Reasons Why you Should or Not do Blogging

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or are already running a very poor rated blog? Or are you looking for options to start a new blog?

Whatever the reason may be, you must know whether you should do blogging or not? You should know if blogging is your cup of tea or not.

To find out if blogging and you are actually compatible or not, let us start counting the points in favour and against.

  • Are you good in English? If no then you should think twice before starting your blog. You may have to improve your English to have a good blog. You can blogging in some other language but English is the most used blogging language and almost 90% blogs are written in English.

  • How good are your writing skills? This is the most important question. If you think you cannot frame good articles on a given topic without help then you should think again about blogging. Writing skills can be learned but it take time and efforts both which is very rarely found in today’s world.
reasons why you should not do blogging
reasons why you should not do blogging


  • Are you aware of SEO, keyword research, content marketing, wordpress, social media marketing, plugins, google analytics, etc.? These are some of the very basic and common aspects of blogging if you are looking to do blogging to earn some money. Learn these basics to get clearer picture about blogging and its advantages.

  • Can you invest at least 3 hours daily into blogging? Yes you need to invest at least this much time into blogging to make your blog successful and well searched on google. You do not have to invest money but time in blogging which will then reap fruits for you.

  • Do you know coding? If no then there is no issue. Then why did I asked this question. The reason I asked this question is because coding or programming especially in php, java can help you make your blog look beautiful and professional. But that is just an added advantage which can be later dealt with.


amazing blogging facts for content bloggers
amazing blogging facts for content bloggers


  • Do you know your niche on which you want to write? If no then please do not start blogging on that niche. It will not sustain for long. If you do not have much clue about what you are going to write about, then later you will start coping and pasting content which is not a good blogging aspect. This will lead to negative ranking and hence downfall of your blogging career.

  • Are you doing job parallel? If yes then make sure you do invest 2 or 3 hours on your blog daily, which mean you need to give time to your blog to grow and spread on internet. This won’t happen by its own.


skills required for blogging
skills required for blogging


  • Final and most important part is – Are you determined, and sincere enough to give your 100% into this. Do you have patience and enthusiasm? If you have even a slightest of the doubt about your strengths then do not go for blogging. Making a blog successful is not a single day or single night effort. But it takes huge investment of time to build a successful blog that can stand on its own once it gets established into the blogging market.
    It is like building up a business from scratch. You need to look for the best property to build your empire or office. Then you need investment. Then you need regular clients and then comes the profits. In between all these setups, it takes many skills to acquire the market you get into. You need to have marketing skills, sales expertise, multitasking skills, innovative ideas and implementation, decision making ability and most importantly you should be able to do data analysis.


If you think you have more points that are required to be a blogger then go forward and start your blog. If you think, you comply with the last point then, I guarantee you that no one can stop you from being a hit and successful blogger.

But on the other side, which is of course the negative end of the rope, if you think you do not meet enough of these points or checklist above then we would suggest you to think of something else other than blogging.


A football player not necessarily be good in basketball as well. So always remember that your talent is useful but you need to know where to use your talent to get the maximum output from it.


Hope you have a wonderful time reading this article. If you really agree with my points then do share it and like it. We would really appreciate your presence with a comment below.

Through your opinions, views, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below and enlighten us with your knowledge.


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