10 Best Places to Visit in France Vacation – Romantic Honeymoon in France

You cannot come to France without falling in love with it. France is a country of wine, food, culture, and romance! Along with all the traditional vacation spots like Paris and the French Riviera, you can experience small towns hidden in the mountains gone wild with lavender fields or castles on waterfalls. It’s no wonder many people return year after year to find their perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon in France.

Gorgeous Parisian love locks adorn bridges around the city as couples declare their eternal affection for each other by symbolically locking them to one another, but don’t miss out on the rest of this beautiful country.

If you start in Paris, you will embark on a romantic journey from one lovely location to the next. Being the most popular destination spot in France, you will find all Paris offers: museums, parks, monuments, and historical sights. But don’t stop there! You can also travel by train to other charming cities like Bordeaux, Lyon, or Strasbourg, experience the peaceful countryside, or head down to the beach. There are plenty of romantic honeymoon places to visit in France, depending on your interests and tastes.

romantic honeymoon in france
romantic honeymoon in france

Most Romantic Places to Visit in France

The list goes on when it is about choosing the most romantic places to visit in France as love fills the air of this European country blessed with art, architecture, diverse landscapes, food, museums, and whatnot. 

Although Paris is well known as the City of Love, we have handpicked the top 10 dream destinations to visit in your romantic France vacation.


1. Eze-Sur-Mer

Situated on a hilltop in the French Riveria, this tiny medieval village is considered the top among all the romantic places to visit in France with its mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean Sea. The cobbled stress, vibrant facades, and blossoming flowers all around the year make Eze no less than a fairytale spot.

The light-ochre houses and the beautiful-looking church of the village perched on a green hilltop can be observed from a far distance. Over the years, Eze has allured many significant personalities with its old-world charm, including Walt Disney, who spend quite a few years of his life in this French hamlet. While in Eze, opt for a romantic stay at the mesmerizing hotel called Château Eza.

Eze-Sur-Mer france vacation honeymoon trip
Eze-Sur-Mer france vacation honeymoon trip


2. Giverny

Blessed with the beauty of the Seine river, the small village of Giverny in France’s Normandy region lies just 80 km away from the French capital Paris. Home to the world-famous painter and founder of the impressionist school, Claude Monet, for 43 years from 1883 until he died in 1926, Giverny worked as a source of inspiration for his paintings. A passionate gardener, Monet conceived his water garden and flower garden as genuine artworks. His vintage house, its surroundings, and gardens draw half a million visitors every year, transporting them back to the era of Monet with their mesmerizing beauty.

Giverny in france vacation guide international trip
Giverny in france vacation guide international trip


3. Colmar

Colmar in Northeastern France is a remarkable destination for honeymoon couples due to its significant religious and secular architectural landmarks. Colmar, located between Germany and Switzerland, reflects an ideal combination of eighth-century French and German architecture.

Protected from the desolations of the Second World War and the French Revolution, the Little French district in Colmar’s historic center is one of the picturesque places for your beautiful honeymoon in France. The picturesque half-timbered houses with vibrant colored walls on the dock and the little flower bridges spanning Launch River make a picture-perfect setting for honeymoon couples to get their photos clicked. If you wish to explore the river banks, don’t miss taking a short boat tour.

Colmar france vacation places to visit in france
Colmar france vacation places to visit in france


4. Lyon

If you are a foodie couple who would like to indulge in some delectable French cuisine, the Old Town of Lyon is the most suitable place to explore. Take a ride on the unique funicular railway to reach the Fourvière hilltop, from where you will witness the grandeur of the Basilica of Notre Dame and cherish the stunning views of this historical city. Don’t miss the opportunity of tasting some of the most authentic French dishes in traditional bouchon, a typically styled restaurant only found in France’s Lyon.

