Plan Vacation in Bhutan – 25 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

Planning a trip this year? Wondering which country to visit out of many? If yes, then you have landed on the right page! Plan a vacation in Bhutan this time, as it’s a wonderful country with green valleys, scenic beauty, Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, shadowy tall forests, cascading waterfalls, and much more.

This amazing guide will tell you everything about the best places to visit in Bhutan that will make your trip an unforgettable one. There are ample numbers of tourist places in the country that will make you fall in love with this place.

Vacation places to visit in bhutan with friends and family
Vacation places to visit in bhutan with friends and family

Spending a perfect vacation is not curbed to hills and beaches only. At times, you need to think in a different way to plan a vacation. If you desire to visit a place that can relax your mind and soul, then Bhutan is the perfect destination for you that you can plan without giving a second thought. There are countless places to visit in Bhutan that are ideal for adventure holidays, honeymoons, family vacations, etc.

Food is something that tells everything about the people, living conditions, and culture of any region. When it comes to the cuisine of Bhutan, then you will be happy to know that the country is famous for a wide range of scorching-flavored dishes. There are many places to visit in Bhutan where you can enjoy different cuisines.

Locals of the country make use of spices, peppers, and chilies in their recipes to beat the cold weather conditions. Ema Datshi’ is a famous dish you must try once on a vacation in Bhutan, as it is made from pure cheese and chili peppers.

Beautiful Places to visit in Bhutan
Beautiful Places to visit in Bhutan

What Can You Do in Tourist Places Like Bhutan?

Everyone’s dream is to enjoy their trip to the fullest. For someone who plans a vacation in Bhutan will expect a lot of things ranging from the best spots to lip-smacking dishes to the scenic beauty. So, there are a number of things that you can see in Bhutan. A few popular attractions are:

  • Trekking: The country is home to a few attractive and exciting trekking routes where you will get the chance to explore lush forests, remote villages, and the Himalayas
  • Buddhism: Bhutan is a religious country, and tourists can experience the place by visiting different monasteries, stupas, temples, and so on. 
  • Festivals: Different vibrant festivals are celebrated in Bhutan, where tourists get the chance to understand traditional Bhutanese culture. 
  • Cultural Sites: The country is home to numerous cultural heritage sites like Punakha Dzong, Jambay Lhakhang Temple, and Paro Taktsang Temple.
Things to do in Bhutan Punakha rafting
Things to do in Bhutan Punakha rafting
  • Scenic Drives: The country has amazing scenic drives with curving roads that take one through lush green forests, traditional villages, and rugged mountains. For nature lovers, this place is going to make them crazy. 
  • Adventure Sports: Adventure sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and white water rafting are famous in Bhutan. One can try it while visiting here. 
  • Shopping: Bhutan is well known for its diverse traditional handicrafts, which one can find in different shops.
  • Eating: The cuisine of the country is unique and mouth-watering, with a mixture of different flavors and spices.


Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

Eager to know about the best places to visit in Bhutan? Scroll down to learn about the same! Let’s get started! Happy Reading!


Located in Bhutan, Paro is a beautiful village that you have never seen before. It has two museums and a few historical monuments and relics that reflect Bhutan’s entire culture. 

If you are a nature lover and enjoy seeing scenic beauty, then this place is worth visiting. Its rough mountain hills, clean air, and calm atmosphere make Paro a true gem. While traveling to this place, don’t forget to visit Ugyen Pelri Palace, Zuri Dzong, Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang, etc., to enjoy your vacation in Bhutan to the fullest. 

Vacation in Bhutan
Vacation in Bhutan


Do you know what are the things that will fascinate you at this place? Nature and adventure! Yes, you heard it right! For adventure lovers, this place is bliss. Experience something new here, such as rafting and kayaking at Mo and Pho rivers. The weather in this place is warm during winter and hot during summer. Villagers who are residing at higher heights in Bhutan move to Punakha during cold chilly winters to escape the extremely cold climate. 

The beautiful spots to visit here that will make your trip an amazing one are Punakha Dzong, Limbhukha, Talo, and Chimi Lhakhang

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Rinpung Dzong

Dzong means forts in Bhutan. You will find many Dzong in this beautiful and small country. Among all, Rinpung Dzong is the most stunning fort that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. You will also find many temples and shrines here, among which Monk’s Assembly Hall, Kungarwa, Sandalwood Stupa, and Protector’s Shrine are quite common for their beauty. 

