15 Exotic Seychelles Places to Visit – Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Whether you love some offbeat romantic retreats or your partner is more into adventures, there are many things to do in Seychelles for everyone. The archipelago, with over 115 islands, welcomes tourists from all over the world, especially newlyweds making it a perfect honeymoon destination. There is a charm and vibrancy in Seychellesevery element that you cannot miss, whether it is the beauty of nature or the cultural diversity. Besides, the country has so many hidden gems and jewels that your romantic honeymoon in Seychelles will become memorable for your entire life. We not only cover the Seychelles places to visit in this article but also how to make your honeymoon in Seychelles more fun and romantic.

The transparent turquoise water, boulderfilled coastline, white and golden sandy beaches, and rustic islands are some of the key attractions in Seychelles. If you are wondering about Seychelles places to visit, you are certainly here for a ride. No wonder the country thrives on tourism and is considered one of the best places to be with nature and bask in its endless beauty.

honeymoon in seychelles
honeymoon in seychelles

115 granite and coral islands, some of which are habitable and some of which are not habitable, together make up the stunning, unspoiled country of Seychelles. It is located close to Africa, situated on the western parts of the Indian Ocean.

If you get tired of island hopping, dont worry! There are more things to do in Seychelles than one can comprehend. It is certainly the perfect retreat for honeymooners, especially couples who want to spend quality days away from the hustlebustle of metropolitan towns and cities. Seychelles is different from other honeymoon destinations on many levels, making it more intriguing and enigmatic. Let’s follow this on the Seychelles vacation to make sure you do not miss the fun, adventure and romance.

Speaking of adventure and exciting vacation, you can enjoy many water activities apart from hiking in Seychelles. If you like adrenaline rush and want to experience some on your visit to Seychelles, then do not forget to try rock climbing, scuba diving, water surfing, snorkelling, para sailing and Deep sea diving. Island hopping is another great opportunity for you to explore less visited islands of Seychelles. If you love photography then you are on the right place. Seychelles gives you many great pictures due to the great flora and fauna.


What are the best places to visit in Seychelles?

  • Mahé Island

If you want to start your Seychelles vacation with a popular and mostvisited place, Mahé Island is the best option to go with. Being the largest island in the archipelago, it houses approximately 65 beaches. Although most of the beaches are accessible and amazing spots for sun tanning, diving, snorkelling, and strolling, you can take a walk around the offbeat beaches that are less visited. Coral reefs often line up near the coast, offering a picturesque view of the beauty Seychelles hold.

It is the best spot for adventure lovers, especially those planning to explore the dense forests or go hiking on some of the largest and highest mountains in the Seychelles. With pink sand, granite boulders, and direct access to Victoria City capital, Mahé Island is perfect for starting your Seychelles honeymoon tour.

The International Airport of Seychelles is in Mahe island. It is most populated island among the 115 islands with 90% of the country’s population. Many other attractions which include the Botanical Garden, the Codevar Craft Centre, Seychelles Natural History Museum, and the charming city Victoria are part of the Mahe island.

Best for : Photography, bird watching, snorkelling, diving, and sunbathing

things to do in seychelles
things to do in seychelles


  • Praslin Island

Praslin Island is one of the best Seychelles places to visit, especially for couples wanting to know more about the countrys hidden treasures and unravel the equations of their relationship. It is famous for two sitesthe coco de mar and Vallee de Maiwhich are considered the ancient treasures of Seychelles. Coco de mar houses a rare variety of sea coconut native to the palm forest of Vallee de Mai in the country.

Apart from this, it is also Anse Georgettes house and Anse Lazios house. These are considered the most pristine and magnificent beaches in the entire archipelago.

Two major attractions which is the heart of most tourists are Baie St Anne and Grand Anse. The valley also contains 6 endemic palms of Seychelles and a very rare species of bird which is black parrot.