The quirky shops and beautiful bakeries make your stroll around the narrow streets worthwhile. Do visit those fantastic little art galleries and museums. Even you and your partner can spend some time in a cute cafe while observing the laid-back Lyon life. That is all about Lyon – admirable architecture, fabulous food, and cherishing dolce far niente or the pleasure of doing nothing.

Lyon and Camargue in france vacation
Lyon and Camargue in france vacation

5. Camargue

Two arms of the Rhone river and the majestic Mediterranean sea surround the Camargue’s picturesque territory. Categorized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, this enormous wetland is split into three districts: the southern lagoons, the northern cultivation delta, and the eastern and western salt banks. The place is renowned for rearing the oldest extant horse species on earth.

Although these are wild horses, their living habit amidst humans has made them amiable and curious toward travelers and visitors. Also, an ornithological sanctuary, Camargue, has more than 400 bird species, including the rare pink flamingo.


6. Sancerre

At an altitude of 315 meters, the hill town of Sancerre is located in the historic Berry territory overlooking the majestic Loire Valley. A hike to the gardens of the Maison des Sancerre will offer the most beautiful view while indulging in the region’s famous white wine grown in the surrounding vineyards.

Let yourself be immersed in the relaxing ambiance of this hill town while wandering around its romantic streets and stopping in cozy cafes. Also, a stop by the Chavignol is a must to taste the delicious cheese that goes aptly with a glass of wine.


Montmartre in france
Montmartre in france

7. Montmartre

Most of us could not but appreciate the movie Amelie of Montmartre such is Montmarte’s charm. With its cobbled paths, pretty cafes, talented artists, and beautiful Basilica, Montmartre is a tiny hill town located in the 18th arrondissement.

One of the most renowned Parisian districts has not lost any of its village-like beauty, which used to mesmerize the French painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. A perfect confluence of cinema and art inspirations, Montmartre is a treat to travelers’ eyes and souls. Take your sweetheart on a tour of the museums or cherish the fantastic city view from the top of Sacré-Cœur to fulfill the bucket list of your visit to Montmartre.


8. Annecy

At the head of Lake Annecy, the alpine town called Annecy is located in Lyon’s east in the southeastern region of France. Here, the Alps create a mesmerizing backdrop in Annecy, giving the scenery a magical touch of the mountains. Canals gliding through the village center with small bridges over it make the perfect setting for the ‘Venice of France’ or ‘Venice of the Alps.’

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With its colorful medieval buildings, the crystal clear water of Annecy lake, Europe’s purest lake, little meandering paths, restaurants, and bars, Annecy is all about taking a break from the daily hustle and cherishing the slow, laid-back life. The legendary Pont des Amours in Annecy is often believed to be where the partnership will stay lifelong if you kiss your beloved.

Annecy lake in france places to visit
Annecy lake in france places to visit


9. Etretat

Etretat cliff view
Etretat cliff view

Without including Etretat, the list of the most charming romantic places to visit in France would remain incomplete. This coastal town in Normandy is blessed with one of Europe’s most remarkable rock formations, such as the celebrated L’Aiguille (the Needle). The ideal way to discover Etretat’s ethereal beauty is by taking one of the coastal paths and hiking to a cliff.

The marvelous views, especially the surreal sunsets of Etretat, have inspired artists like Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet, among many others. Eminent writer Guy de Maupassant’s short story, “The Englishman of Étretat” (L’Anglais d’Étretat), was written after spending some years of his childhood here. In love with the incredible views of Etretat, Maupassant established a house here in the later part of his life, now called rue Guy-de-Maupassant.


10. Calanques

A series of fantastic fjords, rocky highlands, and exalted limestone cliffs thrust into the Mediterranean sea for a coastline stretch of 20 km; the Calanques is no less than a dream. Situated between the towns of Cassis and Marseille, the cliffed landscape has pine groves in particular spots. The cliffs are occasionally interrupted by blissful beaches, some of which are only accessible through kayaks, enhancing the dramatic and dreamy element of the landscape.

