Singapore Cruise Experience – Amazing Vacation on International Waters – 11 Tips

Do you wanna cruise in the international waters of Singapore with a stoppage for 8 hours in malaysia? If yes then take the Royal Caribbean Cruise “Spectrum of the Seas”. It was a wonderful Singapore Cruise Experience and we enjoyed our 3 night stay on the cruise.

The Singapore cruise experience was a delightful one. We enjoyed our 2 days and 3 nights stay on cruise and there are a lot of things I want to share from that international sea journey.

I am a person who used to think how one can spend so many days on cruise and yet enjoy it without sea sickness and all. I mean what can you do on a cruise for the whole damn day? How to pass time on cruise? These were some of the questions which I now do not have anymore because to my shock, there were so many activities they had put up on that cruise, that you can spend 3 to 4 days easily.

If you are going to singapore then you may want to look into the itinerary we had. We planned our 8 days vacation in singapore without any travel agent and it made a lot of difference. We saved a lot of money and had much more fun than we would have had if we booked via travel agent.

Get the complete details of our trip and spending here in this article. -> Ultimate Singapore Guide

Discover more here in this article about our Cruise Stay and Sailing in the international waters for 2 nights. I Hope you will enjoy our writing on Singapore Cruise Experience as well as the trip.


cruise adventure and guide
cruise adventure and guide

Activities on Cruise

If I have to start with the major ones, we had water surfing, ifly (free fall simulation activity), rock climbing, open theatre, 2 big swimming pools, 6 hot water whirlpools, northstar – a vertical elevation lift for a great view (was extra chargeable). These were some of the good Adrenaline Filled activities on cruise for all.

Now these were just the major ones. Apart from these there were some simple indoor ones as well. 

There is activity for all age groups. Children will enjoy the small water slides they have built up on the cruise, the dance and treasure hunt activities they have made available.

There are bumper cars, indoor basketball court, table tennis, motion sensing gaming, foosball, and even archery available on cruise for enjoying and spending time. There is a well equipped gym also for fitness enthusiasts.

You wish to relax and have a sunbath, you can do that on the top deck of the ship. Do not forget to use proper sunscreen for your beautiful skin.

Apart from all these, there were morning zumba, sudoku challenge, different types of trivia and quizzes, origami activity, painting and also art crafting. These were some of the activities which we had tried to visit on cruise but there were some more which you can always try as per your interest.

best affordable International Trips under 1 lakh
best affordable International Trips under 1 lakh

Cruise Theatre Shows

Try the amazing live theatre shows they have prepared for you on the Singapore Cruise Experience. They ran these shows twice so that you do not miss them. Magical shows in the great royal theatre for you is another great way to spend the evening.

There were 3 big theatre rooms for entertainment purposes. If you do not like to watch big screen movies outdoors, you can watch them indoors in these big theatre screens.

The Theatre was well equipped with different stages. The stage was not an ordinary flat single stage but had variations and nice mechanics for different movements. Overall the stage was well made for creating great ambience and shows. We enjoyed the stage performances and would definitely suggest not to miss those.

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travel singapore cruise
travel singapore cruise

Food on Cruise

Tasty Singapore Cruise Experience – Food was super delicious and I am talking about the buffet which is included in your ticket price. They serve a variety of delicacies for you and your family. India, continental, Chinese, or Italian whatever is your choice, enjoy them all time in the cruise common dining area.

There was another dining option which was open for all again but was not a buffet system. You can book a seat and let the staff handle the rest. Menu was different from the buffet but another good experience for you.

These were not the only option on a cruise for food. If you wish to have some more experience with a variety of food, you can visit multiple restaurants on the cruise but the food was extra charged there.

cruise vacation
cruise vacation

The good thing about food was pizza which was available at all times till 1 in the night. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner had some timing but Pizza had no timing.

The alcohol on cruise was chargeable. You can enjoy it in your room or outside, there was no restriction on that. The cost of alcohol was not too high but it again depends on your pocket, how much you can spend. There were some good deals on beer which you can avail if you are travelling in a group or as a couple.

There is a whole lot of shopping experience also available on cruise but make sure your pocket can support that extra expenditure.


What I Didn’t Liked on Cruise

One thing that i didn’t like about the cruise ticketing is the paid activities like north star, ifly. They should be open and every one should be allowed to experience that at least 1 time. I am not saying include the cost of these activities and increase the cruise cost overall. I am saying they should be part of the existing cost only.

Anyways, apart from that everything else was great and nice on the Singapore Cruise Experience. The cruise staff was also very helpful and will take extra efforts to resolve any issues you face gracefully.


How Things Work on Cruise

Every member on cruise was given an ID card with the room number mentioned on it. The card was the key for your room and also acted as a credit card for you on the cruise.

Anything you purchase will be added on in the card. You will just have to tap the card everywhere. This made our Singapore Cruise Experience much more exciting and fun. We enjoyed everything with just a tap of card and relax like a king.

Be careful as you may get charged by someone else using your card in case you lost it on cruise. 

There was a 99$ USD charge on your card when you arrived on the cruise. This is the security amount they deduct in case you used any paid activity or had a paid meal on cruise.

