Top 11 Ways of How to Get Best Images for your Blog that are not Copyright Protected

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There are many ways to give your post or article an image but the question is which one you want to use.

You can create, edit or modify any image on various editors like paint, Microsoft presentation, Picasa, Adobe Photoshop to name a few. You can edit an image and use it according to your need. If you are trying to edit the image for the first time then try using Paint and Microsoft presentation first and then move to tools like PICASA, Adobe Photoshop etc. that have more features.

There are many online editing tools available that you can use for your purpose. Use online image creator like Canva. You can create your image and are free to use and download. This online portal provides many online features of image editing and modification.

Canva Image editor and creator

best online image editor tool

canvas your images and pictures with online editing

Another way to have an image is “click your image”. Yes it is not a very tough task and is the best option if you can work on this. After having the image you want, you can do some editing and then you are ready with an image that no one can say illegal or copyright protected.

You can use some sources that allow free to use images and not copyright protected. You can check out the complete list of such option here.( list of option that can provide free images ( another possible article )

There are other sources as well that provide great pictures but are not free. They charge you for every image you use and purchase. The various online sites from where you can get paid or free to use images that are copyright-free are:-

11 great sources of free images to use on your blog that are not copyright protected

1) Gratisography

copyright free images

free images to use


2) Snapographic

copyright protected images

free images to use on blog and website


3) Unsplash

11 best ways to get free images online

11 best ways to get free images online

4) Lifeofpix

free stock images for commercial use

free stock images for commercial use

5) Picjumbo

get free images to use on your blog

free online images and pictures


free to use images and pictures for your blog

free online pictures and images to use

7) Fotolia

 where to get free images online

where to get free images online


8) Stock.xchng

how to get free online images

get free images here

9) Stockvault

get free images to use for commercial or personal use

stock of images online

10) Freedigitalphotos

free digital photos for personal use

free digital photos for personal use

11) Photopin


get free images for use

photo and images to use for your personal use

It is advisable to purchase image only if you have enough budget for your blog else you should try something else. And wait for some money to flow in and then you can go for this option later.

Now since you have images and pictures to use with your post now, you should also know what types of images you should use and why a particular choice in using different types of images necessary in blogging? You can improve the rank of your blog with the type of images you use and on having the knowledge of some really deep aspects of the image that are otherwise not put into consideration by the blogger. We usually never think of these aspects and use the images available to use as it is without any modification or editing. So next time “Careful with the type of image you are using in your blog post” because the same image can bring lots of traffic to your blog or can be a reason for the downfall of the rank of your blog.

Is your Blog having the right type of Image or are you still using the same old fashioned method of getting image? Tell us what are your views and thoughts. What type of images you use?

Ask us your queries if any.

We are happy to help you in all ways we can. Keep Blogging and Keep Discovering.

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