While visiting this island on your tour, do not forget to unearth the treasures of the Praslin National Park. It is the habitat of black parrotsone of the rarest Avian species on the earth.

Also, the Vallee de Mai features one of the most beautiful and rare coral reefs, paving the way for adventure seekers to dive into the water and explore uncharted lands.

Best for : Photography, snorkelling, forest exploration and hiking, and wildlife visit


snorkelling in seychelles vacation
snorkelling in seychelles vacation
  • Cousin Island

To take the thrill and excitement of your Seychelles vacation up by several notches, take out one day from your itinerary and visit Cousin Island. Sprawled over 29 acres of land, it is a granitic island and can be accessed directly from Praslin Island. Although it is famous because of the exotic avian species found here, people usually visit the island to see the Hawksbill turtles breeding or the hatchlings crawling all over the sandy beaches.

At the center is a plateau native to so many exotic wildlife species that spending the money is worth it. You can find five endemic avian species in the forest, like the magpie robin, sunbird, fody, and blue pigeon. Apart from this, you can also find several reptilian and amphibian species, like the Aldabra tortoises, known for their giant size and four different skinks that are considered under the endemic species category.

Best for : Wildlife, forest hikes, photography

exotic seychelles vacation and honeymoon destination
exotic seychelles vacation and honeymoon destination
  • Moyenne Island

Exploring and touring around Moyenne Island is one of the best things to do in Seychelles. While it is near Mahe Island, the entire place was once covered with wilderness. But after a Yorkshirebased news editor purchased the land, it was transformed into a city of tortoises. Here, several humongous tortoises roam freely, their cute hatchlings crawling around, and with permission, you can feed them.

The place is a beacon of flora with over 16000 species scattered throughout the island. Additionally, there are pirate graves around the island, some of which are in the limelight of paranormal tales. If you want to shop for something from Moyenne Island, visit the Church of Saints and get the rustic artifacts.

Best for : Sightseeing, wildlife photography, shopping

seychelles places to visit on honeymoon vacation
seychelles places to visit on honeymoon vacation
  • Silhouette Island

Named after Étienne de Silhouette, this mountainous island is essentially formed of granite and is the third largest in the entire archipelago. Visiting this island is bliss, especially for couples on a Seychelles honeymoon tour, thanks to the Daubon mausoleum and the scattered, private resorts. The shoreline is washed by clear and turquoise water while the dense forest is the home to a national park.

You will often come across several wildlife species, some of which are endemic according to Seychelles fauna, like skinks, turtles, geckos, birds, chameleons, and so on. The island had some syenite deposits due to a volcanic eruption 63 million years ago. With numerous trails, a grand view of Mont Baudon, the humongous carnivorous pitcher plants, and exotic wildlife, this island is supposedly one of the best places for a quick retreat for couples.

Best for : Snorkelling, sunbathing, hiking, wildlife, trekking

seychelles vacation and honeymoon destination
seychelles vacation and honeymoon destination
  • Curieuse Island

The Curieuse Island is the fifth largest island in the inner chain of the archipelago, marking itself as one of the best Seychelles places to visit. Its name is derived from the unique redcolored laterite soil, while other islands have black volcanic soil.

The beaches, however, are covered with large granite boulders, forming a great tourist attraction. A part of the Coco de mar palm forest is extended on this island with an offbeat, dense mangrove forest. Exploring the island will take you across several wildlife species, especially the giant tortoises roaming freely on the island.

Right off the eastern coast is a majestic coral reef known as the Pointe Rogue. You can dive under waters and explore the rich marine wildlife concentrated around the reef. The undulating lands, hidden treks, exotic wildlife, and mangrove forests make the island so popular amongst nature lovers.