The designation of “the Calanques National Park” has made it one of the seven national parks in mainland France. Hiking for a long distance or soaking up in the delicate French sun of Calanques comes as one of the most fantastic things to do in France on a romantic holiday.

visit Calanques in france vacation
visit Calanques in france vacation


Most Romantic Things to do in France

When in France, enjoy romance like the French. Every corner of France is filled with romantic charm, and it would be a big miss if you didn’t relish some romantic moments with your loved in a honeymoon in France.

The Top 5 romantic things to do in France on a romantic vacation could be some of the following:


1. Roam around Père Lachaise, holding each other’s hands

If you don’t find a romantic cemetery, Père Lachaise will change your perception. The meandering paths of this 110-acre garden plot in the 20th arrondissement will lead you to subtle old tombstones, elaborate chapel-like family tombs, and inscribed gravestones. A glimpse of the graves of notable authors and artists such as Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Edith Piaf, and Frédéric Chopin is sure to give you goosebumps.

amazing places to see in france romantic vacation
amazing places to see in france romantic vacation


2. Browse romantic works at Musée de la Vie Romantique

Formerly hosting the famous Friday night salons of La Nouvelle Athènes, which attracted celebrities like Eugène Delacroix, Charles Dickens, Ivan Turgueniev, and Frédéric Chopin, to name a few, this was originally the residential house of Dutch-born artist Ary Scheffer. The property has now been converted into a beautiful museum displaying canvases, sculptures, art objects, etc., from the Romantic era. If you and your partner are art connoisseurs, this museum can be paradise.


3. Enjoy a sunset cruise ride along the Seine.

The true magic of Paris, the City of Love, can only be felt during the golden hour. The splendor of sunsets in Paris is unmatched and is best experienced on a sunset cruise ride along the Seine. Hold the hands of your wife or husband and set out on a beautiful Bateaux Mouches ride along the Seine.

On your ride, cross some of the most significant landmarks of Paris, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III, the Louvre, etc. Follow the tradition of offering a kiss to your beloved while crossing Pont-Marie, one of Paris’ many lover’s bridges.


4. Witness the Wall of Love

Le Mur Des Je t’aime, situated in Montmartre’s small Jehan Rictus garden square, draws thousands of lovebirds daily with its unique quality. In 2000, artists Claire Kito and Artists Fédéric Baron built this mural inscribing hundreds of varieties of Je t’aime (I Love You) in 250 languages and dialects.

love couple goals in honeymoon in france
love couple goals in honeymoon in france


5. Wine Tasting at Paris’ sole vineyard Le Clos Montmartre

Is it not amazing that despite being the capital city of France, Paris holds its vineyard tucked away in Montmartre? In your list of things to do in France,  do consider the tour of Paris’ only vineyard with a local Montmartrois guide to roam around this close-to-public area which exclusively manufactures 800 to 1000 bottles of wine each year. A mid-tour tasting awaits you on your experience with a local guide.


Best Adventure Activities Which We Can Do in France

France will never fail to surprise you with its varied list of things to do in France. There is something for everyone. If you are looking for a perfect mix of serenity and adventure, then you will get that in every corner of the country. When you finish trying all the good foods and drinks across the country, you can burn your calories by opting to do some of the adventurous activities we are about to mention here. Following is a list of places to visit in France to experience an adrenaline rush.


1. Horse Riding

You might be thinking, what is so special about horse riding? Well, it is the places that make the horse riding experience memorable. Just imagine riding a horse across all the French provinces, and the landscape is changing as you pass these provinces. It just feels great. Besides that, you can also enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Loire valley of France. If you are not into horse riding and want to look after a horse for some time, then rest assured France can offer you all sorts of equestrian experiences.


2. Cycling on a Glacier

In case you are really into cycling and are willing to go extreme while mountain biking, then consider riding on a glacier. You will be able to find a path for mountain biking everywhere around the glaciers of the Alps and the Pyrenees of the country.

