15 Best Places to Visit in London – Things to Do in London, UK

Places to Visit in London
Places to Visit in London

London – the name itself is enough to give you goosebumps. Thousands of the world’s most iconic and attractive tourist places have made London one of the most signature destinations in the world. The modern vibe, culture, and history resemble so many things here. More than thousands of photos surf the internet to glimpse these incredible places. But you can only learn about the country’s perks when you visit it physically. There is no need to say you will fall in love with the city when you go there for traveling or even business purposes and roam the streets. 

There are many places to visit in London to explore and gather memories. If you miss this golden opportunity, you don’t want to regret your trip. So, you will get all the answers in this article. 

Women enjoying On a London vacation
Women enjoying On a London vacation

Top Places to Visit in London 

From spectacular art galleries, iconic spots, and popular theatres to stunning city views, every corner of London will not fail to amaze you. Must-visit restaurants, pubs, and nightlife of London are fascinating to explore. 

If you start surfing the internet for things to do in London, you can add several places to your bucket list. But where to start? How can you make up your mind? We know it would be a missed opportunity if you could not visit these famed places. Below, we have created a list that would make your trip the most happening. 


  • London Eye

Things to do in London
Things to do in London

London Eye is probably one of the must-visit places in London, famous for the iconic Ferris wheel. It was built to mark the millennium celebrations in 2000 in London. However, it is a tourist’s foremost attractive place from day one. If you want to enjoy some of the splendid city views, the glass capsules of the Ferris wheel can take you up to 443 ft on top of the Thames River. The ride is for 30 minutes operating from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. If you are an adventure lover, this could be heaven for you. 


  • Hyde Park

Hyde park London Vacation Itinerary
Hyde park London Vacation Itinerary

Hyde Park is known as a popular tourist attraction in London. Since 1635, this 350-acre open space has been open to sightseers so that they can spend quality time. Here people come from boating and swimming in the lake called Serpentine, man-made in the 18th Century. Speaker’s Corner and Apsley House are two other things to explore here – it was the former home of the first Duke of Wellington.


Hogwarts Model in London
Hogwarts Model in London
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then, going to London and not visiting the sets of how the movie was made behind the scenes will be a sure miss. You can witness some of the most incredible and magical things when you explore this prominent place.

Whoever has watched the movie can surely be delightedly checking the places physically shown in the movie. Wouldn’t it be a great experience? We believe you will be mesmerized by everything.



  • Kew Gardens

Places to visit in London Kew garden
Places to visit in London Kew garden

If you want to catch the sunrays and sunshine in London, Kew Gardens, known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, is perfect. This 300-acre location on the side of the Thames River in southwest London is ideal for strolling with loved ones. Built in 1759, the gardens offer various tours, and anyone can enjoy a free visit here. Admission. It is the place where both cultural and musical events take place in London.


Madame Tussauds Places to visit in London
Madame Tussauds Places to visit in London
  • Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds London is one of the most iconic places to visit in London. The breathtaking and almost impossible-to-differentiate wax statues can surely make you excited.

When you find yourself in front of your favorite characters, you can have a lifetime experience. Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, The Queen – her majesty to the heroes of star wars, you can live moments with popular celebrities.



  • National Gallery

The National Gallery Museum is one of the most famous places to visit in London during your trip. It is full of masterpieces containing European paintings from 1260 to 1920. The museum’s incredible collection includes works by world-famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci’s Child, Botticelli’s Venus, and Mars. Monet’s The Waterlily Pond and van Gogh’s Sunflowers are also pleasing to your eyes.


Buckingham palace places to visit in London
Buckingham palace Places to Visit in London
  • Buckingham Palace

Built in 1837, Buckingham Palace is the London residence where the Royal Family has lived ever since the Queen of England, Madam Victoria, came into power. You can enjoy a palace tour to experience the Royal culture and class. Every corner of this palace is gorgeous as ever.

This marching parade and the fine Royal music is a treat you must give yourself during your visit to London.




  • St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is London’s largest and most famous church. It is a popular site among travelers signifying the culture of the Roman temple. Plus, a rebuilt structure after the former one was destroyed in a fire incident. Representing the heritage of English architecture, the 365 ft dome of St Paul and the twin Baroque is glorified as an iconic palace of London.