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Best for : Diving, wildlife, photography, snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking and trekking, sunbathing

Curieuse Island seychelles places to visit
Curieuse Island seychelles places to visit


  • Morne Seychellois National Park

Once considered a part of the French colony, the Morne Seychellois National Park is now protected by the Republic government. It is considered the best place for adventurers looking forward to climbing hundreds of meters to reach the highest point. From there, the park offers a panoramic view of the surroundings, masked by a shroud of white clouds.

The journey to this national park will start with a hiking trail. Once you ascend 600 meters, you will step into the primary forest filled with endemic plant species. Some of them are considered rarest and not even recorded in books. Apart from this, you will also come across diverse tea plantations in the primary forest.

As you ascend, you will enter the secondary forest with exotic shrubs, huge granite blocks, and some intermittent cliffs. There are several avian species here, like Seychelles blue pigeons, swiftlets, kestrels, bulbuls, scoop owls, and many more. Additionally, you can see the large Aldabra Gian turtles roaming and enjoying the sun on the beaches.

Best for : Hiking and trekking, wildlife

tortoises and turtles in seychelles
tortoises and turtles in seychelles
  • Anse Source DArgent

If you are looking for a quaint place that can be a retreat from the hustlebustle of city life, the Anse Source DArgent is one of the best Seychelles places to visit. It is popular for the pink sand you can hardly find anywhere in the world. The best part is that the beaches have scattered reddish rocks, creating a beautiful contrast with the pink sand. This place is also known for its humongous, towering granite boulders. They are so tall that you will look like a lilliput standing underneath them.

Close to the shore are several coral reefs, thus, attracting a lot of tourists ready to take a dive in and explore the marine ecosystem. You can even rent a transparent kayak and tread the shallow turf waters near the island. But remember not to go too deep into the waters.

Best for : Kayaking, sunbathing, photography, snorkelling, diving

Seychelles places to visit with transparent kayak
Seychelles places to visit with transparent kayak
  • Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve

Visiting Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve is one of the best things to do in Seychelles, given that it comes under UNESCO protection and houses many exotic and endemic flora and fauna species. It is a palm forest, reserved in its true form without making any changes. There is a resort where you can stay and spend quality time with your partner. The best part is most of the resort is crafted from natural wood so that the architecture can resonate with the beauty of the Natural Reserve.

You can find hundreds of Coco de mar plants, a special palm tree known as the largest seed in the plant kingdom. Plus, it is believed that the plant roots grew deep into the ocean waters.

Apart from this species, you will also find five other endemic floral species growing deep in the forests. The population of black parrots in the forest is impressive, along with several other animal and avian species like sunbirds, bulbuls, Seychelles skinks, blue pigeons, bronze geckos, tiger chameleons, caecilians, and so on.

Best for : Trekking, hiking, sunbathing, wildlife

activities to do in seychelles vacation
activities to do in seychelles vacation


  • Aldabra Island

One of the best Seychelles places to visit is Aldabra Island. Considered in the outer chain of islands in the Seychelles archipelago, Aldabra is the largest raised atoll formed of coral skeletons worldwide. It is not a single island. Instead, it comprises four large islands named Picard, Terre, Polymnie, and Malabar, along with several small islands. All these islands surround a humongous lagoon with a 15 Km width. Although you cannot reside here, a halfday tour will be enough because the atoll lies on top of a volcano that might erupt anytime.

It houses the largest colony of colossal tortoises with a popular of 150,000. Apart from this, you can also see the Green Sea turtles and Hawksbill turtles roaming around the beach for breeding and nesting. Several avian species have made the atoll their habitat, from the pink flamingos to Aldabra whitethroated cranes and herons. The only mammal you can find here is the flying fox.

Apart from this, you can also find several colonies of Aldabra snaila species once considered extinct. The Aldabra ecosystem is unique, thanks to the presence of 200 flowering plants on a coral atoll. It is also the house of the famous mushroom coral that is hardly found across other coral reefs worldwide.

