Sharing some Smart Techniques to Follow while Blogging


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  Sharing some Smart Techniques to follow while blogging.

  • Don’t share your post very frequently on your Facebook page. This is not a very good way to generate followers. People use Facebook for Entertainment and if they will see repeatedly post from your blog then they will tend to unfollow you. It becomes boring, so to avoid it try to post things that are entertaining, can arouse curiosity and are of course related to your blog in some way.

  • Try to engage people in your post so that they share something. Always ask for their queries and problems and come up with some solutions for them. This way you are having multiple benefits like you are winning their trust, giving them a platform where they can share their feelings, platform where they can ask and clear their doubts. This will also help you become known among many communities. They will read your blogs more often and will try to remain in touch with you through subscription on your blog or Facebook page.

  • Keep rewarding the people who in some ways are helping you. No one do anything for anyone without any self-interest involved. Fulfill that self-interest or else you will lose them.

  • Give Link to Other Blogs in Your Own Posts


At first you might find it little weird thing to do. You must be thinking “why should I promote other blog”. Include links to other blogs in your own blog posts is something that will help you get more exposure. Refer to other blogs you enjoy reading or specific posts you found particularly interesting in your own post. When those other blogs have the trackback feature turned on in their blogging software programs, you’ll automatically get a link back to your own blog in the comment section of those posts. At the very least, the other blogger will see the incoming links from your blog in their blog statistic reports, putting you and your blog on his or her radar, and that means more exposure for you.


  • Share your knowledge and never post the key point or highlight point in the beginning. Always share it somewhere in the lower middle section of your post. This will force the reader to read the complete article.

  • Learn to write articles that can hold the reader till the last stage. Be smart and Be Creative.

  • Don’t write big paragraphs and no points to follow. This makes your article boring and long.

  • Use plugins that have good market reviews and maximum downloads. Newer plugins are risky and not that stable to use.

  • Use various good plugins that can help you in article posting, editing, formatting, mobile SEO, filtering spam comments, social connecting and many more.

  • Use marketing strategies that can work for you even when you are not working. I am referring to offline marketing. Many bloggers don’t do this and thinks of this as an extra expenditure.

  • Use Google analytics tool and page rank and page speed check tool to your blog. Use keyword generating tool to have some really good keywords for your article.

  • Use long tail keywords.

  • Have a title of each article that is unique. Titles that are meeting the search requirements of the customers should be framed.

  • Give time on each article and never publish unfinished article.

  • Don’t hit the publish button on wordpress again and again. Google takes this as spamming.

  • Include Your Blog Link in Your Email Signature and on Business Cards

  • Join a Blog Carnival or a seminar


Blog carnivals and seminars are an easy way to get links to your blog in front of a lot of people. The more closely related to your blog topic that the seminar is, the more traffic you’ll get from it.


  • Create/Build Multiple Sites and Link Them Together

Create an integrated blog marketing plan by aligning your promotion efforts across your various blogs and websites. The more blogs or websites that you write, the more interlinking is possible. That interlinking can be used to promote your blog through different channels that might attract different audiences.


  • Comment on Other Blogs related to your blog domain

When you leave relevant, interesting and useful comments on other blogs (particularly those that are related to your own blog’s topic), people will notice and follow the link back to your blog to learn more about you and read more of what you have to say.


This will help you in boosting your website and help your search engine optimization efforts over time. An easy way to give your blog a promotional boost is by commenting on other blogs. Each time you comment, enter the same name and URL in the corresponding fields in the blog comment form.

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