The cycling paths around these glaciers are spread over almost 60000 km. But the most significant part about all these is what we discussed earlier: Megavalanche or cycling on a glacier. If you are signing up for Megavalanche, then riding a mountain bike on a glacier while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature will surely amp up your adventurous experience.

france vacation things to do
france vacation things to do


3. Night Rollerblading

Who would not enjoy a walk across the streets of moonlit Paris at night on their honeymoon in France? But why walk when you can roll on these streets? Several skaters and roller boarders gather every Friday and call themselves Pari Rollers. You can join them when you are there and ride a roller board on the specific paths of the city. Nothing is stopping you from experiencing this except for rain which can play the role of spoilsport here.


4. Climbing

There is no shortage of places to climb in France due to the presence of the Alps and Pyrenees. French people and their love affairs with climbing and hiking are endless. So there are several checkpoints that you will find along the hiking and climbing trails, and you will also find people to help you in the journey. So, on your honeymoon in France, prepare for a fantastic climbing experience with the resources like maps, signs, and others.

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5. Canyoning

Do you still need to figure out what adventurous things to do in France? Canyoning is on the bucket list of most of us. This adventure sport is steadily gaining popularity among the French people. In the last few years, several canyoning clubs were founded where you can enroll yourself to go on adventures in the canyons of France. No one knows what experience awaits you once you embark on your journey. You might explore caves and hidden waterfalls while canyoning.


Nightlife Experience in France

France is a country known by people worldwide for different reasons. Some praise the country for its contribution to arts and intellect, while others praise it for the food. Irrespective of your perception of France, there is something for every individual. The streets are filled with joyous people, and you can enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants or dance your heart out in one of the clubs.

Let’s see what the exciting places to visit in France after sunset are.


1. Nightlife In Paris

Many refer to Paris as the City of Lights. There are several amazing nightclubs where you can enjoy the nightlife of Paris with your beloved. The livelihood of Paris becomes more visible during nighttime. Some of the most noteworthy places in Paris are Le Duc des Lombards and Au Lapin Agile. The first one is a modern Jazz club, whereas the latter is famous for cabaret dancers’ performances.

Paris the city of love and romance
Paris the city of love and romance


2. Nightlife in Lyon

If you are in Lyon and the evening is still young, you can enjoy your time away from the medieval monuments of the place in a heap and busy pub. Two of the best places in Lyon to enjoy nightlife are Croix Rousse and Presqu’île. You can easily blend in with the locals at Paddy’s corner, which gains popularity among the masses for its traditional pub quiz. Besides that, you can also visit Hot Club Lyon, where Jazz artists like Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong used to perform. Even now, you can enjoy a jazz show with your loved one while drinking.


3. Nightlife in Marseilles

It is one of the most friendly places in France, and you can get very close to French bar culture while visiting the place. Find cheap booze and unlimited fun at sites like Polikarpov and Carry Nation.


4. Nightlife in Strasbourg

Strasbourg has the most outrageous nightlife due to the hefty student population in this place. Most people gather around the Rue des Juifs cathedral, which is a hotspot of the town. You can enjoy the France nightlife at La Chalet Club or in the Au Fur et Mesure, where you will be your bartender.


Things You Must Try in France

When you begin questioning what things to do on a France vacation, that can end up being an endless list. France has so many unique places to visit and things to do, being the largest country in Western Europe.


1. Climb To Eiffel Tower’s Top For An Amazing Panoramic View

There is a high chance that the first thing that strikes your mind when you think of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This magnificent structure was built way back in 2889 to mark the 100 years of the historic French Revolution. Standing at an astonishing 324-meter height, the tower can offer you the best bird-eye view of Paris that one can get.