Best for : Wildlife exploration, bird watching, photography

sea turtles breeding and nesting on beach
sea turtles breeding and nesting on beach
  • Bird Island

Home to millions of sea birds, this island is 1500 meters long and 800 meter wide only. It is well maintained for ecotourism which can be seen through great flourishing fauna and flora here. You can experience birds nesting up from close and admire the great nature basking into the sand and water. During the months of April and October, you get to see thousands of sooty terns nesting here.

Also the sight of giant bunch screeching flocks of birds landing over the sea for food during sunrise and sunset is a breathtaking view. During the season when turtles lay eggs, thousands of eggs can be seen around and turtles coming to land for laying them. The turtles coming out of the hatchings is another mesmerising experience if you are lucky to encounter that. 

Best for : Sight views, turtles sighting, bird watching


  • Curieuse Island

Known as Ile Rouge, Curieuse island is so named as its land resembles the look of russet-toned earth. You will find giant tortoise roaming freely in the sandy coves once you reach this island beaches. The beach is surrounded by fantastic casuarina and takamaka trees. Besides Praslin, it is the only place where coco de mer palm trees grow naturally. Don’t forget to take a peak here in the clear azure water, as you may also be able to spot parrotfish.


  • Victoria

It is the capital of Seychelles but also the smallest city in the world. You can admire the beauty of the town by just having a walk. Gorgeous palm trees and the ultimate relaxed atmosphere are the lime light of the town. Most attractive center of the city is Clock Tower and Sir Selwyn Clarke Market. It is a magical place to walk and shop if you are looking to explore more of the local culture here. 


  • La Digue

Covered with stunning white-sand beaches, it is one of the largest island in the Seychelles. You can do many adventure activities here like rock climbing, diving, and hiking in the famous La Pass to Grand Anse Trail. Picturesque stretches of sand and an exceptional azure water surface are the spotlight of beaches here. Another great attraction for most tourists is the Veuve Nature Reserve It has  the endangered black paradise flycatcher.

La Digue seychelles islands
La Digue seychelles islands
  • Anse Lazio

One of the gorgeous beach of Praslin Island is Anse Lazio. This island offers a treat for hiker lovers as you have to hike your way over the hill to reach the beach. You will find crystal-clear dreamy blue water and granite boulders spread over the beach with long stretches of soft blond. Surrounded by coconut palms and takamaka trees along the coastline the beach looks really beautiful and dreamland.


How to reach Seychelles?

Since Seychelles is located at a distance of 300 miles from the African coast, the best way to reach the archipelago is by air. Small or chartered flights operate between the mainland and Seychellesonly airport on Mahe Island. You can also take a boat or yacht, which will be more time consuming and expensive.


Is the Seychelles Vacation Package Expensive?

The accommodation and eating packages for the Seychelles honeymoon tour arent that costly. But the price increases due to transportation because the only way of commuting is through yachts, boats, helicopters, and kayaks. So, renting a bike and cruising through the island or walking on foot would be better if you want to lower the overall package cost. It can be a very good and cheap international trips.

For budget trips, you will have to settle down to 150 to 200 USD per day while enjoying the most of the sights in Seychelles vacation. But if you are planning a luxurious travelling vacation in Seychelles covering areal island hoping and great resorts stay then you should have a budget of 700 to 1000 USD per day.


romantic honeymoon in seychelles - couples on beach
romantic honeymoon in seychelles – couples on beach

Honeymoon in Seychelles – A Romantic Escape

9 Top ways to make Seychelles honeymoon more exciting

  • Sipping Wine During Sunset on the Beach

One of the best things to do in Seychelles is enjoying the sunset from the open balcony of your resort room near the beach. To hype up the experience, have wine and local snacks with your partner. If you are lucky enough, you will see birds returning to their home in a different formations. This is one of the most amazing experiences you can have with your partner, especially after a tiring day.


