Need to be Active as Blogger on Social Media Channels

Are you also thinking about blogger situations & Expectations? Given below are some of the very common questions that strike us whenever we come on Facebook as blogger. Now those who are new to blogging will be doubting why they actually do this and what effect it has on their blogging carrier?

Ok first let us look at the common questions that pop up in mind.

Why do bloggers flaunt on their achievements on social media sites?

Why do bloggers share even small-small details on social media?

Why do bloggers share their income on social media?

Why are bloggers so much active on social media channels?


Yes these are some of the questions that you might be thinking about at some point of time while blogging.

Now we will try to answer these questions for you in the simple to understand language.

Why do bloggers do that? They do all these to create a brand name. Yes that is true and that is what is required when you are blogging. You need to create a brand name that people will remember and many times more than brand name, bloggers do this to try and enter into the minds of the viewers.

Let’s talk about human brain a bit. The human brain is very active all the times. You learn new things and remember that for some time. Now learning and remembering can be of 2 types. Short interval and long term memory.

The short memory may last from any seconds to few days. But the long term memory created in your brain can last till months and years. It can be several years or may be till death.

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Now what is the relation of the above brain activity with the activity that bloggers do on social media channels?

The bloggers simply try to become the long term memory in your brain and stay there till maximum time possible. They want that the blog name should get printed in your brain wire for a long time and this way they will be able to get more readers on their blog.

why to do blogging on social media
why to do blogging on social media


When your eyes see similar things multiple times, your brain saves that as a memory. That is why bloggers share huge blogging income, achievements on social media sites. When you (as a blogger) see that, you consider that as a great target to achieve and thus save this in your mind.

Now he has started creating followers this way. Once he has enough followers, mouth advertisements start happening and he finally starts building his brand name or brand value.


So all this social media coverage and activities help bloggers to reach wider audience and create an impact on the internet with his blog.

Now there are many other added advantages as well of being active on social media channels like you get to build your network of people who would then help you in spreading your blogging work easily. Building such big networks take time but with regular efforts it is very much possible.


why to do self promotion on social media blogging
why to do self promotion on social media blogging

Social media channels help you reach people who are masters in blogging and learn from them. Sometimes watching bloggers, how they work on facebook and twitter helps a lot more than just reading about them or blogging techniques.

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Social media channels helps you bring new customers as well to your website who would be interested in doing advertisements, thus gaining you some monitory benefits as well.


practice promoting yourself of social media channels
practice promoting yourself of social media channels

Now a days Facebook is not the only social media channel available. There are many more and each one have lots of different methods to reach wider audience.

Snapshat, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin etc are some of the major social media channels in use today. Explore them and use them to your benefits.

Sharing on these social media channels will help you in bringing good ranks to your blog or website. Do proper content marketing and you can win the blogging world for sure.


Now that was all from my end, now it is your turn to do me a favour. If you liked the post then do share it on facebook, twitter and instagram and help us reach wider audience as well.

If you have any doubt or if you want to share your views, opinions with us, please use the comment section below.


Thank you for being a patient listener and Keep Blogging



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