  • Big Ben

London Big Ben – only a few people are familiar with the watch. A legendary monument, Big Ben is famous worldwide. This 97-meter tall tower housing a giant clock resembles BBC radio and is famous worldwide. The name and look of the tower clock are the signatures and iconic places of London. 

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Beauty of london on a holiday
The beauty of London on a holiday
  • Notting Hill Gate

While visiting London, Notting Hill Gate is one of the most famous places to visit in London that you should not miss out on. England is renowned as one of the most luxurious, high-class multicultural, and cosmopolitan areas. The eye-soothing pastel houses and spectacular pastel vintage cars around the place could give you pure bliss. The exquisite ambiance here attracts tourists here. 

London vacation
London vacation

A List of Wonderful Destinations to Explore in London 

London is a city made of highly exclusive skyscrapers, concrete, and tarmac. You will find them pretty attractive in the eyes. There are so many things to do in London and explore so that you can be lost in these places’ charm, beauty, and aura. If you are ready to experience an unforgettable trip to London, there are many more iconic places to visit. From the Church of Saint Dunstan to Sky Garden, all these places carry histories from the olden days. 

Exciting vacation in london
Exciting vacation in London
  • Church of Saint Dunstan

The Church of Saint Dunstan is an ideal example of a serene place. A church standing apart from the crowd holds enough tranquillity. It was named St Dunstan, on the name of the tenth-century monk who applied black magic and leprosy on himself to become Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1967, the corporation of London chose to transform the place into a public garden, which is, to date, an attractive place for thousands of visitors. 

Holiday in London
Holiday in London
  • Little Venice

Little Venice – when you visit this place, you will find a place full of cool and narrow boats neatly moored together. The view is no less than picturesque. Visiting this place and enjoying the trips with Venetian gondolas can make this trip memorable. Many are traditionally decorated and feature many quirky colors and furniture. Most trips involve floating down the canal on a barge and learning about the area’s history.


  • The Painted Hall

Known as ‘London’s Sistine Chapel,’ the Painted Hall is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. London is highly attractive for art lovers and a city of history. A live tour of the Painted Hall allows you to enjoy 30-minute talks. Exploring the history, culture, and stories behind the 200 incredible characters assembled on the ceiling and walls would be fascinating. Ensure you visit this place in the list of things to do in London. 


Places to visit in London Neals yard
Places to visit in London Neals yard
  • Neal’s Yard

Are you planning to head out in search of shops, theatres, cafes, pubs, or restaurants? Neal’s Yard is a pretty part of London. You will cherish the memorable climate in and around the Covent Nursery. If you love opera shows, there are many famous theatres. You can even find yourself among the street performers making crowds happy with their sizzling performances. If you have tickets, you will be happy to know that many local restaurants offer prix fixe menus, early dinners, and many more things to enjoy till late at night.



  • Sky Garden

Do you love viewing galleries? Sky Garden’s gallery is located on the 43rd floor. A walk over the Walkie-Talkie can allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of London. With floor-to-roof glass windows, the nursery gives an incredible view of the London skyline. Before reaching the decks and open-air terrace, stroll through the lushly landscaped gardens. Don’t miss Sky Garden’s restaurants and bars, Live music sessions, sunrise yoga, and other activities to enjoy. 

Visit Sky garden On London Vacation
Visit Sky garden On London Vacation

What is the Best Mode to Travel in London?

After arriving in London, determining how to travel and which mode of transportation will provide you with the most cost-effective option is simple. Besides ensuring the famous places to visit in London, this guide could give you an idea of a few transportation modes to navigate the city easily.


Travel in London with Oyster card
Travel in London with an Oyster card

Oyster Cards 

Oyster cards are one of the most popular and time-saving options for traveling around the cities in London. You can easily deposit money on the card, check-in, and check out the buses and tube stations according to your needs.

London Holiday in Winters
London Holiday in Winters


Harrods Places to Visit in London
Harrods Places to Visit in London


The bus is one of the most popular modes of public transportation in London. People who have Oyster cards can easily travel around the cities on buses. It has a historical appeal to cherish forever.



For a more private and relaxing experience, traveling in classic black cabs is a preferred option by many visitors.


What Is the Perfect Time to Visit London?

London mistakenly wears the city title for receiving a never-ending rain shower. However, the case stands the opposite as the stunning city offers pleasant weather all year. The city is the driest in all of Britain. It makes an incredible destination to visit any time of the year to explore its favored events, attractions, and more.