  • Aerial Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the favorite activities in Seychelles vacation indeed. But to revel in the beauty of the entire archipelago, its better to try out the aerial form of island hopping in a helicopter. The ride is expensive, but the views of the islands, mountains, cliffs, forests, and sandy shorelines from the top will make every penny count. The views get more exciting when the islands are covered with cloud shrouds. You can also go for island hoping through cruise which is a little less expensive but romantic also. You can also opt for public ferries for an affordable option.

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  • Spa Massage under the Starlit sky

Book a resort with a spa so you and your partner can make the best of your Seychelles honeymoon tour packages. No wonder it will be amazing to get a massage from some experienced masseurs right underneath the starlit sky.

Most resorts have spas close to the waters to give tourists an unforgettable experience. Just imagine how romantic the setting will be, with scented candles illuminating the space and the sky being lit with shining stars. Plus, the sunset on the horizon can take your experience to a new level, lulling you to sleep with your partner while getting the massage.

spa massage in open starlit sky
spa massage in open starlit sky


  • Candlelit Dinner

Sometimes small things can make the moments special. So, after you are done with your tour of popular Seychelles places to visit, arrange for a candlelit dinner. All you need to do is inform the resort officials about a surprise youre planning for your partner, and they will do the rest of the work. The best part will be to arrange the dinner at the beach from where you can have a panoramic view of the calm and silent ocean and the open sky with moonlight spreading like a canvas. Order local delicacies, along with the finest wine, to make the evening more special.


  • Stroll along the Streets of Victoria City

Victoria City is indeed one of the best Seychelles places to visit. Located at the center of Mahe Island, this small capital city offers a lot to tourists, especially honeymooners. You can stroll along the streets and shop for various artifacts, enjoy the local culture, and satiate your hunger when famished beyond the extent. You can visit the famous Victoria market also known as the Sir Selwyn Clarke market


  • Snorkel Around Corals, Go Scuba Diving

Another best way to make the Seychelles vacation unforgettable is through exploring the uncharted waters around the coral reefs. Almost all islands in the archipelago house some of the rarest, most magnificent, and largest reefs. Not only can you enjoy the colorful corals covering the rocks and boulders on the ocean floor, but you will be amazed at the marine ecosystem. It is most concentrated and diverse around these reefs, giving an amazing opportunity to unearth the hidden gems of the Indian Ocean. Scuba Diving is also very good in Seychelles.


  • Go Hiking Deep in the Forests

For couples looking forward to adventurous things to do in Seychelles, hiking amidst the dense forest is the best option. Start with the Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve, which is the home of Coco de marthe rarest palm tree species native to Praslin Island and considered the largest seedproducing species. Most forests and natural reserves are the native habitats of several endemic plants, animals, and birds. From photography to bird watching or feeding the tortoises, there is a lot you can do on the romantic honeymoon in Seychelles vacation package.


  • Bike ride Along the Coasts

Another amazing activity you should try out during the Seychelles vacation time is riding a bike and cruising along the coastline of Mahe Island. It would be better to book the tour whose time extends beyond dusk. This way, the beaches will be empty, and you can bask in the glory of the sun setting on the horizon and the beautifully painted red and orange canvas. La Digue and Silhouette give you the option of renting a bike.

biking along the coasts seychelles vacation guide
biking along the coasts seychelles vacation guide
  • Hiking to the Highest points

Last but not least, you can hike to some of the highest points and enjoy the panoramic views of the island, the beaches, turquoise blue water, and the nearby islands in the archipelago. Besides, as you hike to the higher points, you can come across some of the exotic species of flora and fauna native to Seychelles only.


  • Meeting Giant Tortoise: Only a few other countries let you roam around tortoise and enjoy with them. Take this advantage of playing around with them and create great moments.


  • Breakfast on the Beach: Plan to enjoy a romantic languorous breakfast with your partner on the beach while following the lovely cuddles and intimate moments all alone. Most of the hotels and resorts offer this service with some extra fee. If you are on a romantic honeymoon in Seychelles, you can even ask the hotel to set a canopy and get good discounts. 