The best time to visit this architectural marvel is in the evening time. You can enjoy both the sunset and the nightlife of the city. To get to the top, you can choose to climb stairs or take the help of the elevators. Every evening the tower lit up for 10 minutes every hour, and how beautiful the building looked during that period can not be described in words. It is the ideal place for couples on their honeymoon in France.

things to do in france and paris vacation
things to do in france and paris vacation


2. Satisfy Your Stomach With Authentic French Cuisine at Les Halles de Lyon

If you are looking for authentic French food to try, you should pay a visit to this beautiful town of Lyons. The city is known as the ‘city of gastronomy.’ After roaming all around the city, book yourself a table at one of the restaurants in Lyons having Lyons local cuisine restaurant certification mark. The most popular restaurant in Lyons is Les Halles de Lyon. Dishes that you must try are Lyon salad, quenelle, tablier de sapeur, or boudin noir aux pommes. You can finish your meal with a dessert like an apple tart.


3. Taste The Most Amazing Wine In Avignon

There is no shortage of admirers of French wine worldwide, and if you are one of them, you must visit the beautiful town of Avignon. Located in the southern part of France, a wine produced here is only sold in the country of origin. You can participate in a total of 4 activities on your trip to Avignon.

There are a total of 4 wineries located close to Avignon. You can spend an hour at the vineyard. You can also try the wine while in the professional cellar. Last but not least, you can listen to the guide about the preparation of wine. So, do include Avignon in your list of great places to visit in France.


4. See The Sunrise Over Sacré-Cœur

French people believe that the sun rises in Paris at the Basilica. The Basilica is an 18th-century church and is often referred to as the ‘Sacred Heart of Paris’ or in French as ‘Sacre-Coeur.’ It is one of the most touristy destinations and the best time to get amazed by the beauty of this marvel is during the sunrise. When the sun’s first rays hit the building’s dome, it feels like heaven. The feeling of watching the sky at that time and selling the sunlight slowly consuming the city can’t be described in words.


5. Vintage Shopping In Marais

Some people love to collect vintage things on their France vacation, and if you are one of those vintage connoisseurs, you should spend one fine morning in the old neighborhood of Marais. You can find vintage artifacts closely related to the Parisian lifestyle to purchase. You can find almost anything and everything here, from retro dresses to sunglasses. After you are done shopping, you can have an excellent breakfast at a cafe having outdoor seating arrangements.


6. Attend a Concert at the Philharmonic

Over the years, Architect The Philharmonie de Paris has been organizing concerts and shows of eminent orchestras. If you are a music-loving soul, you must pay a visit to a concert at Philharmonie. Over the years, orchestras like the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris and the Orchestre de National d’ile-de- France have delivered some of the most notable performances. Pleasant music will keep ringing in your ears even after leaving the concert. Don’t forget to add this experience to your list of things to do in France.

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places to visit in france
places to visit in france

Questions About France Vacation

1. What are the convenient ways to commute around France?

The best way to travel in this country is by rail as France has a widespread rail network. SNCF is the national rail authority that runs trains all across the country. All these trains run fast and reach their destinations on time. The bus route connects rural areas of French provinces.

France is also known for its coastal islands, such as Brittany and the Cote d’Azur. You can reach these places only by taking a ferry from the mainland. Moreover, almost everyone enjoys the serene landscape while driving; if you want to enjoy that, you can rent a car too.


2. Is France Expensive for tourists?

Paris is France’s capital, one of the costliest cities in all of Western Europe. It is true for almost all the major cities of France. Overall you can expect to spend approximately 186 Euros daily on your honeymoon in France per person. This average daily price may vary depending on where you stay and what you eat, along with other factors. Roughly in a week, you can expect that you will have to spend almost 2600 Euros for two people. It is still very cheaper than New Zealand vacation or Australia Vacation.


3. What is the Ideal Time to visit France for a Honeymoon?

If you plan your honeymoon in France, we strongly recommend that you visit the country during spring. However, the cities and towns of the country have to offer different things at different times. Spring sets in France during the month of April-May. During this period you will experience fewer crowds and also mild temperatures.