Considering the weather, the best time to visit this classic touristy location is late spring or early summer and early autumn and late summer. These include the month of May or June and September or October. However, there are days when the city is bustling with life during the holiday season.

The famous European city experiences a stream of local and overseas crowds during the winter holidays and summer vacations. So, if the crowd is not your thing, take a trip to London in the off-season time, i.e., from January to April and September to November.

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But if you wish to be a part of the buzzing and vibrant city streets, June to August is one of the best times to execute your list of things to do in London. You can enjoy the climate during this peak season with the warmest summer weather.

Things to do in London in Winter
Things to do in London in Winter

The chill starts to settle in during September and October, the underappreciated visiting time. March and April are also the best times as the weather starts warming up slowly. However, you can fly into London in December to feel the Christmas spirit. If you do not like wet and cold weather, it is best to avoid February and November. 


Best Things to Do While Visiting London

From immersing yourself in the rich history of Great Britain to spending a magical musical night and taking yourself on various delightful trips, London is bubbling with countless options for you to explore. Here are some incredible things to do in London to give your mind a tease.

Tower bridge Beautiful Places to See in London
Tower Bridge Beautiful Places to See in London
  •     Travel Back in Time by Visiting the Tower of London

Visiting London demands time traveling and relieving the stories that occurred in the famous buildings that are a part of the rich history. The Tower of London has been here for over 300 years and is among the famous fortresses. It is a sight not to miss, as it has its very jewel house and protectively holds valuable jewels and an armor collection.

This very much present medieval castle stands tall by the river Thames. As you enter this iconic historical site, its enchanting magnificence completely engulfs you. Learn about the consequential tales of this official royal palace and fortress of Queen Elizabeth II. The fine architecture and artistry give it a top spot among London’s best places to visit.


Museum in London Must Visit Places
Museum in London Must Visit Places
  •     Visit Tate Modern and Explore the Contemporary Arts

Dive deeply into hundreds of years of artwork with Tate Modern, Millbank’s art museum. Being a sibling to Tate Britain, this is the best-loved riverside icon. Art world enthusiasts can spend hours admiring charismatic sculptures and paintings from the greatest artists.

Dealing with the contemporary arts, this is the perfect place to gain inspiration. Experience works from well-known art masters like Pollock, Picasso, Warhol, Rothko, Cezanne, Matisse, Bonnard, and Bourgeois.

As the largest national museum, it also holds an enormous collection of the country’s creations dating back to the Tudor period. Find these artworks in the Boiler House, Blavatnik Building, and the central Tribune Hall. Do not miss the giant slides from the German artist Carsten Höller and the sunflower seeds by Ai Weiwei.


  •     Relax at the Kensington Garden

Present in the busy city of London is Kensington Garden, which borders immense peace and striking landscapes. Neighboring Hyde Park, it is a haven for natural beauty. Compared to its neighbor, it offers a more peaceful and calmer environment.

Apart from offering a tour of the Kensington Palace, this beauty features Peter Pan Statue, Italian Gardens, Albert Memorial, Round Pond, and Serpentine Art Gallery. International travelers can add a relaxing afternoon stroll to their list of things to do in London while adjusting to the time difference on their first day.

Royal opera house historic place in London
Royal opera house is a historic place in London
  •     Enjoy a Theater Show at West End

Make yourself a part of the whole new universe with enthralling theatrical performances that have the energy to enchant your heart and mind. The famous West End Theatre artists offer classic magical productions if theatres and musicals enrich your soul.

You can immerse yourself entirely in award-winning musicals, breathtaking storylines, and acting in plays.


  •     Spend Time at Columbia Road Flower Market

Take a trip to the city’s oldest flower market, known for its blooms covering every corner. The flower market is a hipster’s paradise that occupies Columbia Road and provides you with sweet, aromatic flowers to buy. You can also purchase cacti, bedding plants, or a banana tree.

To catch the fresh blooms, visit the market at 8 in the morning, which will continue till 3 in the afternoon. You can spend your time here visiting adorable cafes, galleries, antique dealers, and shops.

Visit Warner bros studio in London
Visit Warner Bros studio in London

Things to Know Before Visiting London, United Kingdom

It could be your first time taking a trip to London. You may be reading and curating the perfect list of all the best places to visit in London. With all the excitement brewing, there are also a few things to know before you visit the country.