There are many more naughty honeymoon Ideas you can try with your partner for building a better romantic honeymoon moments. Like you can try a Boudoir shoot, dirty dancing, hot bubble bath or maybe some skinny dipping. TO KNOW more check this list of naught Ideas that will help you come closer to your partner and create a intimate bond that will be everlasting :- Naughty Ideas for best Romance


What is the Ideal Time to Visit Seychelles for your Honeymoon?

The ideal time to opt for Seychelles honeymoon tour packages is from April to May and October to November. Since the archipelago experiences a tropical temperature, the months of April and May are best for beach lovers. They can spend quality time sunbathing or simply strolling on the soft sandy beaches.

Plus, the water temperature remains amicable for water sports. On the contrary, the weather in Seychelles during October and November is more soothing and relaxing. Though the sun wont be at its strongest, you will love the subtle coldness in the air. Avoid the months of December and January because Seychelles receives rainfall, and it wont be ideal for hiking, trekking, or island hopping.

romantic seychelles honeymoon vacation
romantic seychelles honeymoon vacation


What makes Seychelles Vacation so special?

Many reasons make Seychelles places to visit so specially. Firstly, it is the largest archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with over 115 islands having different sizes. From Mahe Island to Praslin Island, Aldabra Island, there are many places to visit. Besides, the archipelago is famous for the largest seedproducing palm species, the Coco de mar, which is exclusive only to Seychelles, and Praslin Island, to be more specific.

You will also find several exotic varieties of flora and fauna, including some species only found in this country. For instance, Seychelles is the home to black parrots and endemic Seychelles blue pigeons. Therefore, the Seychelles vacation idea does sound promising, especially for honeymooners who dont want to be surrounded by the hustlebustle of the cities and towns.


What are the Best Things to do in Seychelles?

1. Rock Climbing Adventure

Decide your level of difficulty in rock climbing and give yourself an adrenaline rush activity. Most popular spots are having extensively large granite rocks. This gives you a good opportunity to climb. These are La Digue, Praslin and Mahe Island. 

Price: SCR 500 to SCR 600


2. Island Hopping

You can do island hoping via sea or air. Based on your budget you can make a choice. This is something should be included in your bucket list if you like to explore desolate wild beaches, and unspoiled nature.

Price: SCR48,000, eight days


3. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Bright coral and absolute underwater paradise for beach lovers. Crystal clear water makes the visibility even more better and astonishing. Seychelles is one of the top destinations to go scuba diving or snorkelling. The places which offer best diving and snorkelling option in Seychelles are La Digue, Praslin, Curieuse, Bird Island, and Mahe island. 

Price: SCR 6000

snorkelling things to do in Seychelles
snorkelling things to do in Seychelles

4. Jungle Hike – Anse Georgette beach 

Hiking trail of Anse Georgette is perfect for you, if you want a challenging hike to satisfy your adrenaline rush. Offering an incredible view from the uphill; however, the vegetation you will notice during the hike is jungle terrain, adding thrill to your adventure.


5. Climb to Morne Blanc trail in Victoria

It is one of the favorite hiking trail of many hikers which is approximately 90 minutes long and covers many different experiences of exploring hidden caves which are camouflaged in the jungle. At the summit, you will find the most breath-taking view of the island. Also, you get to witness the amazing view of the tropicbirds swirling around. The mountain is the home for many endemic birds like Seychelles bulbul, Seychelles sunbird, and Seychelles swiftlet.


6. Sunset Cruises at Mahe Island

Sunset Cruise is one of the best things to enjoy here and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to witness the dancing of the dolphins from the boat.

Price: SCR 10,000 for two


What are the Best Places to Dine in Seychelles?