Other than that, you can also visit France in the months of summer and autumn. Avoid visiting France in winter as the temperature falls drastically. Still, if you are a couple who can withstand the cold, this can be the best time for your honeymoon with less crowd and breathtaking natural beauty on display.


4. Which are the Best Resorts and Hotels in France?

You need a place to crash at night and undoubtedly require a nice, comfy place to spend your nights so that you wake up the following day fully energized. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose either hotel or a resort from across the country. Before booking a place in France, you must consider a few things, such as budget and the comfort you require. Some of the best accommodations in France vacation include Le Grand Hotel des Thermes, Spa Marin Du Val Andre, Le Meridien Nice, etc.


honeymoon in paris vacation travels
honeymoon in paris vacation travels

5. Is France Safe for Couples?

Overall, France is a safe country to travel to as a couple on your honeymoon in France. In the last couple of years, the number of terror attacks has increased in the country, which is why armed patrolling in the most visited places has been raised by the French Police. That is for the sake of the visitors. Most small towns are entirely safe at any time of the day. The risk of minor crimes such as pickpocketing and other scams often takes place in large cities such as Paris and Marseille.


6. How Much Cash to Carry in France?

As a traveler, you should always carry a certain amount of cash. Cash in hand will not make you uncomfortable if your bank fails to complete an online transaction. You should maintain an average of 200 Euros in one of France’s major cities. If you have more than 10000 Euros, you must inform French Customs. Besides that, you should also let Customs know if you carry bearer cheques, traveler’s cheques, anonymous bearer bonds, and a few other negotiable instruments.


7. Do you need a Covid test to enter France?

The answer is ‘No.’ As a traveler, you don’t need to undergo an antigen test for your France vacation. You don’t require a vaccine pass to enter France. The French government has permitted the entry of visitors into their country without a vaccine pass since 14th March 2022. Moreover, from 1st August 2022, travellers get permission to enter the countryside to visit without a COVID certificate. But to know the exact current situation, please check the France Immigration and visa website.


8. Which is the Best Place in France to plan a Honeymoon on a budget?

There will be no shortage of things to do in Paris if you know the best places to enjoy. You can end your search for romantic getaways in France by visiting sites like Fontainebleau, Bordeaux, Corsica Island, Paris, Nice, and others. All the places are unique and have different things to offer. You, on your honeymoon, can perform several romantic activities on the sites mentioned above.


love in france or love in paris vacation
love in france or love in paris vacation


9. Which is the Most Incredible Place in France for Wine Tasting?

Avignon and wine have almost become synonymous. You can locate wine factories in and around the place. If you are into alcoholic beverages, you must have heard about French wine. While in France, you must visit Avignon to taste wine in the wine cellar. If you wish, you can also take a tour of any one of the wine factories.


10. Which Outfits should you pack for your Honeymoon in France?

The requirement for outfits changes depending on the season of your France vacation. Pack some of the gorgeous outfits and cool-looking overcoats, and don’t forget your beanies and mufflers if you are going during winter. If you visit the country in summer and autumn, you can take all the fancy tees, shorts, shirts and jeans.

During this time, carry a minimal amount of winter clothing as sometimes the temperature falls suddenly. Irrespective of when you are visiting, always bring a raincoat or windcheater as it may rain anytime in Paris.


france vacation guide, places to visit in france
france vacation guide, places to visit in france

Bottom Line

Spending your honeymoon in France is a once in a life experience that must be lived to the fullest. During your French honeymoon, don’t miss out on the dream destinations you have always desired to visit with your life partner. Such an opportunity never comes twice; thus, you should cherish every moment of your romantic vacation in France.

Considering your budget, travel to the most amazing places, eat at some great restaurants, buy beautiful souvenirs, and indulge in some unparalleled experiences of your life that you will even cherish after several years of your marriage. Make sure that your dreamy romantic France vacation is worth every penny

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