with zero investment
    monetize your blog with zero investment
  4. Advertising spaces- Advertisers need advertising space for promoting their advertisement. Selling advertising space is also a great idea of earning money. This is a very interesting and profitable way as it doesn’t allow any middleman and you can directly charge a desired amount to advertise on your site. Usually advertisers pay for displaying an ad for a certain amount of time instead of an agreed fee. But a lot of traffic is needed to be considered by the advertisers.

  5. Direct selling of Product- Why readers trust on the bloggers? It is their writing or conception which builds a strong relationship with their readers consisted with loyalty and reliability. So before selling a product one must build targeted traffic for his/her blog. In this way a huge amount of money can be earned by just selling a product directly. It will be better if your blog is related with the products you want to sell. Among the popular products there are books, cosmetics, software, different types of accessories, clothes and jewellery.

  6. Services selling- Blog is a platform to open up yourself and sharing the experience you have gone through. Marketing services is another enormous way of monetizing your blog. Freelancing and consultancy service through your blog can give you lots of money. There are so much people available in internet marketing who really pay the value of your knowledge and experience. Sometimes your idea or concepts can help others or inspire them to overcome their problematic situation.

  7. Social content locker- For content locking techniques, one need to sign up in some reputable PPD network and after signing up, you need to upload a file. Whenever you upload a file, you will get a locked URL. To unlock the URL, the readers have to go through some surveys or quizzes. Every time they click on it, you will get paid. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are famous as social media. After signing up you need to create a page for micro blogging. To get following you have to add as many people as you can.

  8. Pay per Youtube- It is another way which goes well with others techniques. Firstly you need to create a Youtube account. Uploading your content to the PPD network and getting the URL is the common thing. What you need to do is to create a low cost promotional video and post it with the PPD link.

  9. Audio advertising- Like the other various techniques Pay per Play is known as audio advertisement which starts automatically whenever an audience visits your website. These ads cannot be stopped and it runs only few seconds. Generally in each visit one may get $5 but there is a high chance of less likely return visit of audience. “Podcast ads” are another form of audio advertising. Running a podcast will help you to inform others about the new things of your website.

  10. Pop ups or Lightboxes- Sometimes Pop up makes the audience irritating. Many people even install pop up blockers to stop them. Using too many pop ups really emerge a headache but using a single pop up grab the attention of new visitors and after that audience will not be disturbed by them. One thing should be remembered that less they appear more the traffic will come. Pop up can promote your webpage indirectly.

  11. E-book writing- Now days many people writes e-books. Ofcourse you must have an artistic sense and a good writing skill. E-book can be written in any useful topic by which people get easily interested to read it. Through Apple store or Amazon you can sell it. Selling your written e-book on your website is another marvelous idea. You don’t have to give any commission to anyone and you can get also traffic for your website.

  12. Tutorials or Guidelines- Many novice people want some guidelines to know the basic things of software. It becomes easy for them if they find some tutorials. Tutorials can be made by both of audio and video. Suppose someone don’t know about gardening and try to find the basic ways of gardening. If someone knows gardening well and write some tutorials on it, it will be helpful. One can monetize his or her own blog in this way.

  13. Online Teaching- You can write well! Now you can teach online. You can give a demo or teach something in which you are comfortable. Suppose you are an expert blog writer, you can teach how blog is to be written. You can discuss about the necessary things which are required in writing blogs. For that you can charge people a basic membership fee. Just try to keep remember that people want something useful and different from others as they pay the fees. To make satisfied your traffic, you need to pay attention about what you are teaching, how useful the contents are, and whether people can understand it or not.

  14. Live workshops- Workshops mainly interact between the audience and the organizers. And if it is a live workshop then it becomes easier to get connected with the audience. Audience may ask different types of questions and your blog also get promoted through live workshops.

  15. Get Sponsors for an event- Earning through promoting a sponsor is common in TV, Sport programs. The first thing you should know about how to organize an event or workshops. After that you have to find companies who are interested to sponsor. All you have to do is to promote the sponsor. Advertisers get easily attracted in dealing sponsorship on high traffic websites.

  16. Private Forums- Private Forums are just like paid membership and members of the forum pay monthly or yearly to make a connection with other members. In this competitive market there are many free forums providing this kind of service. But if you really want to monetize your blog in this way then you have to provide unique, outstanding, and exceptional content which make feel happy the audience.

  17. Marketing through e-mail- E-mail marketing is excellent way of monetizing your blog. Creating a mail list of your customers will help you to increase your income. Whenever people register for a membership, you will get their mail address. A brand can be built with mail list and several other projects can be organized through it. This is not a direct way of income. By driving traffic back to your site, one can increase money.

  18. Surveys and Polls- Placing surveys and polls from different companies on your website is a nice idea of monetizing your blog. You will get paid just because you are giving them that privilege. Once you sign up to these sites, you can choose the particular survey that matches with the content of your website. People, who follow your website, can participate in voting and you will get paid for the display.

  19. Job Board- Job board is simply known as the job advertisements. A webpage can be created to allow them for giving numerous job posts. Al though it suits most to the larger webpage but it is not appropriate for the smaller website. You need to attract more traffic to get benefitted out of this.

  20. Donations- Donation is a good source of income for the smaller website. From Paypal, you can get a donation button to place on your site. You may ask people to contribute a small amount to your webpage. For that you have to increase as much traffic as you can. If you help them in a right way, there are many people who are ready to contribute some money to your webpage.

  21. Auction your Website- You can simply sell your website if other techniques get failed. Sometimes it happens to small webpage and it causes various reasons. A website is built by taking lots of time and hard works. There are so many people interested in buying the webpage and create something new within it while many people create websites to make a profitable sale.

  22. Custom template or theme selling – Well, you know how to create your own custom template then make a decision to sell it. For that, you must know the website skills. A good quality templates or theme can be sold in high amount of price. There is lofty demand of templates and themes in the market and if you are an expert at making this templates and themes, then start a webpage by your own. You can also start a small business of selling and buying templates. It is profitable and there are few sites which make money selling themes like Woo themes and Daily WP.


This shows you that blogging online can bring a profitable amount of income. Give up is the word created for the losers. It takes time to create a blog by your own and therefore if someone really wants to make money through this, the person has to attach with this. Know the perfect way and grab the attention of your target audience. Start monetizing your own blog from today without any investment.

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