Steps to Learn and Improve Presentation Skills

Presentation is something that can help you crack a big business deal. But why we always lack in giving a good one. Find the best ways to learn and improve presentation skills here.

Many of us don’t have the complete knowledge on how to give a good presentation. Lets learn this skill in this article and improve this sections of our skills skillfully.


We are always taught from college life that you prepare a presentation on power point on any topic and explain everyone what your presentation wants to say.

This is not the correct way. Indeed your presentation should not talk if you don’t. Yes it is true. You should be the speaker of your presentation. We have a habit of adding everything into the presentation so that when we present it we won’t have to remember anything and we can just read out that slide loud. If you give a presentation that way, one thing is sure that no one will be interested in listening to you since he will have everything on screen and he would prefer to read that.

There are some very nice and clean steps that you can always incorporate to make your presentation the best.

Step1 ) Always remember that presentation is just a pictorial view for the audience to understand what you want to say. So never fill up your presentation with notes and write-ups only.

Step2 ) Never write paragraphs in presentation slides. You don’t want your audience to fall asleep, do you? Human tendency is that whenever they find something difficult to read and understand they tend to divert their mind from that particular thing. So never give them that chance.

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Step3 ) Try to add some animation or video to get their attention. But remember don’t forcibly add one if not needed.

Tip :- keep a “thank you” slide and “questions” slide inviting questions from audience at the end of the presentation.


Step4 ) Creating good presentation slides is not enough to be the best. It time to know how to present what you have created. If you can learn this task you can beat even a top notch MBA student in any presentation.

Step 5) Always know your presentation. Yes you should know what your presentation wants to say and what each slides consists of. If you know your presentation then only you can tell others. Also you won’t make any mistake of speaking out of order with slides. Synchronization is what you should have.

Step 6)Try and get your audience into the presentation with you. What do I mean by that? Never leave your audience behind. Keep asking them very common questions which they can easily answer. Before starting a presentation tell your audience to ask questions whenever they don’t get the point you want to deliver. Tell them facts and examples related to your topic of presentation. This way they will enjoy listening to your points and will always wait for something new again.

Step 7) Try to make your audience imagine and think about what you are explaining to them.

When a human being can imagine and visualize something , he can understand that thing more easily. Similarly when they will be able to imagine your idea and concept they will love to listen more about it.

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Step 8) how to present yourself in a presentation

This is another important thing that we miss almost every time we give a presentation.


Simple points you should always remember:-

Point 1) Never be too loud nor too low. Always maintain a constant frequency and pitch while delivering your presentation.

Point 2) Always be kind to your words. Never say you are wrong or this is not correct or any negative line to your audience. Even if they ask you silly questions or answer wrong to your questions, try to be kind in words. Like you can say “you are close but not there exactly” or “it is simple my friend let me give you an example to clear your doubt” .

Point 3) Never point at any one or never keep looking to only one part of the audience. Try to communicate with every part of the audience.

Point 4 ) Never walk in front of the projector again and again. This creates distraction. Try to stay calm and compose.

Point 5) Always greet your audience before starting with your presentation. It creates a good effect and your audience shows more respect towards you.

Tip :- Keep you phone in switch off mode while presenation is going on.


We hope that next time when you are giving the presentation you will hear a huge applause for your skills and knowledge.

Do share you views with us . we wait to listen back from our visitors always.

Cheers and Good luck!


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