The Rinpung Dzong houses ‘Paro Tshechu,’ a colorful annual festival that makes the place even more impressive. 

Paro Tshechu festival things to do in Bhutan
Paro Tshechu festival things to do in Bhutan


Another must-visit attraction of Bhutan is Phuentsholing. The chief attractions of this small town are the Crocodile Breeding Center, Karbandi Monastery, Amo Chuu, Bhutan Gate, and so on. The place’s natural beauty is enough to hold the attention of every tourist. This place is the best place for nature lovers to enjoy and capture beautiful memories. 

The Phuentsholing market is good, where you will see all types of items ranging from footwear to eatables. For enjoying a peaceful walk, Torsa Riverside will be the best option for you. The natural beauty of this place will surely be going to leave you awestruck. 


Tiger’s Nest

Tigers Nest, also known as ‘Taktsang Monastery’ is popular for its holiness and beauty. It’s also an amazing place to enjoy trekking and nature. The Tiger Nest hiking trail is quite challenging but a beautiful one. 

The trek will take you through grimy routes and stalwart trees, thus offering you a beautiful view to experience. Every year the festival is held during the month of March or April here and is known by the name ‘Tsechu Festival

Photography is banned in the monastery, so you can’t carry your camera. Also, you need to deposit your bags before entering inside. 

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan places to visit
Tiger’s Nest Bhutan places to visit



Trongsa is a beautiful place surrounded by lush flora. The serenity spread in the atmosphere will make this place perfect for doing yoga and meditation. Do you know the best thing about this place? It’s very easy to reach Trongsa from anywhere!  

The major attraction of this place is Trongsa Monastery, a beautiful monastery decorated completely with red roofs. One can spend some time here by walking down to a few local markets. The town has a number of impressive tourist attraction spots like the Trongsa Watchtower, the Museum, The Trongsa Dzong, and many more. 

Trongsa Bhutan vacation
Trongsa Bhutan vacation

The Folk Heritage Museum

This museum displays Bhutan’s local lifestyle and culture. In the year 2001, the Folk Heritage Museum was opened to the public, and since then, it’s been considered the best place to visit in Bhutan. You will notice the entire house is well-decked with colorful banners that attract the attention of every tourist. 

The house where the setup of the museum is done is built in the traditional Bhutanese style. The building of the museum is made of timber as well as rammed earth. Also, the museum has a traditional water mill that you can see. The kitchen garden and wheat fields add more rusticity to this amazing place.


Talo Village

Talo Village in Bhutan is a beautiful place to visit for those who are searching for solace. The place offers picturesque landscapes that are decorated with pea fields as well as sweet corn

At the top, you will see a Buddhist Monastery. If you dream of visiting Bhutan villages, then give this place a try. The villages are well known for their clean appearance. If we talk about Talo Village, then it has a traditional Bhutanese style. This place will give you a glimpse of the country’s village life.


Haa Valley

A small destination that you can visit to enjoy a vacation in Bhutan. Here you can explore temples and fortresses that are breathtaking. A few attractions of this valley are Shekhar Drak, Tagchu Goemba, Lhakhang Karpo, Dobji Dzong, and so on. Head to Dobji Dzong and enjoy the region’s panoramic view by reaching the top floor. Even many temples here are too old. 

Many tourists visit this valley to make their travel experience an ultimate one. Whether it’s staying in homestays, spending time with locals, visiting the monasteries, or relishing local delicacies, Haa Valley can give you the best memorable experiences.


Tourist on a Vacation in Bhutan
Tourist on a Vacation in Bhutan

Chele La Pass

Chele La Pass is another unique place to visit in Bhutan. It is located at a height of about 4000 meters. To reach the place, one has to go through the Ha Valley. But after reaching there, you will surely be enthralled by its waterfalls, lush greenery, wildflowers, and clouds that look as if they are too close to you.

