Beginner to Professional Blogger : Smart Blogging Steps

bloggers think tank
bloggers think tank

Blogging is very simple and easy but what is most difficult is to take this blogging passion to absolutely different level where you are actually making your Blogging a news for others mind.

You should be clear with one question “Why do you want to do blogging?”

If you are a professional blogger then definitely you are looking for making money via blog and creating some revenue source for yourself. But if you are taking it as a hobby then you might not want to read this article.

Blogging has now become one of the best source of online income but only few are actually able to convert their blog into money making idea. Why is that so?

The reason is simple “They don’t do blogging with the right intent and in the right attitude”.

Many bloggers fail every day and many create one new blog with the same intent of earning money. They focus on only one thing that is “quick online money” which ultimately results in their downfall.

No easy money making scheme is there and if someone says that he has a money making idea that can make you rich with no hard work required and in very small time then he is actually fooling you around.

Rather than getting into those false methods we need to develop a blogger like think Tank. A brain that works in the direction of achieving goals.

What do successful bloggers do and you don’t? How do Successful bloggers think and execute their work?

These questions are answering all your problems related to blogging  success.

Make a Chart of short term goals

Knowing your goals is really very important and to achieve those goals you need to put efforts and to put efforts you need to be motivated and to be motivated you need to see your goals. To have a clear goal that actually takes you one step closer to your dream goal is what you need to strive for at this moment. You cannot directly jump to try achieving you dream goal. Step by step business model is 99% more powerful and successful then the one-shot business model. The long term stability of your business id very much dependent on your short term goals.

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Always remember “If your foundation is strong then your building can stand any disaster”.

Your(bloggers) short term goals should be:-

Getting a reliable source of blogging traffic

Knowing your area of blogging

Knowing the available market and its future scope

Getting yourself noticed with positive impacts

Learning the rules and strategies in the blogging niche

And many more


Automate your task

You cannot handle everything that goes with your blog. You need to automate things and learn to automate. The more automation is there the more time you have purchased for yourself. The more time you have the more better planning you can do. Moving towards automation is also eestential because it reduces the possibility of error. No blogger would want a blog that has so many mistakes and faults. Moreover the time consumed in rectifying those errors is way more costly then your mistakes itself.


Time to market

This is very famous term in business and why not to be. It actually can turn the table for you. If you are hitting the target date and making things available for your readers on time the you are actually making money.

An opportunity remains an opportunity for a very short period of time and being a blogger you need to be active in finding those opportunity even before it happens.

How does a blogger loses opportunity because of not marketing on time?

When a blogger finds a time related opportunity like a deal or event that is going to happen and he misses it by some time then he has to pay in terms of google search traffic which gives higher priority to the one published on time of event.


Create something new

To sustain in this market you need to be creative and innovative every time you do something. Making a new product is going to get you more likes then building a same product with better content and features. Creative idea can pull new readers and can bring you more blogging traffic.


Set a time limit

Don’t keep working without any time constraint because you are losing money when you are losing time. Keep track of your blog and its statistical growth because that is required in long term goals.

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Keeping a time track and constraint will make you work more efficiently and improve the productivity.


Stay updated

The market is never stable and keeps on changing and building. Stay updated about your niche market and keep your blog updated as well. A boring outdated blog is not going to bring money. Use calculated risk and that is possible only if you know about your market and its risky ventures and their possible effects.


Get connected

It is called networking and this is one of the most needed thing for a blogger and an online entrepreneur.  In fact any business needs network to work with. A good network can really help you grow and stay on top of your market while a poor network will be the main reason for your downfall. Grow your network and stay connected to people.


Learn from mistakes rather than making it.

Why to make the same mistake again when someone has made it and regrets it. Don’t make the same mistake again and learn from others mistake. This will save you lot of resources, money and time.


Make mistakes

Confused? I said don’t make mistakes in this previous point and now I am saying exactly opposite of that. If you are not making mistakes then you are not actually trying anything new and this is also a thing on “not required” list. Yes when I say make mistakes, I mean try something new. Learn from your mistakes and then here is your shot. You now know something that may be no one else know because no one else has yet tried it. If you made a mistake then tell others and also tell them what not to do so that they may learn from your mistakes. This way you are actually creating a source of learning for your readers and this is what you want.

Now after making mistake you might have learned something useful as well. Like after refining crude oil we have petrol and byproducts. So give these byproducts to your readers. If you are sharing something then you are actually creating a bond of trust and this is required in every business. So don’t think of business as a selfish deed only.

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There are many small things that bloggers need to maintain to have a blog that stay on top of list and allow you to make money. Some of the things I have discussed in the below sections of articles.

Avoid 5 Most Common Mistakes made with Startup Business

We talked to many successful bloggers and kept on learning the mistakes they made and this is what lead us to compile a list of most common mistakes made by every new blogger. May be you can skip these mistakes or you can skip this article and go on making those mistakes. Choice is yours and only yours.

Common Blogging Mistakes Turning off Readers on Front Page

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Sharing some Smart Techniques to Follow while Blogging

We hope you liked our compilation and our efforts in putting forward a blog that not only unites bloggers but also give them blogging tips and advice to stay on top of list.

Share your views and ideas and tell us what you think. Share your thoughts and points that you want to make.


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