  •     Travelers May Carry a Jacket Even if They Visit in Summer

The location of England makes the weather a little unpredictable. Despite the summer season in full bloom, chances of harsh winds or heavy rain showers are never nil. So, to be ready for the all-English experience, pack a jacket, if not an umbrella, and keep a tab on the weather. Generally, London is warmer than other locations in the United Kingdom.

Places to visit in London
Places to visit in London
  •     You Must Know about the Average Tips at Restaurants

If your list of things to do in London involves visiting popular restaurants, you must realize the average tips. Usually, your bill will have a service charge. There is no need to tip. However, a 10% tip is doable if it does not.

In addition, for an awful service experience, the service charge in the bill will be optional for you to add or not, and you can pay the total before adding the service charge.

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couple in london on vacation
Couple in London on vacation
  •     The Prices of Public Transportation are Reasonable

Public transport is a great way to travel around the city. You can visit the prominent places at a reasonable price. Since the cash tickets are super expensive, an Oyster Card will be your best friend.

It will save you around 50% compared to purchasing a ticket. The everyday cost of trams or buses will be 4.40 pounds sterling.

Christmas london vacation
Christmas London vacation


  • They Drive Cars on the Left

Where many countries drive on the right side, it is the opposite in the United Kingdom. Drivers drive their cars on the road’s left side. Coming from a country that follows the opposite can be very confusing.

Therefore, when crossing a street, see both ways. You can even find indicators for looking left or right on the crosswalks.


  • The Lingo Is a Bit Different

Most people are aware of this. However, consider that certain English words or phrases have different pronunciations. Despite being an English speaker, you may find a distinct language difference. For instance, Westminster sounds like Wes-min-ster, and Greenwich sounds like Gren-ITCH.

Moreover, British slang and terms are very different. Thus, knowing the lingo is essential. British people say pee instead of pence, such as 25 pee for 25p. If you hear quid, the term refers to a pound and a fiver or tenner for a five- or ten-pound note.

Other words include loo for bathroom, lift for the elevator, boot for the trunk, queue for line, crisps for chips, chips for French fries, petrol for gas, fag for cigarettes, ground floor for the first floor, and more.


Places to Visit in London with Friends
Places to Visit in London with Friends
  •     Know the Details of the Oyster Card

Public transportation is much cheaper when you are using the transportation Oyster Card. Used by visitors and locals, you can add credit to the card to pay every time you take public transport. You may use a credit or debit card for contactless payment options or Google or Apple Pay.

Using the Oyster Card, you will get a daily cap. So, based on the total zones you travel through, there will be a specific amount you will have to pay in a day. After reaching the limit, you can travel for free. Once you get in the transportation, you can tap your card on the bus’s card reader.



Is It Completely Safe to Travel to London?

Generally, London is a safe city to travel to. However, you must make sure to do complete research on where you will be staying. Also, consider the different safety measures to take concerning Covid-19 guidelines.

Ensure to take the basic precautions and keep your belongings safe from pickpockets. When traveling through public transport, stay alert regarding what goes on around your surroundings. 

Law enforcement and security throughout neighborhoods make London safer for visitors. Additionally, the country has stringent gun laws to lower crime. 


Trafalgar square places to visit in London
Trafalgar Square places to visit in London

How To Do a Budget Vacation in London?

People should be aware that a London trip is expensive. But, considering a few tips, you can easily experience a budget vacation in London. Try to take London public transport, as it will be cheaper. Next, you can book your stay in advance and save money if your hotel is outside central London.

There are both peak seasons and low seasons. So ensuring a trip in low seasons would be great for your pocket. You can choose budget-friendly food options and wander the free museums and other attractions. These two are great options to save a good amount on a trip budget.  


How Many Days Is Enough to Explore the Main Attractions of London?

When visiting London for the first time, spending three days is a must. Within these days, you can split your time between exploring the most iconic locations and some of the best-known museums in the capital. It is enough to feel good about your time here. However, you can spend up to four days exploring and visiting the local neighborhoods.



London offers something for everyone, regardless of what you jam the best to. You can dive into the paradise of enamoring artworks, symbolic attractions, delightful green spaces, and more. With the help of this article, you now know all the top places to visit in London.

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