There are many dining options on the islands. But to make the Seychelles vacation tour more memorable and exquisite, it would be better to go for the most popular ones. For instance, you can dine at Marie Antoinette, the oldest restaurant in Victoria City, Mahe Island. Apart from this, there are several other options:

  1. La Plaine St Andre in Anse Royal
  2. La Scala in Victoria City, Mahe Island
  3. Les Laurier in Praslin Island
  4. Bonbon Plume in the inner part of Anse Lazio
  5. 5 Spices Restaurant in Anse Soleil, Baie Lazare


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What are Some of the Delicacies Not to Miss in Seychelles?

Although Seychelles is an archipelago, the culture is outstanding. Locals are friendly, and you can easily feel the warmth radiating from their behavior and body language. Therefore, you should try out some traditional dishes while exploring the popular Seychelles places to visit. Some of the most exquisite dishes to be on your list are:

  1. Pawson Griye or grilled fish being cooked out in the open on most beaches
  2. Rougay Sosis has two different varietiessalted sausage and Creole sausage
  3. A salad made from zourit and Pawson Firemen and is essentially termed as smoked fish and octopus salad
  4. Boulet Pwason ek Friyapen or Breadfruit fish balls that are often eaten with white rice and apple chutney
  5. Ladob is essentially a dessert in which bananas served in cold milk


What is the Famous Food of Seychelles?

Labob which is enjoyed both by locals and tourists is a very famous food of Seychelles. It is taken as either sweet or savory food items. The dish primarily consists of sweet potato, ripe plantain, or breadfruit. Breadfruit is a combination of sugar, coconut milk, vanilla, and nutmeg; locals stir it until the fruit turns soft and the sauce becomes creamy.


Which are the Best Beaches to visit in Seychelles?

  • Anse Intendance 
  • Anse Lazio 
  • Anse Louis 
  • Bird Island
  • Beau Vallon Bay
best beaches in seychelles places to visit
best beaches in seychelles places to visit

What kind of Water Sport can be done in Seychelles?

  • Diving: Deep sea diving or known as scuba diving is among the top water sport activity here. Discover variety of species of fishes and coral reefs.
  • Snorkelling: Snorkelling is available at many islands and is very popular in sport here. You get to admire the underwater beauty of Seychelles here.
  • Surfing: It is a difficult sport if you have not done it before. But it is a great water activity for those who love surfing in the great currents of Indian ocean.
  • Kayaking: You can try transparent kayaking here, where in your kayak will be completely transparent and you will be able to see the below your kayak in the crystal clear water.


Is Seychelles Good for Honeymoon?

It is a no brainer since we have discussed so much above about the romantic evenings you can spend in Seychelles. It is the top spot to go on a honeymoon vacation right now. It has the most romantic destinations surrounded by crystalline azure water, white and pink sand beaches, excellent luxurious resorts, and great flora and fauna. Take your partner on a dream vacation of beach paradise which has everything planned in the most romantic way he/she can imagine it to be.


Do couples need to carry any documents to Seychelles?

Although there is no strict rule about the documents to be carried, you may need to acquire letters of permission or approval for some Seychelles places to visit. These places are UNESCOprotected or under the supervision of the Seychelles government, responsible for environmental and ecosystem preservation and conservation. Apart from this, please carry all the IDs, especially the passport, when you go on the tour. A medical certificate would also be needed during your visit to Seychelles on your honeymoon.


Do I need a Visa for Seychelles?

You don’t have to worry about VISA for Seychelles, as you will get the permit on arrival by showing all the valid ID proofs and other required documents. 


Is Seychelles a Safe Country?

There is nothing to be worried about. It is very safe and people are very cooperative here. Locals will help you for any small small issues as well. They live on the tourism and hence no one would want to hamper it in any way. The economy of Seychelles survives on tourism and because of that they make extra sure that all tourist have a great stay here and are welcomed well in all aspects.


Is Seychelles better than the Maldives?