They will take your passport during the boarding process if your cruise is going to stop in Malaysia for some time. The passport is taken to do the immigration process on your behalf.

cruise experience and guide
cruise experience and guide

Things you Should Know

There are few things that can spoil your sailing experience or Singapore Cruise Experience. One of that thing is your mobile or camera not getting charged. The power socket on cruise was not a 3 pin socket. And the pins are also not cylindrical like we have in India. So either you should be carrying it for your stay in singapore or you can ask for it from the reception/help desk on cruise. They will provide you with a connector for which they will take some security deposit (fully refundable).

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The Problem of connectors you will face everywhere in singapore. But if you’re lucky you won’t have to buy it. We had a good hotel in bencoolen singapore which shared the connector without any extra cost. You will need the connector for charging your mobile phones and camera maybe.


Do not Worry about Young Kids

The Cruise has a great adventure room for small children where they can enjoy music, play with other childrens and do some kids activities. This is more like a play-school on cruise where you can leave your child to play and enjoy your me-time on cruise. The kids are more of a distraction when you want to enjoy some “me-time” or “honeymoon time” with your hubby on Singapore Cruise Experience. This was a great option to have it and it was very safe.


Best International Honeymoon Destinations
Best International Honeymoon Destinations


The Room on Cruise

There are different types of rooms available on cruise. You can have a simple room with or without a window or room with a private balcony or connecting rooms for family.

We took a simple room without a window because that was the cheapest of all.

Amazing part of room booking is that, if you book it early, you can choose the location of your room online from the map. You can even choose the deck where you want your room. We took the 10th deck because it was closer to the upper deck where most of the activities happen.

Another good part is, you will get a mail to upgrade your room later with some additional charges per person, if there are rooms vacant on the cruise. We were offered a window room with 25$USD extra charge per person. So a total 50$ extra. They were also offering a balcony room for 80$ USD extra charge (40$ per person). So if you are looking for a luxurious stay on your Singapore Cruise Experience then you can wait for few days after booking your room for an upgrade offer as well.

We were happy with our room and didn’t want an upgrade on the Singapore Cruise Experience. We knew we would be spending most of our time outside the room. So it is your choice completely.

Cleanliness was top grade on the cruise. Staff used to come 2 times a day for setting your room and changing your sheets if required. Thus giving your Singapore Cruise Experience a luxurious touch.

Every room had a TV where you can easily check out the activities happening on cruise on that day. That made many things simple and easy for us. You can have internet access but have to pay extra for that on cruise. Mobile data does not work on cruise when in international waters.

amazing singapore cruise vacation
amazing singapore cruise vacation

Luggage System on Cruise

You must know that open food was not allowed to be carried on cruise. So please avoid that else they will ask you to leave it behind. When you arrive at the port for boarding, they will put tags on your luggage which will then go through some security checks and be carried to your room by the cruise staff.

So drop your luggage at the entry point and find it outside your room when you arrive. This makes your Singapore Cruise Experience much more comfortable and easy.

No worry to keep dragging the load till you board. Only keep the important documents and other expensive things with you and get ready to board the big ship.


Prerequisite for Boarding

To make your Singapore Cruise Experience much more better, we suggest you take care of all your prerequisite before boarding process. When we travelling, we saw many people were unaware of the things to complete before cruise travel and they were stuck with many issues.

We travelled during the times, when covid was just getting low and vaccination was done all over the world. So there were some strict rules that apply on cruise. We were supposed to carry a vaccination certificate. We had to also undergo a Rapid antigen test for covid before the boarding process in the last 24 hours.

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These things made some early experiences rough for us but we made it nicely to the cruise.

Another important thing to take care before you board the cruise was to fill the form on the MySejahtera App for stopping in malaysia. The app requires you to update your vaccination certificate and other necessary details. To ease the task of filling the details on the app, the royal cruise sent out multiple mails with the step by step process to do it. Many of the details are shared on mail.

Singapore Cruise Experience vacation
Singapore Cruise Experience vacation


Take a Break in Malaysia

Our Singapore Cruise Experience became more memorable with our 8 hours halt in Malaysia. So what can you do when you stop in Malaysia? 

There are many options. The Cruise also provides some quick options for you in Malaysia island (penang) but they are paid. You can decide your options and travel to some parts of penang with the cruise guide provided.

We decided to explore the island on our own. We started with searching for some money exchangers first because SGD and INR do not work there. They use Malaysian Ringgit. We suggest you carry the money from home if you intend to do some shopping in malaysia. Do not rely on getting exchange shops near the port at that time.

We did not make a major exchange but had only 1000 INR exchanged. This was enough for us to have a meal and some cafe experience. We didn’t have much time in hand so we decided to try some dishes in a restaurant and then hit a cafe. Luckily we found a good Cafe nearby and got the internet facility there as well. We had some good coffee and shakes and did some instagram and facetime with family. That was a nice lovely evening.

If you come here with a group, I think you can enjoy more and do some great things like, creating reels and doing some weird masti.

Singapore Cruise vacation
Singapore Cruise vacation

Singapore Cruise Experience Conclusion

The best thing about our visit to singapore was, we were travelling light and easy. So even on Singapore Cruise Experience, we were not having too much luggage and thus it made our overall experience much better. We saw people carrying huge luggage bags and were tired of moving them.

We planned our vacation well and at a very low budget. But we never compromised on the comfort and enjoyment. So that is why we feel we had a heck lot of good memories from singapore. If you wanna know how we made our trip budget friendly and still good, you can check out our post here. →

We have shared great details of how you can save money in singapore. Travel agents will give you a 3 lakh INR budget for the same international trip which we did for just 2 lakh INR. Isn’t that amazing?



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