Also, the Chele La Pass surrounding areas have many ancient trails that are ideal for hikers, and the mountain slopes are covered so beautifully in white poppy


Mongar has beautiful eucalyptus trees that seem so soothing to the eyes and soul. Another thing that makes this place more beautiful is its cozy and pretty homestays. The place is well-known for its striking sights and shopping markets that are famous for unique wooden products, colorful fabrics, etc. Give a visit to Mongar Dzong, Yagang Lhakhang, Dramatese Monastery, and Zhongar Dzong to make your vacation in Bhutan an amazing one.

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Just like other famous Himalayan kingdoms, Thimphu has something special that makes the place a heaven for travelers. Thimphu is located on the Himalayas lap, and the view is eye-catching from this place. 

Here you will come across different new and old constructions in complete Bhutanese style. Some of the top buildings that you can explore in this place are Tashichho Dzong, Motithang Takin Preserve, etc. Also, don’t miss out on trying the land’s traditional cuisine. 

Holiday in Bhutan with friends
Holiday in Bhutan with friends

Bumthang Valley

It’s a beautiful place for those who have a strong interest in spirituality, history, and religion. A pilgrimage spot of the Bhutan country, this valley holds numerous precious and ancient religious structures. 

This spot holds different ancient temples, apple trees, and many other natural beauties everywhere. Also, while going here, taste the beer and buckwheat delicacies that are lip-smacking. 


Gangtey Valley

Whether a nature lover, backpacker, wanderlust, or leisure traveler, this beautiful valley is a perfect spot for a vacation in Bhutan

Gangtey Valley attracts nature lovers as the complete place is home to many black-necked cranes. Every year black-necked cranes migrate to the valley during winter. Wildlife enthusiasts must visit Bhutan in the month of November to March to explore unique and shy birds. 


Norzim Lam Street

Norzim Lam Street is situated in Thimphu, and here you can see a number of items like local wine, crafts, souvenirs, and woolen clothes. Do you know the main attractions of this place? Textile buildings as well as old traditional outfits of Bhutanese. 

From handicrafts to unique artwork, local stalls to big shops- you will get all in one place. It’s the best place to have a different shopping experience. 

Places to visit in Bhutan with Friends
Places to visit in Bhutan with Friends

Ura Valley

Ura Valley is the most attractive area in central Bhutan. The place gives breathtaking alpine sights of Himalayan Peaks along with lush green forests, which are enough for adventure lovers. Because of the uneven terrain, the destination is ideal for mountain bikers

The pristine forests, cascaded paddy fields, and gushing rivers will hold your breath. It’s a cultural hotspot, too, with countless traditional villages and monasteries.


Adventurous Vacation in Bhutan
Adventurous Vacation in Bhutan


The spot is known for its Rocky Mountains, verdant forests, magnificent cliffs, and spectacular sights. Many tourists are not aware of this place due to lack of infrastructure as compared to different other areas. This region is well-known for ‘Ara’, which is an old Bhutanese alcoholic drink that locals drink in their homes.  

Also, the place is famed for its many sacred sites. So, if you wish to spend your time around nature escapes, don’t forget to visit Lheunste. 


Simply Bhutan

A wonderful museum, Simply Bhutan takes travelers through different aspects of Bhutan. Here you can explore the complete culture of Bhutan under a single shade. Study the native people’s lifestyle, their conventional attires, earthen huts, food, and much more. 

If you wish, you can buy some mementos and can enjoy snacks at small cozy eateries. 


Zuri-Dzong Fort

It’s the oldest Dzongs of Bhutan, and the murals reflect the fort’s rich antiquity and heritage. As per locals, there was a cave at this spot where the Zuri Dzong fort now stands. They also believe that Buddha meditates inside this cave. 

By reaching the Dzong top, you can enjoy the picturesque sights of Paro Valley. Just imagine what can be much better than this.


Mountains to visit in Bhutan
Mountains to visit in Bhutan


This place is famous for trekking spots and has blissful views. It’s established at a height of around 5000 meters, and the trekking trail of this place is challenging, too, even for skilled trekkers. Because of its silly altitude location, you need to spend your single day acclimatizing; after that, you can continue with the trek. 

Chomolhari trek things to do in Bhutan
Chomolhari trek things to do in Bhutan

National Museum of Bhutan

Constructed in 1968, the museum was built with the motive of showcasing Bhutan’s well-known art and craft. It has more than 3000 masterpieces that display Bhutan art and crafts work which ranges from ancient to contemporary paintings. 