Both Maldives and Seychelles have their own unique characteristics. Maldives is more about the great resorts which gives you all types of premium facilities and welcome you like a king but within your budget. Seychelles on the other end offers more activities and island hoping options to explore more.


Is there any Nightlife in Seychelles?

Yes there is some nightlife which you can enjoy here.

  • Barrel nightclub: Barrel nightclub is one of the famous nightclubs with reggae music and pool table. It also has an underground dance floor which also enjoys light-hearted, hip-hop music. Perfect place to party.
  • Ozone: Looking for jam session and live music with a quiet decent crowd then this is your place. It gives you another way to enjoy the nightlife. The place offers a variety of cocktails and also accept reservation for social events like if you are looking for a destination wedding.
  • Tequila Boom: Another great night club for dance and music.
  • Gran Kaz Casino: If you are looking for some Casino experience while on vacation, then check this out.
  • Amusement Centre: Another casino on the list for gamers. It offers good ambience and crowd.


What are some of the offbeat Beaches in Seychelles?

One of the most popular things to do in Seychelles is discovering the hidden coves and beaches. The entire archipelago consists of 65 islands, along with several small islands. But only a few are the highlight of the tourism industry. So, if you seek adventure and want to bask in the beauty of this place with your partner, some of the best offbeat beaches are:

  1. Grande Soeur
  2. Police Bay in the Mahe Island
  3. Cocos Island
  4. Anse Volbart in Praslin Island


romantic honeymoon in seychelles beaches
romantic honeymoon in seychelles beaches

10 Best Resorts for Romantic Honeymoon Stay in Seychelles

Private Sandy beaches, top-notch cuisine, great Spa and clear water where you can spot marine life from shore is a dreamy vacation for all. You can find some of the best resorts in the world here which makes this dreamy vacation true.

Be it a Tree house with great amenities or a private hut with a pool, these resorts have many options for you. Poolside jungle villa, beachside Hut, these Top resorts offers many other premium rooms and lounging facility. They are going to be costly, so choose only if your pocket allows. Honeymoon in Seychelles is once a lifetime experience and 1 day stay in such amazing resort can be somehow taken into consideration.

1. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Baie Lazare

2. Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Félicité

3. Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas, Mahé

4. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa, Mahé

5. Constance Lemuria, Praslin

6. Raffles Seychelles, Praslin

7. Banyan Tree Seychelles, Mahé

8. Constance Ephelia, Mahé

9. Story Seychelles, Mahé

10. Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie -2 


Wrapping up

seychelles vacation honeymoon destination places to see
seychelles vacation honeymoon destination places to see

Seychelles is certainly one of the best places you can visit on your honeymoon. The archipelago will give you the real taste of the rustic and vibrant nature. From dense forests and unique wildlife to the largest seed-bearing species, Coco de Mar, there are so many things you can experience and make the travel unforgettable. 

It is a hotspot for honeymoon vacation because of the huge variety of endemic wildlife spotting and amazing eye catching ecotourism It is full of incredible flora and fauna collection which is spread over a vast area and 115 islands. You get to experience many water sports activities, live a leisure vacation life, see exotic birds and variety of turtles on the beaches, palm and coconut trees on the white sand beaches, and great marine life. It is a perfect vacation destination for solo as well as a family trip. Don’t think of it as just a honeymoon destination only, in fact you can enjoy along with friends also.

The best thing about this country is the numerous islands, some of which are uninhabited and a treat for adventure seekers. It would be amazing to spend some quaint and quality time with your partner or friends on one of these islands and reel in the thrill of being amidst dense forests, unique wildlife, and an open sky.

Seychelles is blessed with warm climate which last throughout the year, so it is the perfect and best place for sunbathes or even for just lying down on the white sand beach and taking a sip from your coconut water. The temperature remains close to 24 and 28 degrees all around the year.

It is the land of Pristine beauty for luxurious honeymoon destination, in other words, a great romantic vacation destination.

Sanjukta Ganguly

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