Three Works that can Transform You From Rags to Riches

When I was a child my father used to say hard work is the key to success. I learned it and started doing hard work. As I grew older I worked more harder and harder to achieve my goals. At that point of time my goals were small and easy to achieve so when I did my side of hard work I easily achieve it. But the most important thing was that “I Dream”. I had dreams of my life. I wanted to convert them into reality. And so I started doing more hard work. But I failed to achieve my near dreams. I was upset and depressed. I wanted to know what went wrong. I asked myself again and again, did I missed something or did I worked less hard than required. I realized that hard work has made me a donkey.


work smartly not hardly
combination of smart work and hard work pays well

How I came to this conclusion?

It was not an instant result. I did some self-introspection. You must know what self-introspection is and why you must do it. Self-introspection plays a key role in Self-development.

What is self-introspection and why to do this frequently at least for 10 min?

It is the kind of meditation but with open mind and eyes. It is a eye opener for you. Self-introspection is a methodology to do deep analyse of things you do and their effects on others. you analyse what steps you should take and what will happen if you do that. You actually ask questions to yourself about how, when, what, why. And try to find answers doing some brainstorming. you do this when you are alone and in a quite place where you can think and talk to yourself, your inner soul. Doing this help you become a better person in life. you find various new ideas and solutions to your problems.

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Then when I was 18 plus I went to college and there I came to know that smart work is another area that needs to be learned to achieve what I want to achieve. I started working smartly rather than hardly. Failures teaches you something every time you analyze you failures and what lead to it.

But that was short period success only. I had success but for a very short period of time. Then it was just a matter of time that I was kicked back a step backward. I wanted to move ahead in my carrier but something felt short. Then I again realized that something is not correct and something is missing.

I learned that Smart work if combined with hard work can do miracles for me. Now I was doing both smart and hard work equally good to achieve what I wanted to.

End of story? ACTUALLY NOT.

work hard but work smarter
hard work and smart work are together keys to success

Now I was confident that I know how to achieve what I want to achieve. I applied my knowledge on my profession. Like everyone I wanted to earn money after completing my college. But since there was no easy way to do that I started working hard in office and smart in my personal life.

That didn’t worked out. Then I talked to my friends and he told me one thing which opened my eyes. He told me you need to take a break and go talk to new people and see how they are doing. I was shocked to know that he want me to do this. He said share your thoughts and you will find the way out to your troubles.

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I took a break from office and went to a seminar. There I got the opportunity to meet so many new people and make new friends. It was not an intentional act but it was an act that actually made me realized that what I was missing in my efforts to achieve my ultimate goal.

It was the NETWORK. Yes we all have network that in one way or other, directly or indirectly have some role to play in our life.

After the seminar I was able to maintain contact with all my new friends. And whenever I talked to them I got some new ideas to achieve my target.

Now I got the mantra that I am giving you for free.

Keep your hard work on 3rd number, your smart work on 2nd number and your Network on the top.

smart and hardwork
work hard and smartly in your network to achieve success

What is network and how to create one? Network is nothing but your circle that includes your friends, relatives, your colleagues, and every person you meet and interact with in your life.

Don’t think of creating a network but think of maintaining it. Maintain your contacts and relations. Don’t just meet people and forget them. Stay in touch with people. Always try and meet new people. Grab the opportunity to meet new people. It is good to meet all kinds of people and learn new things. Share your thoughts and learn from their experiences.

Social network is a very popular medium to create a healthy and big network. Other than that various apps like watsapp, wechat etc also helps in making network relations.

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Work hard and Smartly in your Network to achieve Success


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