It’s known as the country’s photo gallery, too, as it contains the dance ceremonies and other ceremony pictures organized once in the past. 


Choki Traditional Art School

It’s the prominent Institute in Bhutan, and the place is well known for training the old Bhutanese art of sculpting, painting, weaving, carving as well as embroidery. By visiting here, you can learn how the Bhutanese handicrafts are made. 


Natural Places to visit in Bhutan
Natural Places to Visit in Bhutan

Laya Gasa Trek

It’s the most famous and beautiful long-distance trek. On this trek, one will pass through pasturelands, dense pine forests, isolated mountain villages, farmlands, monasteries, temples, Dzongs, and much more. You will also come across native animals like blue sheep and famous Takins along your trail. 

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Add this to the places to visit in Bhutan and spend some time with the locals of this village to understand their culture. 


Motithang Takin Preserve

It’s a protected zone where Takin, a Bhutan national animal, is preserved. An animal that has the face of a goat and body like a cow can be seen in Bhutan only. Early mornings are ideal for spotting and capturing Takins. 

You will see many exotic birds as well as wild animals that roam in the area freely. Overflowing with calmness, the wildlife is exquisite; you should explore it once, and the place is covered by dense forestry of alpine trees. 


Dochula Pass

One can easily visit Dochula Pass in 2 hours which is the biggest monastery to visit in Bhutan. You will get amazed by its architectural exquisiteness. Also, inside the monastery, there are 108 beautiful stupas.

If you visit Bhutan in the month of April, then don’t miss the wonderful scene of Dochula Pass as well as its nearby nature. Relaxing and spending time here will surely be going to make you happy. 


Vacation in Bhutan with Friends
Vacation in Bhutan with Friends

Must-Have Items When Traveling to Different Places in Bhutan

Here we have listed below a few items that are quite imperative to carry while planning a vacation in Bhutan:

  • Hiking Boots: Ensure to carry hiking boots and the one that is waterproof and light in weight
  • Layers: Carry base, mid, and outer waterproof layer in case of change in weather or temperature
  • Hat: Carry a peaked hat in order to protect yourself from sunburn when moving to different places in Bhutan 
  • Lip Balm and Sunscreen: UV rays are quite much above the clouds, so ensure to protect your skin from sunburn
  • Headlamp: Since you will travel to remote places, carry with you a headlamp in case of moving to another place during the night
  • Personal First Aid Kit: It’s difficult to get all the medications in Bhutan, so prepare a full first aid kit
  • Sleeping Bag: If you will go trekking, then carry a sleeping bag for comfort and hygiene since there are many beautiful places to visit in Bhutan that you can’t miss. 
  • Gloves and Wool Hat: Temperatures fluctuate, so take along your gloves and hat to keep yourself warm when roaming around different places to visit in Bhutan 

So, follow the above-given list and carry everything with you to make your vacation in Bhutan a comfortable and memorable one. 


When is the Best Time to Visit Bhutan?

Now, the question is, when should I plan a vacation in Bhutan? Depending on the type of weather, you can decide when will be the best time for you! There are so many places to visit in Bhutan that have different weather conditions. 

  • The spring season i.e., between March and May, and the fall season i.e., between September and November, are perfect for planning a vacation in Bhutan.
  • Places to visit in Bhutan during spring are beautiful, and you will be able to see the clear views of wonderful mountains. Also, the temperature is quite pleasant in different places in Bhutan at this time.
  • The climate of Bhutan in autumn is bright with blue skies. Between the months of October and December, you can visit the country since the climate is dry and bright at this time.
Greenery & nature in Bhutan
Greenery & Nature Places to Visit in Bhutan

Summing Up

Let’s end up this amazing guide with the hope that it will help you decide the best places to visit in Bhutan. The country is an enchanted destination that can fill one’s life with beautiful memories. If you want some relaxation from a boring day-to-day schedule, keep Bhutan at the first number on your list. 

A tour of this magical country is worth visiting as you will get the chance to discover the beautiful culture, and there are many amazing places to visit in Bhutan that will give you a unique experience.


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